Android Central Stocking StuffersOh, my. So ... full. Can't ... hardly ... type. But the giving must go on. We're marching toward the final round of our month-long (ish) Google Play Gift Card giveaway, in which we're giving 31 lucky winners $10 to spend on Android apps, movies, music, magazines or TV shows from Google Play.

Oh, and by the way -- all 31 winners (one for each day in December) will be entered to win a shiny new Nexus 4, still in its box, sitting here on our desk. (In case you had any concern for our ability to snag what remains an unsnaggable device.)

So ... for today's entries: Leave a comment on this post and tell us the top Android-related feature you're hoping for in 2013. One entry per person, yadda yadda yadda.

Good luck!


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Our Google Play Gift Card giveaway continues today!



The feature I want isn't really new but I would love to see a serious flagship phone with full keyboard. That was one thing I've missed having since the original g1. Other than that maybe better low light performance camera. :)

I would love a google play card...ok, love is such a strong word...but still, seeing the multiple windows open feature in all android devices would be nice, then apple could copy it and sue an android OEM....

I would Love OEM's Like Samsung to offer stock android as an option to their devices instead of their versions of android. I'd Love a Note 2 or SG3 with stock android.

I would Love OEM's Like Samsung to offer stock android as an option to their devices instead of their versions of android. I'd Love a Note 2 or SG3 with stock android.

A port of the Pris camera app from the iOS, o/s. The live focus, light reading split targets are slick. Have not found an Android app that does that (yet.)

Hoping for more user-friendly improvements to attract newcomers, but mostly so I don't have to be tech support for everyone I know who decides to jump into the Android Ecosystem.

How about the ability to turn off the constant select input type, hey youre on a wifi network and wow you have blocking mode turned on but aint using it right now!

Or maybe thats just samsungs fault....

Thanks for giving away gift cards! I hope for better Wallet/Google Now integration for movie tickets, airline tickets, sporting events, etc.

I still have a Galaxy SII so a screen thats as bright and dynamic as the one on this phone. I love the saturated colors.

Selective alerts (or maybe I just haven't found it yet). Alerts for messaging (texts) but a way to put timers on alerts say from 7am to 7pm for email, 7am to midnight for texts, etc.

I hope to get the ability to have plain Android ROM on my device from manufacturers. I hope that manufacturers would offer plain rom and customized rom so that we can play with either interface and have a much quicker updates.

Real cloud syncing for apps and games to compete with iCloud. I want to be able to play a game on my phone, then pick up my tablet and pick up where I left off. Same thing for all my other apps. I want all my info to be synced across devices.

I wouldn't mind seeing the UI tweaked just a little bit more. I love what they changed in ICS, and now with 4.2, but there are little things that could be better. The back button for instance.

I want card-based multitasking. (Yes, just like webOS.) As a placeholder, I'll take side-by-side multitasking.

I want not just a feature like google wallet, but i want google to start taking control of the carriers and stop with the bloatware they are putting on these great phones

Honestly, better integration between Mac and Android. I think Mac is the superior OS, but it just refuses to play nice with my GS3 in the hopes that I'll got back to iphone. I hope they start being more compatible.

Hoping for Sprint LTE!! Hold my breath?? I'd love to see NFC and Google wallet really go mainstream, there's a lot of potential there.

I'd love to see them add in something along the lines of restore points from windows, which I realize you can do from custom recoveries, but to see an official version of this would be great!

I am hoping for no more variation of devices. I love my GSIII but not having the quad-core processor of the GNote II and the International GSIII bums me out sometimes.

I'm hoping for improvements to Google Now, such as having greater and more integrated voice control over your phone and the buttery smoothness seen in Jellybean.

I would love to see more improvements to Google Now, and especially seeing the travelling section when travelling to different parts of a country such as India, where language changes in every state almost..

I'd like the Multi-Window update for the AT&T version of the Galaxy Note 2, since they are the only major carrier in the US who hasn't released this update yet.

Hoping for a new Nexus Q type device to make the sharing of content from our shiny Android devices to any TV easier :D Pairing it by using NFC would be awesome!

Only thing I can think of right now is the ability to natively pin-lock apps on a app by app basis. That's about it.

I would love to see manufacturer UI elements and features be removable and more customizable to create a spectrum from stock to full skin that a user can choose.

I would love to see Notification Customization. there should be an entry in settings to customize type of notification, LED notification, sound and vibrate for individual application.

I know it's a small thing, but now that they've added swipe-to-delete to the Gmail app, I'd like to see it on the regular mail app and in the Messaging app. I'm an old Palm Pre user and appreciate the blending of features Duarte is bringing over :)

I would like the ability to view/share photosphere shots anywhere. Twitter, Facebook, G+, email, browser, MMS, etc. Just like a regular photo or video that we can share now, that's what I want for photosphere pics.

The Miracast tech is one im waiting on. All that would be needed is that implementation on a tablet and tada: You have one of the best game/movie watching experiences to date from Android. Success!

I'd love to see the trend of removing support for SD cards reverse itself. That is my wish for 2013.

There are several features I would love to see. Better bdefault battery management. Better, faster task managment by default. But most of all, I would love to see a mandatory three month or less update cycle for OEM,s.

A few I'd like to see:
1) An official, not accidentally released, JB upgrade for the OG RAZR
2) Amazon instant video apps for Androids outside the Kindle Fire family
3) Expansion of Google Now capabilities
4) A better looking Google Music app

I think something like Tasker and a way to authorize certain apps to enable/disable GPS without rooting.

Merry Christmas!

Better management of what apps can run notifications. iOS paradigm may be a bit too restrictive, but I like that it errs on the side of battery life and central control (rather than hidden in each app's preferences and only having an ability to block the actual notification on an os level--which I assume means the same battery use, just nothing showing up in the tray...).

I would really like to see a WebTop-like feature coming in the next Android release.
Transforming his phone into a desktop computer would be very cool :)

I would like to see all Android software without bloatware and for them to have more customizable features to our standards not the manufactures.

I would like to see Project Roadrunner become a reality. With project butter to fix the lag, let's get something to make battery last foreverrr!

I want a bloatware free phone thats not named nexus, or at least not have to jump thru hoops to remove...

For 2013 I'd love for Android to implement ways to put any app in the notification window (within reason) Something we could drag and drop in. Merry Christmas to everyone at Android Central and Happy New Year. Keep up the great work you guys and gals do!

I really like the new camera features that Samsung did in Galaxy S3, like the best face, it would be a nice feature.

I want the ability to set notifications for individual apps being moved to the Settings menu instead of relying on each app to put in a setting to adjust notifications.

I think what I'm hoping to see is further optimization of the OS (project butter is good but sometimes acts like it's not there) and better battery performance, though I'm not sure how much of that is on Android vs the battery smart people.

I'd really like to see NFC evolved in 2013. This is a killer feature, which is waaaay underrated due to bad PR and lack of awareness. I am really hoping to see it evolve into something more - because the technology itself is awesome.

More options on the native messaging app. When I used go sms, two features that stuck out to me were the ability to split and number messages larger than 160 characters for CDMA networks, and the choice to preserve image size up to a certain amount. When I send an MMS in the stock app it compresses images a ridiculous amount. Also, the ability to block texts from a particular person.

Top feature... that is hard. One of these:

* X11 server.
* Alphabetized menus.
* Category tags on apps (from developers).
* Optional widget for grouping apps by auto category.
* Option for listing "all" apps by auto category.
* Ability to deny an app a permission and install it anyway.
* Built-in lockdown options so Nexus devices can be used in businesses as appliances.

I think having a achievement system baked into the OS would be really nice (think of a better implemented Game Center). System wide achievements and friends list would go a long way in making a great gaming ecosystem.

Hi. Something innovative something that people would like and benefit from. I want a teleporter :) would make everything easier!

To tell Google Now about a new place you now want traffic to. (Instead of waiting and hoping it'll show up.)

I would like to have a EQ that is part of the OS and not an app you have to get from the Play store.

Have the system itself able to keep track of the Ringtones & SMS alert tones attached to a contact's profile so when you change an SD card or evinces a device!

Performance considerations for no-longer-state-of-the-art phones. Nexus S 4G lagging badly after 4.1 update though ran better with 4.0. If I still were under contract my options would be limited.

Love the giveaway!!

I would love to see the speech recognition gain a training feature where you can correct mistakes it makes to improve accuracy.

Photosphere is nice and I like using it but the one feature I like more than all is the MultiUser on 4.2.1! Now I can have my tablet set up how I want and let the kids have their own account and I don't have to litter my screen with games or folders for them! And it's so easy to use that my 4 year old knows how to switch to the kids profile and game

Google integrated find my droid type of service integrated with Google Maps. Also a full a non complicated and no root needed way of backing up device data and app data and using it with Google Drive. Make it compatible with all devices running Android 2.3 and up.

My Android wishlist for 2013:

- An application for developper to monitor their app on google play (download, rating, comments, crash report...)

- A better notification system: ability to change led color without external app and the ability to add personalizing tiles to quickly see the number of missing calls, messages, push notifications, ...

- A web gallery to upload photoSphere

Happy New Year,

I'm looking forward to seeing 4.3 inch 720p displays with on screen buttons. A nicely sized (and at that time) mid-ranged, (currently) high spec'd device would be sweet.

Invisible keyboard, or a keyboard that knows what your typing by predicting the location of where your finger touches. Typing without even looking!

Happy Holidays!

Getting rid of the Just Once/ Always buttons on Jelly Bean when selecting an app would be nice. Can't wait to see what Key Lime Pie will do on my Galaxy Nexus

I'd love to see Google copy-pasting CM10.1's quicksettings implementation. The Stock one doesn't just make sense!

Carriers moving their bloatware of our phones as pre-installed garbage and moved to the play store, so we the consumer can choose whether or not to download it

I would like to see Google Now become more robust. For example a to-do list or better yet third party integration into Google Now.

I'd love the ability to wipe data from a device, BUT leave installed apps intact. Even better, the option to choose whether to wipe system OR app data, with the option to retain installed apps, instead of having them all nuked out.

Some way to manage background services would be great as well. Windows Phone, for example, lets you disable background services without disabling the app entirely - it'd be great if Android had something like that too out of the box.

Android also needs an iCloud equivalent. There's already Google Drive, Google really needs to allow the OS and apps to utilize it the way iOS does with iCloud.

I would love for more webOS-like true multitasking (as Samsung has begun with their Note 2) and standardized charging ports on the bottom.

I am looking for Google to fully support all features on there Nexus line. An example is USB host support for the Nexus 4. Also I would like too see the bugs worked out of Google Wallet, success rate is below 50%.

Not going to happen but to open up the LTE on the N4. But i'd like to see the ablity to gift items from the play store so I could buy apps for my daughter on her N7 with out having me CC info on her account

My wishes for 2013 are
an update to my device to improve battery life
a nexus 5 with LTE and a huge battery (especially if we're going to stay with a non-removable battery) Like Razr Maxx sized :)

I would love the ability to run any Windows desktop program on my Note 2. If ever a time Android started running it all Id have no need for other systems.

i would love a photosphere that would actually look nice and not overly stupid, blur, out of focus and....stupid :)

i wonder if it's just my lack of technique though

I wish my AT&T Galaxy Note 2 would have all the features of EVERY OTHER Galaxy Note 2. That's what I'm looking forward to...... hopefully sometime in 2013

more "trial" apps. I have no problem supporting good devs. but I want to spend some time with it before plunking down cash.

I'm simply looking forward to Android Jelly Bean on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. I love JellyBean on my Samsung Galaxy SIII! Merry Christmas to all!

I would like to see better quality audio and more musical applications to take advantage of the better audio. Android phones in speakerphone mode or playing music through the speakers just sounds awful.

Better games support. Cloud syncing (like Steam or Xbox has) and a centralized gaming hub (like Steam, Xbox Live, Game Center, etc).

Bluetooth headset integration with Google Now, would be exceptionally useful in the car.

Battery and battery life. give me at least a 3000 mah battery that will last at least 2 full days on regular use but still want a slim phone.

Yes I want it all...

More than anything, I would love to have the merger of Messenger and Google Talk. I think I'll get that wish. SIP for google voice would be nice as well, although I doubt I'll get that wish. I'm looking forward to Google Now enhancements as well.

Better sync and communication between phones and tables, my S3 and Nexus 7 are having a hard time to share information, pictures, etc. I wish Jelly Bean had something that would make that easier without having to install a bunch of 3rd party apps

I would like to see the play store gift cards become applicable to your actual Google wallet account so you can use that credit towards things like a nexus 10.

The feature that I would like to see is Maps being fully functional offline. I'd like to use navigation without needing data to start the route.

How about improved offline mapping stability and offline turn by turn navigation? That would be really useful when travelling outside of service areas :)

Cloud Sync for apps. Having root shouldn't be a requirement to be able to maintain game saves after switching devices or a factory reset.

The thing I'm looking forward to most is Key Lime Pie, and getting it as soon as possible on my Galaxy Nexus.

I'd love the ability to mute notifications from the notification bar.
also the ability to tie action to an specific time, i.e. sound off at night, or back on at 5 after work.

I'm looking forward to the upcoming multi-window feature on my GS3! I'm also looking forward to using my GS3 as a wallet with NFC (in Canada).

I am hoping Google takes advantage of Moto. I want to see a Moto built nexus phone and tablet. Finally see if Google had Complete Control over a device, how it would turn out.

Merry Christmas everyone :)

I hope that google will give us a feature that could pick every color that we want with just using back camera.
And also reduce the heat from intense using. It's annoying

With the ever thinning line between the size of a smartphone and a seven inch tablet, I just like the manufacturers to get it done and over with. Huawei's supposed to come out with a 6.1" smartphone and even a rumored 8.4 or 8.6" phablet, in 2013. I would love to see a 7" Nexus Smartphone with full Tablet functionality. But of course, this would mean lost sales for the manufacturers....dream on, I guess.

That my AT&T Note2 gets multi-view without rooting as I've been really happy with this phone out of the box for a change!!

Thanks for the contest.

an automation tool like atooma built in right into the system would be a huge improvement to the android eco system.

another improvement should be strict regulations for app developers, about how an android app should look like, where is the option menu what happens with the back button.

I am hoping for Android to make updates a requirement for manufacturers. There's no reason Samsung still allows ATT (or any other carrier) to dictate what goes on the phones after they sold that many devices.

For 2013, im hoping for an android update for Nexus 7 that gives us dual application screens (like samsung plans to give). I really want the dual application feature for true multitasking!!!!

This isn't a top Android-feature, per-se, but I'd like to see Google change their mind about support of Active Sync and Google Calendar Sync.

New features I am hoping to see in 2013 for Android are: "Live Tiles" widgets, improved Google Play store with quality apps, BETTER battery life management. Oh would love to have a Nexus 4 in my hands!!

Key Lime Pie with Project Roadrunner or whatever they call it. Just better battery life and more butter!

if moto can put in a 3300mah battery in the razr maxx/razr maxx hd, then other manufacturers should be able to as well.

New spin on Nexus.

Google specifies hardware but not manufacturer (EG, must be quad core, must have 2Gig ram, must have specific minimums for camera (sensor size, performance, resolution). If a phone manufacturer's device meets those requirements it can be labelled and marketed as "Nexus"

Key Lime Pie (or whatever the "K" OS will be called)

next evolution of battery hardware

(And I gotta say I'm curious about sammy's flexible screen that have been leaked)

Would love a more sophisticated permission model so that I wouldn't need to root in order to give one app permission to another application's data. (example - Aldiko and Aldiko Sync)

Photoshpere for Galaxy Note 2, of course!!! Oh, and Holographic Displays, although I might not get that next year :P

Hmmm... i'd like the next big feature of Android to automagically turn Verizon into a dumb pipeline with reasonable data prices.

I'm hoping for Google to put their foot down and work out deals with carriers/manufacturers so that we can install vanilla Android releases on carrier branded handsets, or get an "opt out" feature while setting up a carrier device that doesn't install any bloatware or carrier branded software. If anything, this could be a workaround for users to get rid of bloatware and software that we don't need without resorting to rooting and dealing with unrefined/unofficial builds. I think the carriers need to be shown that allowing pure Android on their sets won't affect their bottom line. General users that aren't tech savvy should have an easy route to pure Android when Nexus phones are hard to come by. (or if the carrier can get them a better deal)

next gen Nexus phone from Samsung would be amazing. Also an app for Nexus 7 to control Google TV (Android mini PC).
Happy Holidays guys!

I think along the lines of the GNote2, true multi-windows/multitasking as a standard feature moving forward for all builds of the OS from KLP 5.X forward. Another feature that would be nice is have all app devs write one app that works for both smartphones and tablets with the appropriate layout displaying depending on which device the app is loaded instead of separate versions of the app for each type of device.

I'm hoping for the ability to voice control settings (WiFi on/off, etc...)

Have Google Now launch apps! :)

I'm hoping for more places to adopt Google wallet. I'm sick of only going to McDonald's to pay for stuff with my phone... And my waistline doesn't like it either

A first party charging cradle and new back cover on the Galaxy S III that uses the charging pins inside the phone itself. One major feature I miss from my BlackBerry years ago.

So much for Dear Santa, it's now Dear Samsung... ;-)