Bug Droid was at it again (you'll recall his little jig we caught at Google IO), dancing his little Android powered heart out. This time around though, he had some competition from an all to familiar zombie. Yes, it was a zombie droid dance off and as much as we hate to say it, poor Bug Droid looks to be slowing down a little as the Plants. vs. Zombies zombie literally spun circles around him. Maybe Bugdroid just needs some fine tuning and an Ice Cream Sandwich.

Source: @XperiaPlay; via: Phandroid

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Somebody forgot to slip andy a dose of speed before he went out. Such a lackluster display of android commitment ; )

ReaganDee says:

Bug Droid .... You got served!!!

DocToxyn says:

Poor Bug Droid, he's obviously struggling with some anatomical limitations. And who knew zombies could be so limber!

albokay says:

Zombie not doing Thriller dance = Fail.

kingtz says:

Sad thing is that Bug Droid still dances better than me...