It's happened to the best of us: you're up too late at the White Castle with your friends, when you remember you've got some mad homework due the next day. You rush home, heart pounding, and hop on the computer. After a hurried five minutes on Photoshop, you glance at your masterpiece, and pleased, go to bed.

I can only assume that's what took place with this latest gaffe, as I'm not sure there's any plans to have Honeycomb booting on the PlayBook anytime soon. Maybe the graphic artists at MacMall heard about the PlayBook running Android apps and assumed that was the only way?

We may never know. Thanks, John!


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Photoshop fail: Honeycomb on the PlayBook


Maybe the big wigs at Blackberry decided the Honeycomb look was better than the PlayBook look and sent it to press..?

Lol I just got the same picture in the macmall email blast they sent me. Average Joe Blow consumer won't even notice the screen mixup... :)

Maybe we can find a way to add something Windows to this in addition to the Blackberry with an Android screenshot sold by the Mac mall.

Not familiar with MacMall, but it's kinda ironic that it's being sold at a place with Mac in its name, too.

I love android but I'm a hardcore blackberry fanboy. But seriously honeycomb looks so much more cleaner than the qnx os that the Playbook carries lol