Sony E3

Sony has taken the stage at this years E3 and like Microsoft they came with some mobile news to share with everyone. Back when Sony Mobile was known as Sony Ericsson they launched the PlayStation Suite SDK to the masses however, it was only available for "PlayStation Certified" devices which naturally were all Sony devices. That has all changed now though as Sony has just announced PlayStation Suite will be rebranded to PlayStation Mobile and to help get things off right, they've gone ahead and named HTC as the very first third-party hardware partner. That begs the question. Will we finally get the PlayStation phone of our dreams now?

Source: Sony

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IceDree says:

a Tegra 3 "PlayStation Certified" phone will kick ass

That would be awesome. A G-Note style Playstation phone from HTC. I'm sold, take my money now lol.

S4r says:

Can we get people that write on a daily basis to use to the phrase, "begging the question" correctly? Seriously.

Do people go to school to learn to be ignorant?

imsofinite says:

I was going to make a comment about that as well; a lot of this site's articles have been pretty poorly edited lately. That's not a comment on its content, which I think is quite nice.

I think the problem with "begs the question" is that it has become so colloquial because of moronic TV announcers. Most people haven't taken philosophy courses to know that it is another name for the fallacy of circular reasoning. It's not a bit of information that most people need, and is a phrase that his commonly misused, so although it is definitely bothersome to see it used incorrectly, it's not completely unreasonable.

slackerjack says:

Or you can consider that this site writes to an audience, that's largely based in the Americas, that can barely speak, read or write and routinely does things to destroy (what little of) the english language that remains. And I give you "ebonics..."

MthII says:

Yeah I'm with you guys, it really gets under my skin the way people misuse phrases. So much that not only do I point it out, but I take advantage of the fact that I'm behind the computer and call people ignorant. It makes me feel smart.

Give yourselves a pat on the back, bravo.

mase123987 says:

How good can they make it without being a direct competitor of themselves with PSP Vita?

slackerjack says:

I don't think you have to worry about competing against a device that you've sold 3 of...oh wait...4 of.


fernandez21 says:

This is something I don't get, generally speaking it is my understanding that these companies actually lose money on console sales and then they make that money up in licensing fees and game sales. So wouldn't something like this actually be better in terms of profit, since there is no hardware to lose money on and just collect on fees and game sales?

Hand_O_Death says:

Just don't make it shaped like a taco

DWR_31 says:

This just seems right....!
I won't need my PS Emulator on my HTC phones anymore.