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Opera 7

We have heard that Opera was bringing some new browsers to Android devices, and today they have officially landed in the market. Opera Mini 7 brings a faster browsing experience and allows you to pan around sites quicker thanks to hardware acceleration. In addition they have expanded the ability to their "speed dials" which give quick and easy access to your favorite websites without needing to access the bookmarks or use the keyboard. They have cut up to 90 percent of the data transfer out, so if you are on a limited data plan, or traveling and don't want to rack up a crazy bill, this is a browser for you. Hit the break for download links, and try it out for yourself.

Opera Mini 7: The must-have app for Android available today

Oslo, Norway - March 28, 2012 - At last! The wait for Opera  Mini 7 is over.
Taking a page from Etta James, Opera Mini 7 is "a thrill to press your cheek to" for Android users. Today, Opera Software launched the Opera Mini 7 web browser in a final version for the Android platform.
This must-have app is your web surfing soulmate. 160 million monthly users of Opera Mini already know that this must-have app makes web browsing on your phone faster and can help save costs. If you're watching your mobile data diet, now's the time to go download the Opera Mini 7 app from the Android Market.
What's new, Stu?
Glad you asked, Max! Opera Mini 7 for Android makes browsing faster and panning around sites smoother, thanks to improved hardware acceleration.
Feeling boxed in by only nine favorite Speed Dial sites on the Home Screen? With Opera Mini 7, you get as many Speed Dial buttons as you'll ever want. Add all the sites you want to see right from the moment you start up your browser. No more messing around with fiddly mobile keyboards or bookmarks.
Perfect travel companion
Ever needed to look something up online when you're away from your home mobile network? Using the web while traveling can turn into an expensive adventure ... unless you're an Opera Mini user on Android. Opera Mini 7 compresses, squeezes and jams webpages from the network into your phone.
Up to 90% of the original data gets cut out, so not only do you use less data, but you also get where you want to go on the web even faster. You'll also save time on slow networks. It's the must-have web-travel companion!
Download Opera Mini 7 from Android Market or

There are 23 comments

Ravaloft says:

I'll try it. But I really like boat browser right now.

hmmm says:

Anyone know if the hardware acceleration is only an ICS feature?

etnpnys says:

It's not - I have the EVO 4G running GB and the acceleration makes this browser buttery smooth to use. It's awesome.

icebike says:

They can only compress Images if you send all your browser requests through their servers. This has some ramifications with regard to security.

RUSH says:

It might just be a little faster than my stock browser, but not as intuitive and accurate.

It takes you thru the browser for everything you do: clicking the thanks button, etc. It's a pain for me to use. I always prefer stock everything with my HTC EVO 3d.

frozencloud says:

ahh...Opera Mini, remind me of my old BB days. Havent touch this browser since I jumped ship.

tory38 says:

hahaha thats funny you say that! i was thinking the exact same thing!! lol... stupid blackberry

TerryMasters says:

Whats the difference between Mini and Mobile again?

meballard says:

You can view it here:

But basically Mobile is a full web browser, whereas Mini passes the data through Opera's server to optimize loading (so that it loads faster with less data).

TerryMasters says:

Ah, thanks! :D

mozartkc says:

I'm still a huge fan of the Dolphin browser. What are yalls opinions between the two?

DaEXfactoR says:

Dolphin HD, but on anything with ICS, Chrome Browser for Android Beta.

hmmm says:

Doesn't have Flash so I would still say Dolphin or Boat browser. A browser needs Flash (regardless of how people personally feel about it) since it is so widely used on the internet and mobile sites are often not very good.

srkmagnus says:

It has not been updated with Opera Mini 7, but you can still use it to get the gist of differences between mobile and mini:

Data compression is the big difference, though there are others.

DrDoppio says:

Question: what happens when you press the Menu button while using Opera Mini?

dschoenike says:

@drdoppio- the status bar at the top, just drops down a bit when I press the menu button.

DrDoppio says:

Thanks, I found out. My point was that instead of bringing the menu by the proper Menu button, Opera Mini is wasting screen estate by having its own "O" button. I think this is poor design.

Also, the browser was dog slow in my tests. I love Opera on the desktop, but I'm passing on the mobile/mini version.

etnpnys says:

Dude. Look through the options - you can hide that and the top bar so that it's a full screen browser.

A few things:

You don't need flash on a mobile web browser, but it is nice...

With Opera Mini it really flies on my phone, so with basic searches and news sites this thing is pretty damn daft. However, by asking Opera Mini to compress and run through their server it tends to not work 100% of the time, which can be needlessly frustrating. But when it is working (99% of the time) it is FAST...

You cannot compare Dolphin HD to Opera Mini because they are designed to do 2 different things (compare Dolphin Mini with it)...

crxssi says:

To me, Opera Mini is just as useless as Opera Mobile (and Dolphin, and the stock browser). Why? They don't have add-ons. So I have no control over blocking things or browser behavior.

Even though it is considerably slower, I will stick with Firefox for Android- which has FULL add-on support! I will just keep hoping that Firefox can ramp up the performance, or other browsers take the clue and give us full add-on's.

Dan29466 says:

Dolphin doesn't have add-ons? What the heck are these?

MRJUCY says:

I tried it out on my Gnex & it's not a patch on chrome but it may be useful when traveling to cut down data costs.

etnpnys says:

I really really really like this browser now. But only after I hide the status bar and the function bar - gotta have the browser full screen. It's crazy crazy smooth with the hardware acceleration.

However, I can't find a way to control the user agent... When I search on my EVO 4G via the haptic search button, the results are shown in the desktop version of Google's search results, and all of the text is wrapped on the left half of the page... It's like it's zoomed in but it's not. And I don't know if any of Google's pages are using the mobile version. Kind of a bummer. Also, when viewing message boards and stuff that people post large pictures in, for some reason it doesn't let you scroll right and left to view the rest of the picture that isn't shown.

Seriously if they fix these two things the browser is amazing.