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If you've given up refreshing the Play Store listing for the Nexus 4, we wouldn't blame you at this point. There's no indication when these will be back in stock from Google directly, and that's really unfortunate. If you do happen to go to the Play Store though, you'll be greeted with a "Special Offer from T-Mobile" notice. If you follow the link, you're taken to T-Mobile's online store to buy it on-contract for $199. Curiously enough, this is showing up on both the 8 and 16GB models -- odd considering that 16GB is the only capacity sold by T-Mobile.

This really doesn't make any sense to us. Google has put the Nexus 4 at an extremely aggressive price point, one that's meant to show the great value of buying it directly from the Play Store. Pushing users to the more expensive on-contract option just because its out of stock at the moment is very odd. Google pushing the device with a contract from T-Mobile seems to go directly against what it's trying to accomplish with the "Devices" section of the Play Store.

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Play Store now pushing potential Nexus 4 buyers to T-Mobile


Either Google grossly underestimated the demand/intrest in the Nexus 4 is they only ordered a handful of phones. This doesn't bode well for those hoping to buy one directly from Google. I get the impression that T-Mobile is going to get a short exclusivity window (maybe a few months?) before new stock is available.

Don't think it means anything. They're still going to send units to people, and they're surely going to offer them in the Play Store again when there's stock available.

Curious how the "suggested retail" price on T-Mobile's web site for the Nexus 4 could be $499.99 -- ON CONTRACT. It is only $199.99 with the "internet discount." Never mind the fact that it makes no sense to offer a $300.00 "discount" just for buying a device on the internet, how can they say the suggested retail price is $500 when the device retails for $350? Who suggested that it retail for $499.99 on contract? I really do not understand the carrier system at all.

then they should list the discount as a contract discount and not an internet discount -- not that it makes a whole lot of sense either way but it seems LESS dumb to say that you save $300 by signing a contract as opposed to saving $300 by buying online

Don't think anyones confused by that. Its laid out for the Nexus 4 the exact same way its laid out for all other devices that they sell.

There was an article which suggested that LG had contacted retailers and suggested retail prices of $499 or there about. I think the price on the Google Play Store is a one off offering from Google, who may start thinking they under priced this device.

you don't think that they would announce that they're going to sell the device for $299 and then suddenly decide to make it $499, do you? I don't think there is any chance. They knew what they were doing when they decided to make it $299.

What Google chooses to charge when selling it in the Play Store, and what LG decides to charge retailers when it sells the devices to them are two different things. 

LG is charging more for the handset, and the carriers/retailers are going to add some $$ ontop of that to cover their costs as well. Google doesn't have this kinda overhead, and they can sell it cheaper.

Because Google is subsidizing the price to offer you a discounted low price of $299 or $349. Just as T Mobile is subsidizing the price to give you a discounted low price of $199, provided you sign a 2 year contract with them.

I think it bodes well for what google is ultimately trying to....SELLL N4'S. regardless of the avenue their ultimate goal is to sell as many of these things as possible.

The fact that they are showing the t-mobile offer even for the 8gb model gives me a bad feeling that they are not going to restock anytime soon on the play store... why else would they put that?

Has anyone ever thought that maybe Google is one giant cluster fuck and no one talks to each other? Seems like it to me.

LOL! You nailed it. A lot of times people assume if you're a big company that you got your shit together. Big companies can be just as dysfunctional as small companies.

It was out of stock if you were a current customer since last week. Now apparently it's out of stock for new customers as well. Many who ordered one last week received messages from T-Mobile saying their order is on backorder with no estimated delivery date. It seems as if you're screwed whether you ordered online from T-Mobile or Google. Just ridiculous.

True, and that's a good thing. Strangely, it shows as available to add to cart if I select add a line on T-Mobile's website. Even though for new and straight upgrades, it's showing out of stock. Weird. Not that I would order it, since people are receiving backorder notifications from T-Mobile as well. I just wish Google had more to sell, or at least a rough estimate as to when it will be back in stock. It's looking like well into December at this point.

Don't think we need to worry about Google restocking them in the Play Store. They're gonna keep having them made and they'll surely be back on sale as soon as they can be.

I feel really fortunate to have my Nexus 4. This news seems like a bad sign. Who knows how long it will take for them to get more of these in.

Google wants to get their vision of Android devices into as many hands as possible. That's what I understand Nexus to be. Why would anyone be surprised to see them point people to the only carrier willing to invest time and effort rolling out the Nexus 4? People who see Nexus as a stand against the carrier's business model are in my opinion taking Nexus to far.

Google has no inventory on hand and they make very little profit on what they sell so why not point people to TMobile and give them another option. It seems like good customer service to me. Hotels commonly point people to competitors when they are out of rooms as a way of serving their customers. What's different here?

And then there's the people that are upset that Nexus sold out without them getting one. How could you not know this would happen given all the hype and the people wanting to buy out the units to roll them over. Units are getting marked up multiple times on eBay and still selling. A lot of demand is early adopters and speculators which means the demand will drop quickly as supply increases. I'll bet that within 30 days this will be a complete non issue.

Free yourself! Dunno if you live in a TMo HSPA+ 42 area, but if you do...I just got upwards of 15Mbps down on my Nexus 4. For comparison, I get 8Mbps down on AT&T LTE on both an iPhone 5 and a Lumia 920. All that and I pay $30/month, with no contract :D

Honestly...... how often do I do that? Maybe once every two years? If you live in a big city it makes sense. "We have deserts in America, we just don't live in them."

Meanwhile it looks like Samsung will sell huge numbers of the GS3 and Note 2 this quarter (22 million according to HBS). They actually know how to stock their phones, as does everyone else except Google, apparently. Man, Google really dropped the ball on this one. I am in need (not want) of a new phone and seriously considering the Note 2 (I'm on T-Mo so no DNA, etc. for me), even though I really, really, hate Touchwiz. Suppose I can just slap a launcher or CM10 on it and live with it.

I've been waiting to get a new phone for months so for those saying to just wait a month or so, that's just not going to happen. If I have to wait that long, I might as well just wait until CES and see what's upcoming. As cheap as the Nexus 4 is, I figure I could always pick one up later if I want to, and selling the Note 2 would give me enough money to do it without any additional money out of pocket. Or I could just buy it outright and have both.

The one I picked up from TMobile was the last one that day and while being activated the associate dropped the phone from her hand onto the computer desk. There was no visible damage but she assured me to come back after the weekend and they would exchange.

Tuesday they received a shipment of a handful of N4's I went in and they exchanged it out.

I believe TMobile has a certain amount dedicated to their stores regardless of the Play Store but I could be wrong.

They do but only certain stores have any in stock. I've been having a tough time finding any in the area since last week and I'm in the Dallas area. Many stores got none and the ones who had any in stock had around 3-5 there, but they were gone when I got there.

How much do you pay per month? I have T-mobile pay-as-you go. Costs me $30 a month with no contact and 5 GB of data (with HSPA+). I refuse to sign a 2 year contract with any phone carrier in America. The last time I did it was for the G1 and I'll never do it again.

Google has seriously f'd up this time... Unbelievable. This WAS going to be my first Nexus device. Now, my N7 is my first. Maybe I'll get an N4 early next year. Was really looking forward to getting this phone.

The Play Store link isn't taking me to T-Mobile. It refreshes the screen but stays at the Play Store. (Nope, scratch that; it's a problem with the notoriously unreliable Firefox). Viewing the link in Safari takes me to T-Mobile where a SOLD OUT indicator is already showing.

Just hope Google isn't going all desperate smoking some crack like Apple. How the hell you gonna push that sh*t to T-Mobile?

You All don't get Google. They couldnt care how many nexus they sell. To them it is a hobby.

I feel a little more comfortable attempting to be the voice of reason because I am lucky enough to be staring at mine on the desk next to me, but I can't really say I'm surprised. If you follow the patent stuff at all Samsung has barely sold 500k galaxy nexii in the US. Can you blame Google for not thinking demand would be high? Not to mention a few weeks ago it seems nearly every single article I read on an Android blog was "Seriously guys it's ok that it's got a non-removable battery, no sd card and no lte." The amount of rage in the comments about how the phone was crippled and a waste and a non-starter was massive. I'm not saying the people upset about not having phones are those same people, but what else was Google to think?

I genuinely believe that they were seriously caught off guard by the demand. This isn't apple we are talking about who have been trumpeting sell outs and number of devices sold for years. Google isn't telling anyone how many they sold nor are they trying to make a splash to the press with numbers. They want you to have the phone as much as you do. What possible benefit could they get from people not having phones?

I think it's not the total volume of Nexus 4's they underestimated, but that the people complaining about the shortage are the ones on sites like these. It's not like a huge portion of the phone buying population wanted it, just that the small group who did didn't have enough to buy.

The Galaxy Nexus sold so poorly because of VERIZON. Google put a lot of faith and responsibility on Verizon and Verizon screwed them and the consumers over at every turn. Botched launch, virtually no promotion, and silence on all things Nexus. Not to mention, blocked apps and added apps, and a 4 month exclusivity window in the US....4 months to keep other carriers from selling it, while they hid it and pushed the iPhone. Google, ditching Verizon this time around, should have known things would be different.

I wonder if Verizon allows you to tether your Galaxy Nexus on your existing data plan? I've been doing that for years on my unlocked Nexus One. The reason I left Verizon 8 years ago is that they nickel and dime you to death for everything.

All Google has to do is say when more will be in stock. How hard is that? That would put out some fires. Surely they must know when more are going to be in stock.

They also messed up by not doing pre-orders... That would help them gauge demand right away and maybe ramp up production. There is nothing wrong about being sold out, consumers understand that. But don't keep us in the dark.

People who ordered on launch day, and did not receive them, got emails stating the phone was backordered for 3 weeks.

I saw a guy who had an interesting theory --- he said that LG isn't happy with the price that Google is selling the Nexus 4 so they purposely limited the supply. This way LG doesn't cannibalize their market with others who are selling these devices at $500+ So, it may not be Google who is dragging their feet. It could be LG screwing them over to keep Holiday sales high. If LG isn't giving any answers then it may explain why Google is not giving any answers.

I wish they would. T-mobile has the best plan going right now for 3G. I pay $30 a month for the 5G data plan with HSPA+ speeds. That's less than half of what the other carriers are charging and it's faster. I used to pay $80/mo. on AT&T. We need more low cost data plans to force the more expensive carriers (AT&T, Verizon) to lower their prices. They've been shafting people HARD on the iPhones for about 5 years now.

I agree that's true to a point. But if it were completely true across the board, Google wouldn't ever make a Nexus in the first place because they know it won't sell well enough to be a market leader right now.

The Nexus 4 appears to be a phenomenal phone, and I can't wait to get one for myself. I use Pandora for music and Netflix for movies, so I don't need a big micro-SD card. And now that I've got a truly unlimited service plan (including 4G data), this unlocked GSM phone is exactly the hardware upgrade that I need! Here's a quick 1-min video of the no-contract plan that I'm enjoying - and hope to use the Nexus 4 on soon!

I hope they get more in stock for everyone's sake, this phone is by far the best I've had and it can free a lot of people from the contract carriers! Good luck guys, I thought 8 days was a long time to felt like an eternity.

It looks like Google have now implemented pre-orders on the Google play store? For example the Nexus 10 in the UK is available as "SHIPS SOON -- Ships in 2 - 3 weeks" and we can place an order.

So with pre-ordering now a proper option perhaps the N4 will follow soon with the same "Ships in N weeks" tagline...

I went to a tmobile store on monday and the salesperson there told me only select stores have the the phone in a chance to play with the note2 instead.....niceeeeeeeeeeee!

$199 is not a "more expensive on-contract option." Last I checked, $199 is LESS expensive than $299 & $349, the prices Google is selling the device for in the Play Store. Bottom line is, the phone is out of stock at the Play Store and Google is receiving many complaints with unhappy consumers, crying about how they could not get one on launch day, or that they still are not able to get one, and asking when they can get it. Google, who can not supply the phones to their play store just yet (but have already informed consumers they are due to be shipped in about 2 weeks), is doing what any responsible retailer would do in this situation: offer alternative buying options to their consumers.

To some, purchasing through T Mobile off or on contract is a great option. Especially for the price savings. However, if one doesn't want to buy directly from T-Mobile or is not interested in a 2 year contract with them, then they shouldn't, but they shouldn't then, continue to sit around and cry that it's "not available"...just wait the couple of weeks until you can purchase it on Google Play.

That's the lie that T-mobile and the other carriers want you to fall for. "See? $199 is cheaper!" Add a $40 voice plan and a $40 data plan and a 2 year contract. Now you just paid about $2,000 for that "cheap" phone. No thanks.

Thank you! finally someone has the guts to say it. Why would I want to skip an awesome, cheap, unlocked phone and go sign up for a 2 year contract and pay twice as much?! It's completely retarded. Not only that, it adds insult to injury. "Sorry we don't have any phones.... but, T-mobile does!" If Google had done two things there would be enough phones for all of us:

1) Limit how many each person can buy. Some jackasses were buying 20 of them to sell on eBay. If it were 1 per person then there would still be phones left.

2) Don't give a bunch of them to T-mobile. If Google kept all the phones for themselves then I would be buying one today. Instead they gave half their inventory to T-mobile so they can screw you on the price and rope you into a 2 yr contract.

I can't believe how bad Google has botched this launch. If they wanted to fix this they could first make a public apology. "We're sorry. We screwed up. We didn't order enough phones and our web site needs work. We'll try to learn from our mistakes and get better in the future." Then, they could start taking pre-orders. Let me add one to my cart and check out. Then, when the phones come in charge my card and send it to me. Don't make me stop by and hit refresh on the site once per day. If they took pre-orders they'd know how many they need to get from LG and it would save me the hassle of having to keep checking.

I hate to be the conspiracy theorist, but it could be LG is intentionally limiting the supply of Nexus 4 in order to promote the status quo of contracted phone sales that they can keep inflated prices to the carriers. Think GM and electric cars.