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Ultimate protection for your expensive curved phone

If you're dropping a fair wedge of cash on the LG G Flex, you might be considering some protection for it. Sure, it has that 'self-healing' back to protect against smaller scratches, but what about something a little more, heavy duty? Enter OtterBox with a new Defender series and Commuter series case for LG's curvy little number. 

If you're familiar with som of the OtterBox line of cases, they're about as heavy duty as you'd want to get from a phone case short of encasing it in concrete. If there's something to cover – display aside – the Commuter and Defender will pretty much cover it all. The construction of both is such that if the phone does flex, the case will go with it. The Defender will set you back $59.95 and the Commuter a bit less at $44.95. Both are available now at the source link below. 

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OtterBox launches heavy duty cases for the LG G Flex


I do not know why people buy these heavy duty cases. It makes phones look like bricks. Unless you are working a construction site...get one.

1) Construction.
2) You have kids always grabbing your phone.
3) You're a klutz.
4) You're into outside sports and travel at hi-speeds.
5) You have an iPhone and the extra height and width added makes it easier to handle for those with bigger hands -- like myself.
6) You have pets that tend to chew.
7) You want to protect your investment in a $650 phone.

Seven good reasons really.

Well, why would you want an outer box on a phone with a 6" screen?

Well heck, its already too dang big, way not?

Is it a crime to have a phone with a 6-inch screen?

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These cases cost to much.

Posted from my "KNOX-FREE" 4.3 Sprint GS3 Maxx...!!!
(ZeroLemon 7000mAh battery and ZeroShock Case/the OtterBox Defender Series like case for real battery enthusiasts)

Agree! I only paid $19 on Amazon for my Dualtek case, good balance between protection and not too much add bulk. I'll never buy one of those ginormous Otterbox cases.

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I would buy a commuter case but not another defender. The outside rubber always look like crap after awhile, whereas the commuter has the hard shell on the outside.

The commuter is less bulky as well.

The commuter is much nicer and not as ugly and big like the defender.
I agree my friend has a defender otter box on her iPhone and the flap covers and the outer rubber look like shit. The rubber is peeling away from the case...the
Port flaps don't work anymore.
Its a junk case.

Haven't you read, time and time again, that it is?

Everyone says it around here, you musta missed it.


1)Construction is not necessary when
2)You dont let a child grab the phone you're concerned about protecting
3)Only applies if you allow number 2) and number 6) to happen, which nullifies number 7) as well
4)is relevant and a good reason.
5)is relevant and a good reason
6)goes back to number 3)
7)Doesnt apply if you allow 2) or 6) because you are a number 3)

In summation, you gave two good reasons to buy an otterbox, not 7.

You forgot some

8) You're literally blind and have no idea how ugly your case is

9) You have no taste and don't care what that thing you just paid $650 for looks like

10) You're trying to fight off a roving pack of hyenas with your brick phone

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You must have money laying around to buy your phones outright and not use a why knock others that buy a case?

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Completely agree. You wouldn't believe how often I see my coworkers' shattered phones (the last was an S4 Active) thanks to ladders or even a simple tumble off a galley counter.

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What the F**K Otter Box? You released a case for a gimmicky curved phone that's over priced and that no one will buy but you refused to put out a case for the nexus4 ? PFFT!

Does Otterbox sell at retail? Maybe they focus on phones they know are sold on contract in stores.

I am pretty sure you are exactly right. Remember, they did sell cases for the CDMA Galaxy Nexus (both Commuter and Defender, I think), and Verizon carried the cases in their retail stores.

Best Buy has a bunch if that's what your asking. I bought the Commuter series for my S4 there the other day for $25. Not bad for an Otterbox considering most plain Jane one piece plastic cases are $25~$30.

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If i was s gambling man I'd bet that more people will buy the Flex than bought the Nexus 4

Posted from my newly Kit Katted Droid Ultra

I'll take that bet actually I really will. Last time I checked nexus 4 shipments were estimated at 3 million+.

This phone is a hell of a lot more niche due to the price and form factor.

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This. Last time I checked, the Nexus 4 was only being sold in the Play Store. The G Flex has the potential to reach a much bigger audience, due to it being sold via traditional retail channels.

But, I'm only saying what we all already know.

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Don't forget about device financing becoming really big now.

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(ZeroLemon 7000mAh battery)

That, too. +1

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Plus it's somewhat bendy, and who doesn't like bendy

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Haha yeah, more bendy more fun lol

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We're only a few decades away lol

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Wait a minute...Otterbox already has cases for a phone that just came out and I had to wait two months to get one for my Galaxy Note 3? WTF?

Yeah I thought about a commuter case, but never made my mind up in time. A Spigen was gifted to me and it is an awesome flip/sview/armored case.

I'd love to know the logic behind putting the most indestructible case on the market on the most indestructible phone on the market. Doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose??

Also, does the case flex with the phone?

Fine. But you get his point, they are the closest to indestructible.

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While the extra flex will aid in preventing some things, it cannot be all that much better.

This one will survive a 7 foot fall instead of a 6 foot.

Granted that I have not had anytime with this phone so i am going off of pure conjecture. I think one will cross my desk in the next 2 weeks for me to play with...

Does anyone ever read the post before commenting? I didn't even know that was allowed

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Premium 1 didn't read the post.

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(ZeroLemon 7000mAh battery)

And even if that was the case it could still make sense. Just because the phone is able to bend slightly doesn't mean you want to bend it.

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Eh, this over the Nexus 5 or 7!? The Nexus 7 is a really popular tablet and the Nexus 5 has its niche, but they are a whole not popular this this LG Flex which is overrated

Can't believe they made a case for this and they responded when I asked the question of where is the case for those and they said limited resources. Then amazon tablets cases and now this.

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I don't get all these negative posts about using a super protective case for your phone. These people must be made of money and can afford to fix or replace thier phones at any given time. Sorry but I work on job sites, commercial kitchens, events, etc and I'm always on the go. So sorry if I want to protect my 700$ Note 3. I'm thankful for my Trident case as it has protected it well and if you look around you don't have to pay full price. Take the negative comments and stuff them where the sun don't shine.

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You are missing it. These people are the perfect people. Never have a drop, never have an accident, never had kids, everything including sunshine, rainbows and puppies come from their butt...

No, they aren't perfect, just sheltered.

Internet smart is nothing to brag about.

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In the second paragraph some is missing an e.

Sorry I had to.

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