Opera Mobile for Android

Stray links have been floating around today, but the Opera Mobile 10.1 Android browser is now available for download from the Android Market, on Nov. 9, just like Opera said it would be. It's still technically in beta, so you may find the odd bug here and there. But you get tabbed browser, Opera's "speed dial" feature, long-click menus, password support and the "Opera Turbo" data compression for faster loading times. We'll give this one a spin and check back later. Download links are after the break. Thanks, Tim!


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Opera Mobile beta in Android Market


Yeah what's the problem? You'd rather wait a few weeks to months while it sits in a private beta? Some of us don't mind helping out with beta testing, especially with a solid product like this. I've used the leaked build for a couple of days without a single issue. If you would rather not risk it then please sit quietly in your seat until it's out of beta while the rest of us enjoy a fantastic browser.

On a side note, great job Opera team! This one's a hit!

Its nice, but I think I still like the good ole stock browser better. It runs at more than 25MB, due to having its own presto rendering engine. There's no way to change the user agent, so you are stuck with mobile versions of some pages. Hopefully in the next version, they will have this corrected Glad to see it finally here.

Downloading now. Hope it's good. Opera Mini was awesome.

EDIT: Actually pretty good. Basically like a stripped-down version of mini. Nice, especially for a beta.

I tried it and it seemed solid for a beta... pinch to zoom was nice to see but I still experienced some rendering issues and being that I experience issues on opera mini and the desktop version I have a feeling they will persist after final release. The speed seemed good though... I may be a bit biased as I recently rediscovered dolphin hd and I can't get over how much of a pleasure it has become to use... from page load times to most importantly ease of access to bookmarks, I can't believe how much its improved in the few months since I originally tried and uninstalled it.

I never used Opera Mini, but this version is pretty slick. It has a few idiosyncrasies and seems to have problems with Flash, but I think once the kinks are worked out it might become my default browser. The animations are especially impressive - I don't think I've seen a mobile browser as smooth as this one.

I don't really understand why people love Opera. I've tried opera on just about every platform and always end up deleting it.

I love helping out with betas however I have found several browsers that do an excellent job and have fun and useful add ons yet I uninstall and go back to stock browser. It simple and effective and every bit as quick. IMO BUT I ENJOY EXPLORING THE OTHER BROWSERS ESPECIALLY NEW ONES TO SEE WHERE THEY ARE TAKING THE EXPERIENCE.

It's nice, but has some issues. It causes you not to be able to set a default browser. So, any time you click on links in other browsers, it gives you the pop up asking which browser to use. Opera isn't even a choice, but it is causing this major problem. They need to fix this pronto. The size is big, due to having its own rendering engine, much like firefox (25+MB running) uses as much as 70MB of RAM. Firefox 4 actually runs faster, smaller in size, and uses less RAM. I prefer it over Opera. Didn't think I'd be saying that. Firefox has made great improvements. Can't wait for the next version. Stock is still the best.

Wow, that was a disappointment. DolphinHD renders and the standard webkit browser renders pages far more faithfully to their desktop counterpart. Opera Mobile simplified page layouts, changed the type-face and didn't maneuverer with grace. Uninstalled!

Dolphin uses the same web kit rendering engine in the phone as rhe stock browser. Opera uses its own,, as does firefox. That's why the size is so big. Nothing will beat the smoothness, size, or speed of the web kit browsers. The fastest browsers are all web kit: Android, Safari, Dolphin, Skyfire, & xscope. Web kit is the one thing we can thank apple for. They did invent that, and made it open source!

Webkit was a fork from KHTML from the KDE project. Obviously Apple has made substantial changes since then but KHTML basically forced Apple to be open source.

They chose to go this route since KHTML was extremely clean code and also very standards compliant at the time of the fork.

im not exactly sure how to describe this, my main complaint with this browser ad well as mini, is when using google search though the google page, it looks like the search result page from several years ago. In the stock browser there's a bar along the left for filtering through videos , web and so-on. Does anyone know why this is and our how to fix it? Also seems a bit dodgy when it comes to flash, and youtube vids.

Opera Mobile for Android was introduced way back at the mobile world congress in February as a beta and its disappointing that this release is bug infested. you would think opera had enough time to polish up this release for the masses. I'm really disappointed and expected better. Yes I know its beta but damn they could have done better than this.

Wow, if it's already smoother than the stock browser and it doesn't even have hardware acceleration yet... just imagine.