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According to a Google Play support document -- and confirmed when we browse to some magazines -- Google is now offering a "Free for print subscribers" option for certain magazines in the Play Store. When browsing many popular magazine subscriptions in the Play Store that have a print component, tapping on "subscribe" offers you three options. On top of the regular monthly or yearly subscriptions, you now have the option to get the digital version for free if you're already a print customer.

Google has likely signed some kind of content deals to make this happen, but however it happened it's a good thing. Many different publishers have offered this feature for their own websites and magazines, but its nice to see Google offering the same option with a digital subscription through the app as well.

Source: Google; Via: Android Police

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deltatux says:

Seems like all the sites who reported this failed to state that this is US ONLY as stated by Google themselves:
"Also, this is currently a US-only feature. We're working on bringing this feature to other countries, and to the Web soon as well."

dennislaska says:

I tried, doesn't work. My print subscription would not verify. Just a note, it worked seamlessly on our ipad.

Contacted Google and the have no clue what to do. Typical google :0(

BioDave says:

Agreed, and thank you for confirming my suspicions. Canadian here, do not see this option anywhere. Hopefully it gets added sooner than later.

aclayej#AC says:

Didn't work for me either. I tried both ways with account and address verifications. Still didn't work.

rjl2 says:

Worked fine for me using the account verification option.

Treknologist says:

I wish they had a list of which magazines offer this. The option doesn't even appear for me on any of the magazines I'm subscribed to.

wabyrd says:

Same here. A list would be really nice. I'm "almost" ready to switch to e-versions of my magazines, but not quite yet. It'd be nice to have the option to read on my Nexus 7 or the paper edition.

mgftp says:


dacaplan says:

While there isn't an "official list" of participating magazines, this query seems to work pretty well:

jflexe99 says:

Just tried my free option. What crap!

sforsyth01 says:

This isn't new. I did this with my Money Magazine and Sports Illustrated about a month ago.

Cubfan says:

Now they need to carry Entertainment Weekly. Can get it on the iPad, but not any Google device.

dacaplan says:

They have EW on Google Play and you can get the digital for free.

MrPC113 says:

But the new EW issue is not on there although today is Sunday and the new issue came out last wed!!!! What a joke! I'm very upset. This never happens on iPad.

xdalaw says:

Not available for PCWorld. Hopefully, will be soon.

F123D says:

I want my Maxim.

mgftp says:

Awesome news. Doesn't seem like many mags are participating yet but it's a step in the right direction.

I am a little worried though, It says I am subscribed to automatically pay monthly. The price right now shows 0.00 of course but when my print subscription runs out will I automatically be charged?

Also, any way to get back issues? And once a new issue comes out will the one there now disappear or can I save it?

I am a little confused on how to use the magazine app I guess, some things just aren't clear, but maybe it's just me getting old :)

rj_989 says:

Anyone get GQ to work?

ctk4949 says:

Doesn't work for Maxim, Maximum PC, Motor Trend, Popular Science, or Car and Driver.
Wired Magazine does work.