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Oh, and by the way -- all 31 winners (one for each day in December) will be entered to win a shiny new Nexus 4, still in its box, sitting here on our desk. (In case you had any concern for our ability to snag what remains an unsnaggable device.)

So ... for today's entries: Leave a comment on this post and tell us the top Android-related feature you're hoping for in 2013. One entry per person, yadda yadda yadda.

Good luck!

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FaSSt2001 says:

More parental controls for the Play Store.

Jays2Kings says:

All-in-one Messaging app and toggles in 4.2 quick settings (like CM10.1)

tigerhoodz06 says:

I'm ready to see the skins just an app overlay on top of stock android instead of it being fully integrated allowing for quicker updates. Also a more evolved and use of nfc.

Ladymoney17 says:

Just a quickness from At & T for all the updates that are promised for 2013. The carrier is a little slow and better battery life. Happy New Year all

BlackBerry Messenger on Android once BB declares bankruptcy and is snatched up by Google.

auronblue says:

I'd like to see the 4.2 update on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus :-)

LeoPT says:

photosphere for my galaxy note 2 tmo, with screen recording also.

fastfreddy7 says:

I would like a new standard for glass! Hate screen protectors, but also hate scratches! Please pick me!

ppritcha says:

Nexus 10 with keyboard.

MrJazz says:

Better use of augmented reality tech...

anpan879 says:

Optimized battery life. Also Wallet availability on all devices.

ro_bro says:

I'd like to see this simple feature which integrates google calendar and gmail.

Basically, let me have an option to send an email later, and then choose what day/time, which makes an entry into my gcal.

Reason? There are use cases where you need to either confer someone or think through it before you reply to an email. But too often, these end up slipping through the cracks.

jimj21 says:

Application cloud sync

sfbates says:

I want to see Google Wallet on more then 3 devices! :)

hellomango says:

Official 4.2 update from Verizon for VZW Galaxy Nexus!

zorian99 says:

bigger battery

I would like to see less bloat ware and the ability to use google now for app launching and other tasks.

i'm hoping to get android in every device and the ability to update all phones to the latest version of android not waiting for manufacturer to rls it & ofc eagerly awaiting Key Lime Pie

mittcb says:

Better battery life and more stability :)

Not too much to ask, right? Right?

alershka#AC says:

I would love some additional improvement to battery / power management for my Galaxy Nexus.

JerWiles says:

I want to see improvements to Google Play Video.... On my Vizio Co-Star the buffering is so bad it's unusable.

Master_Dex says:

I'd like to see more Nexus phone options on all carriers in the future.

tullywork says:

Standard wireless charging!!!

ninjajmon says:

Unbreakable flexible screen by Samsung.

Zdmb91 says:

I would love to see more from Google now! It is a game changer in the industry...speed enhancements along with usability improvements will put Siri to shame!

Id like to see better built-in battery management without having to manually turn off wifi, gps, Bluetooth, etc.

zrati69 says:

Still trying

Rileycat says:

I'd love to see better integration/access of google voice typing and control over bluetooth

staindone says:

I hope for more setting as far as the notification bar. Make google now show card info without having to pull down, and being able to customize which settings are there.

skel4877 says:

Wireless Charging! or maybe a holographic prototype phone

rjcormier says:

the feature I would like in 2013 is a way to better manage my contacts because I have contacts in 3 different email accounts and some are duplicates and I end up getting merged contacts better not supposed to be merged and then I have to figure out which 1 to delete and it is very time consuming.and I really want to Nexus 4! I just spoke this to my phone so I must say that my favorite feature on my Android device is voice dictation by  Google

Cheryl Brown says:

I would like to see a way to input credit card info for Google play but have it password protected so a child can not buy apps without knowledge. I bought my 5 year old granddaughter a Samsung MP 3 player but would like to have been able to link a creditcard to her account but still need a password to purchase.

jharo says:

I want more wireless charging.

nolan.b says:

Ability to assign app specific colors to LED light.
If batter is below X %, ability to move to power saving mode (with optional disabling or minimizing features).

Happy Holidays!

fguills says:

Charger mat for my nexus 7.

androidaw says:

Key Lime Pie

LoSes says:

More clever uses of the Jellybean Notification shade.

I want to be able to text just by looking at the letters on my screen, if Stephan Hawking can do it, why cant I.

W_R_R says:

Skyrim for Android, where you could take your created character everywhere w/you, continue games started on xbox to your phone, in a way treat your character like a "virtual pet". Full integration between xbox and Android device. Yeah, that'd be cool.

cloud saves for games

aliases says:

I'd like to see Google Now have scheduling command recognition.

I want multi window.

Ziptied says:

better GV integration! Merry Christmas guys!

Nevets68 says:

The 4.04 update to the AT&T galaxy s2 is horrible! The "added" features include :

1. Decreased battery life
2. laggy performance
3. lock up's resulting in battery pulls (shades of owning a blackberry years ago).

jugdish says:

I would like to see more apps designed specifically for tablets released.

khaoszr says:

I want to see Mirrorcast become more developed

mdye says:

The one thing I'd like to see most, honestly, is better integration with stock Android in the various skins. I'm not so naïve as to say no more skinning (though that would be nice) but Samsung, HTC et al. could do a *much* better job making their skins and apps fit in with the Android Holo ecosystem. I know, it's a pipe dream.

Thanks for the opportunity! Having been on board with android for some time, I would love to see a stock android SMS to speech (and speech to sms) feature added for integration with car Bluetooth systems. This would avoid my wife's sly smiles when her windows phone does it and my state of the art android doesn't. This would avoid the need to download apps like Vlingo, etc.....

darr107 says:

Better battery comsuption

I can't wait to get multi window support on my AT&T galaxy note 2.

Irwright says:

A way to allow users to upgrade to the latest code release without being limited by the vendor of the device or the carrier

Irwright says:

A way to allow users to upgrade to the latest code release without being limited by the vendor of the device or the carrier

izeilfel says:

I'd love to see more options for google cards, more address inputs

djkleric says:

best feature would be better battery management that is what I am looking for

gmtom1 says:

Hope everyone got some good android devices from Santa! Hope I win a Nexus 4!

Lemmy666 says:

Project Roadrunner coming in the newest version of Android

Buchh@lter says:

I want multi window multi tasking in vanilla android!!

jimrx7 says:

I am hoping that the multi-user feature finally makes it to the latest update for Jellybean.

williamshire says:

I'm hoping 2013 will bring more automation to Android a la Tasker so that you don't need an app.

johnowenstko says:

A working wallet app for my VZW Galaxy Note 2.

Exergy says:

Pick me! I'm looking forward to a better notification system and more widgets.

JustinB_74 says:

Combined inbox..Its been far too long not to have this feature in AOSP

tman525 says:

Can't really think of much other than ability to remove OEM skins from non nexus devices. Oh and more nexus devices from more manufacturers!

ak110707 says:

I want to see more stock android devices running vanilla android.

Not sure how realistic this is, but—better power management.
Also, it would be great to add a permission for hands-off Google Now (as in: locked phone control via headset).

racingbmwm3 says:

multiple login's/users

Bethlyn184 says:

Would like the separate sign on for kids. Would like 1 tab for the 8 year old and 1 tab for the 4 year old as this on gets upset he can't understand/read the 8 yr olds games.

In respects to the android platform from the g1 to the nexus 4 the OS had developed nicely. In hardware retrospect battery is the only thing I really would want to see.

mjwedeking says:

I want to see Android updates working like Chrome updates

crowrb29 says:

better integration of apps for expandable notifications. bigger batteries in every phone as opposed to just the razr maxx

chaseweadock says:

hoping that sprint somehow manages to get either the nexus 4 or the new x-phone.

Josh Hines says:

I hope Miracast comes out soon and is able to be used with my transformer prime and my vizio smart tv :)

Derek1267 says:

Built in split keyboard for tablets

jrock151#CB says:

Ready for new update to come to the states for S3.

jt2112 says:

Honestly, the feature that I think many people would like is a feature to back up app data and restore it across multiple devices - I think Amazon's WhisperSync does this in a similar way with books and apps on Kindle devices (although I'm not quite sure). This would be my most desired feature in the next iteration of Android.

avantard says:

I have three:

1) Photosphere for 4.1 users

2) Better control of icon control for desktop jump folders. As in, rather than everything shuffling from the top left corner down, I'd like be able to arrange icons within a jump folder and leave gaps between icons, just like I do on my desktop.

3) Built-in LED controls.

Joel Matton says:

Full mouse capabilities. The ability to switch to a desktop mode with desktop events whenever a word processing or similar app is being used.

prodaytrade says:

Ability to switch between stock and manufacturer's UI (Samsung, HTC, Motorola, etc).

Zicious says:

Over the air sharing, like apple TV!

Droiddude24 says:

Flexible OLED Display!

professorx says:

Looking forward to the 6" phone that is "unpocketable". Should be a big seller.

Hubertsng says:

Better battery. way better battery.

PKnowles95 says:

Split screen on stock android!

PKnowles95 says:

Split screen on stock android!

JinCT says:

Photosphere for my GN II!

mwong says:

I would love to see a Moto Nexus done right.

dyastrab says:

Happy Holidays!

valapsp says:

Key lime pie for nexus 7. I can't think of a feature right now seriously.

SkroBot says:

Flexible displays and wireless charging:)

baldypal says:

The #1 Android related feature of 2013 that i can't wait for is improved Google TV.

etnpnys says:

Miracast!! I know it's in there! Let me use it!!

Stychill says:

Nothing brings out the comments like a contest, Well i don't know what feature i would like to see implemented since i don't own even one android device, what i would like is more options to be able to boot up to stock android out of the box without being on a nexus device, i need storage space and the nexus phone line just doesn't offer it, give me an HTC device with a design similar to the one series booting stock android straight out of the box.

ttriplett1 says:

Wireless Charging, please??

Ability to store google play music on SD Card without hack.

jrmitchell72 says:

Photosphere would be nice!

qwertyman43 says:

Not really an Android specific feature, but I would love to have manufacturers put larger batteries in the phones. At least those that can last longer than a day. That, and more photography apps like the Nokia-specific ones on the 920.

PS. Thanks for the giveaways!!!

Eric Bogle says:

I would love to see the awesome Android phones on Verizon also made available on AT&T. Razer Maxx, DNA, etc.

More voice related software would be nice.

Foxpaw says:

Photosphere for sure, on the GS3.

rmwilk says:

Key Lime Pie!

LarryPGH says:

I don't know if this counts, but I'd sure like to see at least some sort of Google Play integration with the Android variant running on my Kindle! Yeah, I know, ain't ever gonna happen, but you asked what I wanted, not what I expected had a snowball's chance, right? So, I'll keep staring at my Android phone, wishing it to grow up into a real tablet!

JobiWan144 says:

1) A complete reworking of how the back button works,
2) a Google Navigation app that doesn't look like crap (i.e. Holo-themed), and
3) we can always use better battery life.

imadz853 says:

a backup feature that saves user data of all apps on the cloud and an imessage like feature on android...

Xbbfan73 says:

A better way to customize MY phone.

adzrules says:

I want Google to enable the iPhone killing mechanism so whenever you ring an iPhone it breaks :-)

Miracast would be nice. A Nexus 4 that people can actually order. (not Android necessarily) the ability to edit Open Document docs in Drive. Or maybe wireless charging standards. In short - use of more standards & less proprietary stuff & a N4.

What can I say - I'm a dreamer!

Miguel Avila says:

I'd like to buy apps even if I don't have a device that supports it, like on iTunes.

reeper55 says:

I want photo sphere on my Verizon GNex

nawadley says:

I'd love to have wireless charging in my car, and an official driver's license feature in Google Wallet so I can literally stop carrying my wallet!

cerebasan says:

I would like an expanded google play tv store to match itunes. Content content content.

tmcarr says:

I would be really excited to be able to grab a few more things out of the play store this month. :)

sakebomber77 says:

I would like to see google wallet come to verizon. Well maybe that will hapen some day.

jajones82 says:

KLP and a Googlrola X phone.

jimmy5cent says:

I'd like to see them add the ability to swipe down from the top of the screen in a full screen app to show the status bar. I know that their is an app that does that, but it would be nice for it to be a standard feature.

Mr Mister says:

The feature I'd like to see most is the ability for android to change its color based on user input, or wallpaper colors. This would give the user more opportunities to make android more personalized.

Budgetmedic says:

Count me in on improving battery consumption!

jkane001 says:

Integrated "Battery Saver" functions, like offered in GreenPower or similar apps, but native - and hopefully more reliable and effective. Frankly, any way to stretch battery life would be ideal.

onixblack says:

Better battery technology for longer playing times phones or power saving screen technology

Gspot82 says:

I personally really want to see the integration of googles messaging platforms and the integration with apps of some sort of game center to keep progress consistent between devices.

jkurl15 says:

Quick messaging function in stock message app.

I'm hoping for a major upgrades to Google Now in KLP!

rballen85 says:

I'm super happy with the speed and graphics capabilities on current phones so next I'd like to see some legitimate improvement on battery life.

kilo720 says:

New and more ways to use nfc

snpg says:

A more simplified interface that is consistent throughout the whole OS.

yankees2323 says:

Thanks AC! I would like a PS Vita phone in 2013. Or at least a cheaper PS Vita. Of course it would run Android.

Merry Christmas!

Slayers says:

I would want better battery life its the 1 thing that kills android is the battery

Teksu says:

I would like to be able to prioritize my play store apps restore order. Flashing new roms to a device can be tedious, It would be nice to mark some apps as "Important or install first" and others as "common or Manual installs".

Then after connecting to my google account the phone would only install critical apps first, such as titanium backup.

kjhalstead says:

Would love to see a phone with capability to transmit infra-red so I can get rid of all these stupid remotes littering my house!

brianfagioli says:

in 2013, I would like to somehow link my Nexus 7 to my Android phone so i can send and receive txt messages on the Nexus 7. Its annoying that if I get a txt on my cell and its in another room and I have my Nexus 7 in my hands, I cant get notified...

a-d says:

I would love to win!! One thing I am looking forward to.. is a wifi house controlled android environment. When you get to your house with a swype of a button turns on the lights to the living room and turns on your receiver, tv or lowers the temperature if you're getting home earlier than expected.. Just want them to work on Wifi Direct

Thunder350 says:

Hardware related I'd love #1 Better battery life, and #2 improved front facing camera (perhaps similar to the Oppo ulike2) for video calling on Skype and better self pics for those who like that.

Software side I'd love to get a "skinning" or "theme" feature where we can choose between manufacture skins and stock android. It'd also be nice if they'd finally fix the fragmentation issue and get devices updated on time. Currently most get a update to Android that's 2 versions behind.

Taoito says:

Wireless Streaming

wolverine318 says:

I am hoping for photosphere to come to the verizon galaxy s3.

ryemann says:

A workable guitar interface (and the improved latency to make it work on my phone)

raedchen says:

I have just Playstore-related wishes: Other payment options than credit cards, and gift cards here in europe. Buying apps seriously has to become easier for us!

defiantbeast says:

Would love to see some way of skinning or theming the stock text msg app. And add some of the features of go sms and handcent , private box, pop up window...

thenixdown says:

LBE Privacy Guard for Jellybean

Keeb13r says:

Miracast support for all devices, not just the Nexus 4.

Tim Norris says:

Combining message and Google talk into one app, especially if they also add in Google voice for SMS/MMS backup directly into to service.

sumyunguy says:

A Nexus with a Camera to rival the iPhone!

I would like to see wireless carriers stop blocking frimware update. And see Android on other devices ( watches,cars etc.)

MiXoLoGiSt says:

Google wallet to work on all 4.1 devices

kendallc123 says:

That would be cool, but a phone needs NFS in the back for Google Wallet to work

Hypeo says:

Gift Card, sure, I'm in....

I'm satisfied with my galaxy s3, but a feature I would like to see is emoji integrated into the stock OS.

kendallc123 says:

I would love manufacturers to really take a look at improving the battery life on our phones. I have an HTC Evo 4G and believe me, I know bad battery life!

Hey! i want infrared in all android phones. that's a wonderful way to interact with your TV, dvd player, ac, and other devices through your fan. this feature will make you to be glued with your phone all the time.

bmstew says:

College sports teams integrated into Google Now would be great.

sralj says:

I would like to see more timely updates by the carriers.

I agree with The Clarkster. I want a unified chat app that works on my phone, tablet, and Chromebook. Thanks AC.

kipdurran says:

I am happy with Android, but longer battery life would be nice

iOSSanjay says:

I have a N7 i hope they fix the backlight flicker. And I would like to have a GameCenter equivalent maybe something that uses Google+. That would be cool.

zen0s says:

1080p screen with samsung's flexible display!

Gonzofreak says:

Thought controlled Android.

fooznugget says:

It'd be nice if we could get MMS through google voice

owlique says:

Motorola Nexus Phone. That's all.

gulfu says:

the new feature i would like to see on android is finger print lock screen. so that the owner has much more control. like if we can set 1 thumb finger print for full access and other one for limited access

FjT says:

High end phone with 4" or 4.3" screen!

AirAngel911 says:


scraptacular says:

Feature built-in to OS that allows customization of apps to notify via LED colored lights. Is that too much to ask of my GSIII?

mdking1968 says:

A google play card for my new Moto Razr HD? Yes please!

canreo says:

A better graphical IDE.

kwright817 says:

Better battery management.

HoLfElDeR says:

Shifting between apps

coolbreeze says:

Better battery life on Android phones.

knahrvorn says:

With a Galaxy Nexus running latest latest Jelly Bean as a Christmas present to replace my old HTC Desire, all features I can really wish for is something additional to only apps to appear on Google Play here in Denmark.

con5150 says:

The further evolution of Google Now....

some_1 says:

Better battery life :)

mg7711 says:

AirPlay like feature for android with a new price friendly Nexus Q.

gfsockmonkey says:

have not been involved with android long enough to have any "wanted features" yet.
but here is my entry ;)

Mo007 says:

Hoping to get premium suite for sprint galaxy s3 sooner than later :)

An end to Android fragmentation!

acWoodcarver says:

I would like to see more flexibility in the unlock screen. For example allow pattern unlock or face unlock at the same time.

mcgeorge36 says:

Looking forward to photosphere for my Galaxy Note 2!

Derek_B says:

I'll go with better battery life baked into the OS as well.

Moo Rider says:

I want it to walk my dog when it's below -10 Celcius

This is going to sound incredibly silly, but for some reason Google decided to stick a Google-search widget on the homescreen that you can't remove, and then supply you with a completely identical Google-search widget. Really??

fbsupastar73 says:

Better Battery life and and increase on what with we could do with nfc ( cars, computers, doors, etc.)

Floyd Scott says:

I'm looking forward to swiftkey flow

dalebert54 says:

Butter would be very nice. ANY new aspect of Android would be nice, as Moto left me out by dropping my planned and promised upgrade from Gingerbread!

GaMMeLHaNsy says:

A fully localized keyboard with extra buttons for the common german letters Ä,Ö,Ü and ß. And a flagship phone with a high built quality at a low price from my favorite company HTC.

Jbhan7 says:

Garage band!!!

abezzilla99 says:


Metal_Link says:

I hope I actually get Jelly Bean on my Samsung Galaxy Reverb in 2013.

supermarkyo says:

Honestly I'd love a refined usb audio out for speaker docks and head units. I really feel like this is one of the only areas that android legitimately falls behind apple. I'd love a speaker dock I could control with NFC (like the nexus q), a remote and a dock, and also with bluetooth 3.0. Maybe a dock that would turn on and pair with my phone through an app. There's still a ton of android to love but unless Google can get it working across multiple devices uniformly, I feel like 3rd party options will never mature into the fantastic products they can be

GPS that doesn't drain the battery.

GyulusCs says:

A high end phone with approx. 3.7 inched screen... All high end phones are so big.

HellRa1SeR says:

Just like there was Project Butter for the Jellybean version of the android, I am hoping for the Project Battery(or something on those lines). I have moved from a Nokia device which was stellar in battery life performance. I hope to have an android device in 2013 which had awesome battery life.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

peruboy63 says:

Google wallet on all phones.

tattedboss says:

looking forward to the dual screen on the sIII like note 2.

prissysox says:

Delete from notification

ejatds says:

Gmail sync with SMS/MMS! (just like calendar, contacts, bookmarks, etc)

sandyvern says:

I hope for a contacts app that is useable from one device to another. And maybe it is there already and I don't know about it...but I have too many devices (2 phones, xoom, nexus 7, kindle fire 7", kindle fire 8.9)and none of them have the same contacts on them...other than like FB.

Phoenix Rev says:

Key Lime Pie and vocal unlock recognition.

Direct gVoice Integration (Vs separate app) with MMS abilities included for all carriers!

Number 6 says:

I would love to see carriers and manufacturers offer the option for a vanilla Android experience so I wouldn't have to root to remove all of the bloatware. A gift card would be nice too.

piizzadude says:

The only thing I want to see is the return of the SDCARD or 128GB become the standard by years end for storage

dra_phantom says:

I hope they enable the miracast feature

athensjohn says:

I would like to see Google incorporate the Samsung trick of having two apps open at the same time and visible on the screen.

Would love to be able to apply different ring tones for different contacts and texts. Although this may be something that is already available on my Droid 4 and I have not found it.

What I would like to see is more battery life and a 12mp camera!

I have the LG Optimus G and really all I want is a stable CM10 build. The best would be AOSP roms directly from Google for multiple devices not just nexus devices but that's wishful thinking

ndm22 says:

cloud based game saves. I'd love to be able to play the same game on my phone and tablet and not have to do everything twice.

mop26921 says:

better camera

heathky says:

google wallet on one x

Jordan jones says:

Better battery life and a more focus on the android services like talk.

jeff275 says:

I'd like to see full backups built in.

irishdude84 says:

Not necessarily a software thing but would love to see a full non-bezeled screen.

rrhartjr says:

a nexus that supports wireless charging!

physphil says:

Google Music in Canada!!!

g_what says:

I want immediate updates from Google for my CDMA/LTE GNex. Sadly, I think that's too much to ask for.

parms says:

A built-in call blocker would make me happy. I was spoiled by the one in CM7 and I don't care for the apps that are out there.

762x51 says:

More butter for an even smoother UI experience as all I really want and need. Such a great OS, just needs more polish.

mmunsch says:

I'd like to see Google to keep expanding the capabilities of Google Now, more battery life improvements, and for Google to keep innovating with Android!

deenoo says:

Perhaps a NFC + battery case for my HTC One S

pompuspb says:

I think Multi window feature should be on a native android feature. And a bare bone ultra power saving phone only mood can be very useful as some times when battery s low you need only to make a call.
Putting a 2ndery e-ink display for that purpose is a great idea.

BDain says:

I would like to have better group texting, something that would work with other platforms (iOS)

smwinn7 says:

Android Central you can help start my new year off right

Holden7 says:

I want FIFA 2013!

Schattenan says:

I don't really lust for a huge new feature. Besides some small improvements I don't care about big changes in Android. I would rather see reasonable LTE Data pricing. Here in Germany it is expensive like hell, paying 40€ for 200mb LTE is ridiculous.

I want a nuclear-powered phone (with a death ray.)

kicks says:

I'd love to see the oem skins be optional. I love everything about my s3 except the lack of soft keys (I know iI can rom)

Jeff Kinslow says:

I am hoping for 4.2 on the HTC DNA!

RotxeD says:

A new feature for 2013? Customizable Quick Settings. Seriously.

I would love to see Verizon speed up their software update process for Android in 2013. That would be sweet.

better battery life

Merry Christmas Android Central. I would love to have more everyday usage of the augmented reality that google is starting. terminator style =)

Skis X says:

an extended battery for my gnex!

dperk says:

I'd love a real Jelly Bean update for my RAZR Maxx... that Christmas tease was one of the worst non-presents I ever got. Same as others, I got the "Download suspended. Waiting for connection to continue" or something to that effect. With it stuck there, I restarted my phone and then it said it was "up to date"... Huge bummer on Christmas.

alacrify says:

Better battery first, and Key Lime Pie with AOKP on top!

ramblerd says:

Profile switching on phones! I'd love to have one for each of my personalities.

JobiWan144 says:

Oops, double post.

toxicious says:

I feature I would love, mostly because it would look awesome, is the ability to have "your homescreens" inside a photosphere.

Say you have a really beautiful photosphere of your family celebrating Christmas, then you could go into settings and set it as your "home sphere".
Then, instead of switching pages like if you were outside the sphere, you would switch pages like if you where inside. That would of course also include y-axis pages. Meaning that you would have the option to change page to the one above, to the right, to the bottom or to the left.

Not only would it give a great atmosphere but it would also give you more room for more widgets and icons! :D

scooter7 says:

I'd really like Google to include the ability to sync and backup app data for all the games and apps without the need to use 3rd party apps and rooting.

lothaen says:

Id like to see a Nexus Q with Google TV or similar. That or more Google Glass stuff

NFC Defibulator update. I want to save someone's life with my Note 2.

Neil Gardner says:


Lexord says:

The ability of accessing other androids and see the same thing they are seeing with their permission, of course. For example, I am watching a movie on Netflix and my friend wants to watch it with me, I send him a permission that gives him access of my phone, and see what I am doing :)

mdoyal1 says:

I would really like to see better support and usability for NFC, namely Android Beam. For instance, I have a Samsung GSIII running a stock JB rom but if I want to beam something to my friend who has a stock GSIII, I can't even do that because we do not have the same "Gallery" app because they are not the same? And this also goes with basically everything across the board. I think that these if the little inconsistencies with the Beam feature would be fixed it would take off more than what it has at the moment.

Skipperdaddy says:

Happy new year!!

fillossofer says:

I'd like to be able to use Google Wallet on my Verizon S3.

Hatshepsut says:

For 2013 I'm hoping for better battery life, more apps to ported from the crApple store to the Play store, unlockable bootloaders, and the ability to push my apps to my sd card (currently rocking the gs3 on Sprint).

TallOne says:

I would kind of like a CDMA version of the Nexus 4. I want to upgrade! :)

juststart says:

Hope I can win! I'd like to see the Samsung 'Smart Stay' or LG's 'Wise Screen' integrated into Android.

igeekman says:

I hope they improve on your contact photos. I hate to see a blurry photo of my beautiful wife, and daughter. And also would like an Air-Play feature over WiFi.

gonzlobo says:

$100 nexus 4!

Jay Edwards says:

I hope there is more functionality in Google Music! Especially "No page reset" when you change from landscape mode.

mmtowns says:

I'd like to see Google change their mind on calendar synch as well. Regardless, looking forward to whatever Android brings us in 2013!

Forfaden says:

Phone mirroring

NoICon says:

Inductive charging with added functionality when devices are docked and flexible displays.

I really want the rumored themes structure so i can default to stock Android, regardless of the phone (Nexus v non-Nexus), and/or an HTC Nexus phone with LTE. (I miss my Nexus One.)

AlyarbankHQZ says:

I'm hoping for Google Glasses and/or more useful Bluetooth peripherals.

actechhd says:

Bigger battery and faster processor!

Lanhoj says:

Some OEM features like pop-out video & being able to draw overtop of the screen on Nexus devices

dubdrop says:

The announcement of HTC hiring cyanogen mod devs to push cm on all the new launched devices

jerkyxiii says:

Better battery life and better controller support.

Broheemster says:

Samsung galaxy S series to have a vanilla launcher option...out of the box

BillyBurrito says:

hmm, circle widgets for my razr maxx

broncop3t3 says:

I'd like to see smart battery life management. That would be great.

bswann says:

Better battery life and continuity from manufacturers for updates. Oh, and of course winning something cool from Android Central in 2013!!

Offbyone says:

Top feature I would like is for Google to convince Verizon to stop blocking everything or taking forever for updates.

clay12345 says:

I'd like to see even more customization right out of the box (themes, etc.), and also better battery management with Google Now.

Google TV mirroring. Chromebook control. Google tasks integration.

jslman says:

I would most like to see updates come directly from Google to my smartphone to receive them in a timely manner. Carrier bloatware, i mean features, could be designed as some type of add-on that would not necessarily be affected by the new OS.

I would love for wireless charging to be included.. I loved my touchstone for my pre!!

Love you long time!!

cloud12077 says:

Flexible screens, because Apple can't do it!

randyb19 says:

I like the Google Play wishlist on the app, but would like to access it via the web, too.

CoolBeit says:

Hoping To see optical image stabilization on an Android phone

CletusAZ says:

Im looking forward to Photo sphere coming to my galaxy s3!

skinnear says:

better working photosphere for my Sensation.

technacity says:

What I really want it a more advanced Google Now. Notifications when public transportation is late would be super nifty.

Also, seems really daft that Android doesn't have this, but better notifications. There is a reason I put my friend's birthdays in the People app. I would like to get birthday notifications off that.

I would also like Google to return the 4.1 Buttery smoothness to 4.2. It feels so buggy in comparison on my Nexus 7. I'm a first time Android user just getting a Nexus 7 this Christmas, the gift card would be extremely helpful and I would love to extend the Android experience to my phone, replacing my old Pre3.

Yell0w says:

More app sales!

ejtsang says:

Can't wait to see what the Android team has in store for Google Now. I really would like to be able to launch apps by voice among other things.

To get all of google/androids goodness here in the UK. Fed up with google play offers that look fantastic only to realise they are US only.

shahravi94 says:

the next nexus with key lime pie! my poor one x got shattered so i'll be needing a new phone

davela72 says:

The ability to store apps/games on the SD card, that would be a novel idea. Card multitasking similar to the Nokia N9 would be sweet as well.

campanth says:

Native support for themes.

DeadRinga says:

I'd love to see some kind of cloud data backup with Google Drive without the need for root

1080p screens and improved battery life

desilva says:

I am hoping for an upgrade to the nexus 7. Specifically, the ability to hook to hdtv like the kindle Fire.

Ryuuie says:

I'd like to see a customization feature in Android 5.0. :)

Project Roadrunner!

c4v3man says:

Carrier independent updates. Either that or split more core OS components into downloadable/upgradable apps.

Packk01 says:

Would love to see HTC allow for expandable memory again. I need that extra space.

Ryan_Boyer says:

I want to hear more about the Moto X phone sold through a newly improved Google Play sale.

cfouke01 says:

Longer life batteries!!! And not just sticking fat batteries in phones either ;)

DavidCoy#AC says:

Not a Google feature, but would like to see Amazon step up with a native Prime instant video client for my Nexus 7.

Also waiting for Blu Kuban for Nexus 7.

ChumpChange says:

A personal teleporter would be awesome but I think that may be a few years down the road. Although I am sure that Apple has it already patented. Otherwise I am wanting some of these big breakthroughs in battery life to become reality in the marketplace.

I would love an option to not only back up apps but data as well without being rooted. Seems like such a common thing to have..

sumner929 says:

I'd like to see less bloatware on phones, or a feature where you can actually delete them off the phone without having to root.

xanthor says:

Google wallet outside of USA, and jelly bean for my s2x.

greenie25 says:

Much better nfc integration. card emulation and the like.

dc99999969 says:

The feature I want to see is a remote control that I can play all my games on. Because I love playing grand theft auto but I need a joystick to fully enjoy it cuz touchscreen doesn't cut it

Joet says:

YES!!! #578 in the comments!

pdl2mtl90 says:

Jelly Bean 4.1.2 for the ATT S3!

djluis48 says:

I would love to win a Gift Card! About a feature that i would like to see working on AOSP is Wifi-Direct. I can see that they started working on it because the option is present on Wifi Settings, but we cant still use it to share files, unless you download a 3rd party app. Another feature i would love to see is some enhancements to battery life.

MalachyNG says:

Miracast support for my nexus 7 and galaxy nexus

extremenet says:

I would love to see a local backup option.

awr118 says:

I would love to see a flexible display in a phone.

I would love some useful ways to use NFC in 2013