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It seems like there's a new wizz-bang fancy Twitter client released every week. Every single time you hear claims that it's the next best thing. Every once and a while those claims actually hold some merit, but it seems like more often than not these new clients just fade off into the ether and everyone goes back to their previous choice. For me, that choice is Plume and I've yet to find a client that can pull me away.

I've been using Plume exclusively since about February of this year, and it's only improved since then. After trying it out for about a week -- coming from the official Twitter app -- I paid $4.99 for the "Premium" version and never looked back. I initially chose Plume because not only did it ditch the legacy menu button, but also followed Android's new "holo" design guidelines extensively. There's something refreshing about apps that fit in nicely with the rest of the OS. Plume doesn't cut any corners in features or functionality to get "holo" either -- you have full customization of refresh, notifications (although not push, unfortunately), backgrounds, colors, display, URL shorteners, picture hosting and multiple accounts.

You also get three extremely functional widgets -- 2x1, 4x1 and 4x2 to 4x4 expandable. The largest is information dense and offers scrolling, tabs for tweets/mentions/messages and dedicated tweet/search keys. I interact with Plume through the widget a majority of the time, and it really is a joy to use. The developers are on top of updates for the widgets as well, offering an Android 4.2 lockscreen widget just days after the code released.

It's hard for me to consider using any other client when there's nothing I find in my use of Plume to drive me away. I'm not using it because it's the least broken out of the clients available -- I'm using it because I think it's the best available.

So what is your Twitter client of choice, and what has kept you from switching away? Let us know in the comments.


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Why Plume is still my Twitter client of choice


Plume is my primary Twitter client as well. But if/when Falcon Pro adds multiuser support, then I will probably switch to it nearly full time.

Andrew, what are your thoughts on Falcon Pro?

You forgot to mention that it's got the best interface for tablets. Everything is there in three columns which you can change up to show what you want. Clicking on links brings up a built in browser in a fragment so you don't have to leave the app, and pictures open full screen. This is even better than Falcon's tablet version. So far, nothing has topped Plume on a tablet.

i've been using scope beta since i've had a blackberry. It was amazing on blackberry, but not so amazing on android :-/

I've been with TweetCaster Pro for two years and I'm so pleased with it that I don't even try any others. I guess that I'm just really comfortable with it, but I'm sure there are other Twitter apps that I'd like also.

Twicca. Sure, it doesn't offer multi-account support, but its the cleanest Twitter client on Android. It actually looks like an iPhone app, thats how polished it is. Its light weight, and offers nearly all the features that Plume does. I actually was a die hard Plume user but awhile ago its updates stagnated and I went to twicca and never looked back. Even now, with the Plum Holo design they came out with a few months ago, I still cant resist the feel of twicca.

But, now i'm using Falcon. Has the same great feel as Twicca so im trying it out for a few weeks to see if i'll enjoy it as much as I did twicca. I miss setting color specific tweets and other tidbits but Falcon seems great so far.

"It actually looks like an iPhone app, thats how polished it is."

Surely it's time to stop looking to iPhone apps as a style benchmark...

Idk which iphone apps you've been looking at but Twicca does not look anything like any apps i've seen. I mean Twicca still uses the old style android pop up menu. But with that being said its still one of my favorite twitter apps just for the feature set

Does Plume allow you to respond to mentions from the notification bar? That's currently my favorite thing about Falcon Pro. I hate it's widgets, though. I just want either a 1x1 quick post or a simple 4x1 bar. I don't like full screen widgets (although it works for the lock screen).

Was using Scope for awhile, but I didn't like the way it compressed the photos I tweeted. I tried Plume (free) for awhile and it was ok but not anything groundbreaking. Tried Falcon Beta and loved it, so I could justify buying Falcon Pro for $1 over Plume for $5.

So now, Falcon Pro is my driver. Beautiful app with a very passionate developer.

Regardless of which twitter client I use, it will never be the official one. Can't stand it

I won't even bother anymore with Twitter clients that don't have "Readability" mode. Tweetcaster and Slices both support this, so I use those. Just to be clear, I'm not talking about half-baked read-later/save-to-pocket functionality... I need built-in rendering of reformatted pages. Are there any other Twitter apps beside the ones I mentioned that do this?

I've been playing with plume and Falcon pro but sometimes I want to just look at someone's pics and so far the native twitter app is the only one with a photo scroll to see pics without looking through all their tweets

I've been using the official app since I got my HTC Incredible. I suppose I just love real-time mentions/DMs too much to wean off to anything else. Falcon Pro also has this feature but I haven't played with it much yet.

I used plume fir two years along with Tweetcastor. Git tired of using two so i just stuck with Tweetcastor,mainly because i stuck with that username on that app.

Still on Tweetcaster Pro and it works good for my needs. I'm not a big Twitter user though, any of them I have tried have been adequate for me.

If Falcon can add swipe between list like on plume then ill go Falcon but currently love swipping between list on plume

I also use Plume, I just wish they would redo the widget to look more Holo. It looks very Gingerbreadish to me. That's the thing I like most about the Falcon widget. It looks fantastic.

I use Plume personally and just an an FYI, Falcon Pro does not do push notification. It essentially streams real time (still a good app though).

TweetCaster Pro. It's cross-platform (Android phone, iPad) and it has the ability to sync the position of your last refresh.

if you're into clean and simple layout, especially if you like Twicca, then you'll definitely ENJOY Tweeting.. the best twitter client fosmall gadgets!

I'm new to Android having come from Windowsphone in August. The official android twitter app is rubbish and having tried a few have settled on Plume Premium which I think is excellent. I was using Gleek and Carbon on WP7 both of which are really good.

I love Falcon. I think Plume looks very ugly and makes Holo look like an abomination. Falcon has the best tablet interface similar to Tweetie back in the day, I can't stand columns on tablets, its a tablet not a desktop. Just waiting for it to add multiple account support and it will be amazing.

To be honest, Plume was my client of choice for a year and a half. Then Falcon Pro came out, I wanted to try it out and I fell in love within the quarter of hour.
Falcon Pro is way more smoother an lightweight than Plume, even tough Plume has a lot of nice options, but Falcon Pro tend to a fast evolution thanks to its awesome developer.

i dont see why we must discus this, Falcon Pro is the future no ather twitter app, can touch this, i tried Plume, Echofon, Tweetercaster, then too expensive for nothing.10/10 Falcon Pro.

Hi, no one here seems to know that one of the best feature of Plume is that you can add columns based on your # searches, i haven't tested it to find out how many, but it allows me to keep up with multiple threads. Just keep swiping across. Maybe you know but haven't mentioned it, but its a key selling point for me.

Tweetcaster Pro for me, too. I guess I'll check out Falcon Pro, but I really don't use Twitter that much.

I've used Tweetcaster and a few others. Right now I'm using a combination of Slices and the Falcon widget. I would use Falcon exclusively except it can't seem to post to Facebook simultaneously.

But I keep checking out new ones. Just downloaded Plume. If the ever have one that posts to Facebook AND Google+ ill instantly switch. :-)


Plume since it debuted! And FWIW, I get constant streaming of tweets and instant notification when one comes through to me, I'm mentioned or any of my hashtags post so I guess I don't get 'push notification' because it can't get any quicker for me than the second it's posted. If only they made it for my desktop too...

(Tried Falcon. Wasn't close to Plume for me)

I like Plume so much that I ended up installing BlueStacks on my Windows laptop just to allow me to use Plume there as well. I couldn't find a Windows Twitter client that worked as well.

I used to use Plume a lot, but it was painfully slow to refresh my timeline. I usually used Tweetcaster Pro or Twicca (both the fastest Twitter clients I've ever used), but Falcon Pro is my go-to lately.

Plume premium v2.64 was the last acceptable version of plume. Twicca v0.A.3 is the best client with the most options. Deal with it. The latest software versions are not always the best.

Wow, no love here at all for Tweetdeck. Maybe I should get out more....I'll try Plume and Falcon out.

I won't go Falcon Pro until they change how lists are used, which I don't think will ever happen. I mainly use lists on Twitter and Plume handles them perfectly. You can swipe to navigate through them, navigate the scroll bar at the top or navigate the side bar.

The biggest thing with Plume though is I can only display the lists I want. I only use 3 of my many lists with the others getting only occasional use. So I only display the 3 lists with the others hidden away to access when I need. With Falcon Pro you can't customize the list of lists at all so are stuck looking at all the lists in your account making it a cluttered feeling.