Platform Numbers July 2013

Android 4.x now running on 63-percent of all devices in use

As it does a monthly basis, Google has just released its Platform Version numbers to show a snapshot of the Android OS versions being used on devices today. With numbers taken over a two week period ending August 1st, we see small growths in the highest versions. Jelly Bean (4.1 and 4.2) rose to 40.5-percent — up from 37.9-percent last month — and together with Ice Cream Sandwich hit 63-percent of the install base.

Android 1.6, 2.1, 2.2 and 3.2 are all holding on by a thread, with under 5-percent share between the four versions. Gingerbread dipped slightly but is still holding strong at 33.1-percent of the install base.

This time around Google is also releasing a distribution chart of the different screen densities of devices in use today, which is quite interesting. Stick around after the break to have a look.

Platform Numbers July 2013


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Platform numbers for July 2013: Jelly Bean over 40%, Gingerbread at 33%


As much as I love getting new Android features constantly, I'm glad that Google has slowed down on updates so phone manufacture can catch up and Android can be more organized!

GB being stubborn! Come to the light people!
I wonder how many of those GB devices are low tier phones on pre paid plans.

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I know someone who started a contract on a gingerbread low tier phone two weeks ago

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I gave my ex a RAZR M and he's keeping it as backup for his Fascinate. He said he prefers his old phone. :/

I am not stubborn. And my trusty Ray was not a low end phone at it's time either.
Until some manufacturer gets out another phone in a similar size (it fit's into the small pocket of my jeans, damnit), with the recently updated S200 (better GPU) or maybe even the S400 chipset, i won't part with my old phone.

OK I admit it. I still have an Eclair Phone that I use once or twice a month to booger up the stats.

not that I care, but Id put money that these stats are faker than Samsung's benchmark test results... just sayin

Fake in what way? They just count up how many devices of each version access the Play Store, seems pretty straightforward.

With this being the numbers from a 14-day period ending on Aug 1, shouldn't Android 4.3 be represented? It started rolling out on July 24.

A full 14 days cycle has not been reached with 4.3 and OTA didn't reach everyone yet. This would falsify the survey.

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That surprised me too, you'd think it'd be over at least .1 percent by now. I finally bypassed Verizon for this update on my gn :-)

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My bad gingerbread downloads is my fault ;) gave the misses my old phone to use while hers is being repaired... She downloads a lot.

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One person? There are basically 1 billion android phones in use; 0.1% is about 1 million users. 12 million are on Eclair, and 25 million are on Froyo.

Strange that 2.3-2.3.2 has made a reappearance (it disappeared last month). I guess that the number of users is around around the 0.1 distribution limit so any kind of slight fluctuation is google play access would change the figures.

The biggest thing to note is just how many android devices are marooned on 2.3.x. They are only decreasing by around 2% a month which you can put down to people upgrading to new phones rather than updating their phones.

I doubt the figures will change much for next month unless Samsung roll out 4.2.2/4.3 to handsets. We'll probably see 4.3 come in at the expense of 4.2.2.

I'm surprise companies don't use honeycomb. I mean wouldn't that be best to use on todays low end phones instead of using gingerbread that crap and looks ugly. At least with honeycomb you get better features and a better look right?

Only 0.1% Honeycomb?
Must be Samsung GT-P6810 wifi tablets that are still waiting for updates...
Even though the identical 3G ones got it months ago.

All four of my kids have Dell Streak 7 tablets and they all run on Honeycomb. I know they can be updated, by they like them just fine and I worry about bricking them if I tried updating them.

I realize that most phones on GB are going to be forever stuck there, but I do wish the manufacturers who released devices running ICS would update them to JB. And it's a crime that any manufacturer would release a new device running ICS these days--yes, I'm looking at you, Casio.