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Never mind that the Nexus 4 is finally back on sale, or that HTC's scheduled a bi-continental event for Feb. 29, or that, hell, we've go the Internet's only preview of the Carbon Twitter app. No, this week's big news is that we're finally podcasting via Google Hangout.

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Android Central 124: The Great Experiment


Phil, it's long been suspected that you're from a completely different universe, and apparently yours has a February 29th in it...

You guys are awesome and the content of this podcast was great as always. But the video quality of G+ Hangouts is awful when compared to whatever you normally use for your podcasts. Video is so blurry that it's almost like they censored Jerry's beard. xD

Yeah. That's been a big reason why we haven't used them before.

Also, it's stuck at 360p because I had to transfer it from my account to AC's. I'm fixing that, but the native res looks like it'd only have been 480p anyway and not the 720p that we've been getting from our own stuff.

Hey guys,

The links to the video are still invalid. See posts from previous episode. Is this going to get fixed, or should we dump the video and just use the audio?