Youtube histories are a wonderful way to look inside someone's soul...

How to cover your tracks and clear your YouTube history

Welcome back to class. Today, we're watching videos.

Your YouTube history is fairly easy to find and clear out if need be, but what about the search history? Do you want it to autocomplete to "red hot baby mommas" every time you're looking for a Red Hot Chili Peppers video? Did you forget to switch accounts before handing it off to your little ones and now your recommendations are littered with those mind-numbing toy demos?

Or, yes, worse. Much, much worse.

Never fear, we can scrub that data from YouTube and get you back to what you really want to see — more cat videos.

Clearing video history, because you SO did not watch that Taylor Swift video

Clearing YouTube viewing history

Your viewing history can be found and altered in the "History" tab in the YouTube app. You can delete your entire viewing history easily — and permanently — by clicking the settings icon in the top-right corner and selecting "Clear History." And while previous versions of YouTube did allow you to delete individual video from your history, that is not here anymore, so you'll have to hop into YouTube on the Chrome browser if you want to do that. And that's a shame, because I used that a lot when it was there.

clearing individual videos from history on desktopAlso on desktop, you can pause your history if you're going to be going on a binge and don't want it recorded.

Clearing and pausing search history, because you search for One Direction ONE TIME and it's in your search bar forever

YouTube search settings on mobile

Now, for the search history in YouTube, we'll open settings, and there's a nice little search section waiting for us. We can clear our search history, or we can just pause it. You can also turn on SafeSearch here, which is handy if you'll be handing it over to the kiddos, as you can pause history and restrict content in two quick clicks. And friendly word of advice, you'll want to do this in the app, as these setting are hiding in the Video Manager in the desktop version of YouTube.

As I said, scrubbing your history is useful for erasing binges

Now, like any other history, it's all about maintenance. How often do you clean house in YouTube? And are there any controls you wish were better implemented in the YouTube Android app?