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We're back for one of those rare daytime podcasts, which always seems to put us in a funny mood. On tap this week: A redesigned Nexus 4, a wee bit of HTC One and Galaxy S4, T-Mobile's new "UnCarrier plans," and a few e-mails from you fine folks out there. Join us! (Note: Audio only this week.)

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Android Central 129: The Nexus has nubbins


Great podcast, as usual. One comment on the new T-Mobile plans: if you pay $60 you get 2.5GB of 'unthrottled' data and all of it is available for tethering. If you pay $70 for 'unlimited' data, only 500 MB is available for tethering.

I'm a current T-Mo customer a few months away from coming off contract. Currently I pay $80/month for "unlimited" data capped at 5GB for high-speed, and ALL 5 GB is available to me for tethering at no extra cost (part of a promotion when I joined T-Mo in 2011). I don't often use tethering, but it's a great option to have and I appreciated T-Mo treating "data is data" in my current plan. When I do tether its often to use SlingPlayer which can eat through a gig of data in about an hour.

Now I don't think T-Mo should give away "unlimited" tethering for $70, but shouldn't I get at least the 2.5 GB of tethering that comes with the $60 plan?

One quick question for you guys: I use a Nexus 4 bought through Google Play (not T-Mobile); my understanding was "pure android" phones do tethering regardless as they just treat "data as data"; will that 500 MB limitation only apply to T-Mobile carrier branded phones that have some sort of "call home" feature in them, or will it affect unbranded Google Play android phones as well?


I have a Nexus 4 bought thru the play store. I was able to tether up until this month. I got 2 text messages one asking me to stop and the second telling me they were blocking my ability to tether. So now I do it thru PDANet and Foxfi. Works beautifully. Everyone in my office is either on ATT or Verizon. They all use my phone as a hotspot to listen to music. Hope this helps.

Why is Mickey's picture on this podcast? Came here to get Andrew's details.

Which begs the question, will Mickey be returning to the podcast?

These guys are bashing T-Mobile's LTE and comparing it to AT&T, Verizon and I will quote not even Sprint's LTE Network. They just flipped the switch to 7 cities and I quote T-Mobile, they said those areas are not fully turned on either. T-Mobile has so much LTE hardware already installed on many towers and they will be flipping many more areas on. They will blow Sprint away very soon, I would say by end of summer they will have allot of areas LTE enabled. Jerry is also wrong, T-Mobile is adding to their HSPA+ Network as well. I live in a suburb 3 miles from Boston where T-Mobile has LTE enabled and testing, my HSPA+ speeds are much faster and reliable than any other Carrier. Give them a freaken chance, AT&T in my area just sucks and sucks real bad. Verizon has lost all their Horsepower around here as well. T-Mobile is far and away the Carrier of choice in my area that is the best.
Also T-Mobile has every new top quality device that is available, they even are getting the long awaited Iphone. T-Mobile is on a role.

As the guys said, it's really dependent on where you are. I live/work in downtown Chicago and T-Mobile's DC HSPA+ is incredible, even during the work day when AT&T's network slows to a crawl. However I also have a Straight Talk AT&T SIM that I use when I go anywhere in the rural Midwest because on T-Mo I get nothing but Edge. Same when I went to Florida on vacation last month; Key West, Naples, Sarasota and Tampa were all awful for data on T-MO, but I was getting anywhere from 2MB - 8MB down on Straight Talk's AT&T HSPA network.

You can say the same thing about any and all Networks, To rip a three day old Network, (T-Mobile's LTE) is a little premature. I can rememb er when Sprint just started with their LTE, it was the worst and slowest and still is, Sprint never got that kind of a response, Never. T-Mobile gets a bad rap on this website, their famous response is if T-Mobile is good in your area then get it, I never hear them say that about the other three Networks. In my area, very large suburb 3 miles out of Boston, T-Mobile is the only Carrier that has a descent signal and my town is the home for Verizon's Satellite store, major corporations etc. AT&T, Verizon and Sprint are pathetic around here. Saying every time they mention T-Mobile, you better check their signal but you never hear them say that when they talk about the other Carriers. Sprint out of all Carriers have the worst signal, their 3G is useless if you can get it and their LTE is just OK if you can get that. On T-Mobile's HSPA+ Network I get over 20mb down and 5mb up during the height of the day, after 6 it gets even faster. Never do they let me down, always a strong signal. I also have Verizon with their unlimited data plan, I put that account on a 3 month suspension because I can no longer get LTE at my house where I use to get a very strong signal, after 3 months if I still have no signal I will drop them. My entire point is T-Mobile just started their LTE a few days ago, give them a chance. This website is great for saying T-Mobile is fast if, if ,if. That is true with all Carriers and Networks. I will take my 70 bucks a month super fast service with unlimited everything and that is including real unlimited data without throttling. I also get free tethering thrown in. IF IF IF IF IF IF IF I could only get that plan from any other Carrier but I can't.
Thank You T-Mobile expanding into LTE.
PS There are many other areas that are LTE ready with new hardware installed. T-Mobile will have their LTE Network up and running very fast and by the way T-Mobile is installing LTE Advanced Hardware on all their towers so when the time is right they are just a switch away. T-Mobile is the Carrier of the future.