Ouya shows that they realize the value of communication, fills us in with another shipping update

Ouya wants to be the next big thing on console gaming. We've heard today that they now have 10,000 developers lined up, and since the end of March they have been busy shipping units out to Kickstarter backers. They realize that to be successful, they need to get units in the hands of people who want one, and more importantly, keep communicating with the folks waiting on their order.

They are doing that with weekly shipping updates on their Kickstarter page and via email, like the one they have sent out today. There's no real breaking news to tell, but the prove that they are listening to feedback and have adjusted a few things in their shipping workflow:

  • Limited Edition units have been "fast-tracked" and will be shipped out sooner, cutting nearly two weeks off the original time.
  • Standard orders are no longer prioritized over orders with extra controllers. The orders with spare controllers will start shipping early next week.
  • They are working on methods to get international orders out the door faster

Good news all around, and it's awesome to see a company let us know how things are going during the crazy process of shipping out tens of thousands of units. Well done, Ouya.

Source: Ouya


Reader comments

Ouya Limited Edition units now fast tracked for shipping


And people grill Samsung for using "cheap" build materials? ¬¬' This looks like something I'd hand out as a college lab project...

Ouya MSRP - $99. Galaxy Note II had a MSRP of $799 when released. There's your difference. 

Disclaimer: I'm not one of those people who think plastic = bad.

Exactly. But, I am sure you already know, thinking and common sense does not exist on the 'net.

Anyway, I pre ordered in November, got my confirmation e-mail, but have not received any info on my order. Said I would get it April 2013 but who knows. I did order a extra controller so that must have screwed things up for them :). By the way extra controllers are now $30 or $40, when I pre ordered they were $20. That's one good thing whenever I get it.

That's a picture of the developer edition. It was made with a see through material so the developers would be able to see the internals.

Just Google pictures of the final build. It looks rather nice, especially for $100.

So clear automatically means cheap to you? Do you realize how much higher the quality of material has to be to get clear plastic? Black plastic is easy. You can use any old recycled plastic to make black plastic. That being said, this is obviously the dev edition, and you must have had bad-ass college lab projects.

So wait? You are complaining about the build material of the dev unit that is no were near final build... How about you look about a pic of the final material...

I've always thought it was weird that people who paid extra money for extra controllers got de-prioritized over people who ordered a unit with a single controller. I can sort of piece together the logic; "Well, the people with more than one controller are limiting the number of available controllers to ship, right? So we should hold off until the basic demand is met". Still, it feels like being penalized for having invested more in the product.

I'm definitely not going to praise them for communication, Jerry. My experience has been... well, there's been nothing TO experience.

I pre-ordered in December 2012, and received an immediate e-mail confirming my pre-order. Since then? NOTHING. Absolutely, positively zero communication.

When I pre-ordered, it said it would ship in April 2013. It's the 20th now. Is it going to ship in the next ten days? I have serious doubts.

But the main issue is, zero communication. Not a single e-mail or update or anything to even let me know "hey, we know you pre-ordered, thanks for your patience". Nothing.

Same here. No communication other than the confirmation that they took my money. It would be nice to hear something.

Contrary to what was mentioned, I have actually received an e-mail stating that they are in the process of sending the units out a couple days ago. It didn't say much more than that.