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New WebKit-powered Opera 14 stable now available for Android

The Opera browser for Android has exited beta and arrived on the Google Play Store as a fully-fledged stable app. The mobile version of the long-running browser is based upon the WebKit rendering engine -- the same software used by the stock Android browser and (for the moment) Google Chrome.

But it's user-facing features rather than technical details that Opera's counting on to help it compete on Android. Speed Dial has long been part of the desktop Opera browser, allowing quick access to frequently visited bookmarks. The "Discover" tab provides a summary of news items. The "Off Road" mode uses data compression to make the most out of slow or expensive connections. And text reflow is included in the initial release, too.

Opera for Android is available now on Google Play at the Play Store link above. If you decide to take it for a spin, be sure to hit the comments and let us know what you think.

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fyrfyter says:

Junk! Not compatible with Nexus 7. WTH? The Beta still works just fine on it. Somebody screwed up!

paddy2k says:

Not first to do so in the past 24h. Google Plus did the same. Perhaps they're holding off tablet support until there's a new Tablet UI.

ro1224 says:

I actually think there's something wrong with the device compatibility filter on Google Play. Earlier it said that Google+ was not compatible with both my Galaxy Tab 2 and Galaxy Nexus, and at the very least the Nexus had it installed and running and later received the update.

iowabeakster says:

Wow... brilliant feedback about an app that hasn't even been used yet by the reviewer.

Not that great.

No Tablet support (beta worked)
No Opera-Link
No upgrade path from previous Opera (lost all saved offline pages).

It sounds like the usual rushed Opera release. They should have been updating the beta to find all these dumb problems.

iowabeakster says:

My app definitely has a sync with Opera Link option. I am cornfused...

I see other people in the play store saying that you can't clear history, cookies...etc. Yet, there they are... just waiting for everybody to use in the very simple settings menu.

Other people claim you can't change font size. Just zoom in dudes! And the fonts are as big or little as you wish.

I wonder if some people even use the app, at all, before running off to the web to tell the world how bad something is?

I mean, there is good reason to criticize something, or to want additional features... and it must feel very empowering to publicly criticize someone else's work... but to claim something isn't there... when it plainly is?

carry on...

Jay Holm says:

Does it quickly reformat to fit the screen after pinching & zooming?

There is a setting to enable text wrapping if that's what you mean.

Jay Holm says:

Yep, it works, reformat, yay! Dolphin reformats nicely also. Picking 1 browser can sometimes be difficult, but it's fun to experiment.

cryosx says:

It isn't as quick as the stock HTC browser in Sense 4 & 5 but it's pretty good.

XavierMatt says:

I don't get it. Why is it that HTC is the only one who can make a perfect browser apart from the AOSP browser on the Galaxy Nexus and the iPhone browser. Those are the only three good browsers.

iowabeakster says:

YES! Set the "Text wrap" check box in settings. It's pretty good. I was worried about this, as earlier betas did not have it at all (neither does chrome... still).

It's not quite as snappy as the old presto engine as on my old gingerbread running phone (OG htc incredible)... but the presto engine seemed slower re-flowing on my quad core Nexus 4 compared to that old turd of phone (go figure).

Anyway... I'm just happy that I am still going to have have a browser that allows zooming and hassle free reading of full size, text heavy websites.

I have just used it for a couple minutes so far... but so far, so good.

Well done, Opera... and thank you.

erda0 says:

great. Love it

rahsaanabdul says:

It's working just fine on my Note 10.1. And I have to say nice job on the app!

erda0 says:

What about exit button??

hmmm says:

I agree. My two requirements for a browser are a home button and an exit button :)

thunderup says:

Long-press your back button and then you'll see an exit button.

Cyberdan3 says:

Great tip. this is why I liked Dolphin so much. Just pressing the X to go back to the home page. This is one slick browser.

If I long press I get stuff that is related to my Galaxy Note II which isn't relevant to the browser!

I agree I want the exit button not a work around.

frozencloud says:

Ahhh...my default browser back in the BB days. Haven't used it since I jumped ship to Android though

deadlock4400 says:

@Alex Dobie

Thanks for the post.

Good news for opera user.

Pascalwb says:

It's just bad. luckily I have backup of classic Opera mobile.
Rendering is bad, slow. Text wrap isn't working, it's laggy and don't work properly. It renders every time after zooming. Changing tabs is slow. It was better on the bottom of the scree.
Oh why they changed engine?

asd216 says:

You can put the nav bar on the bottom in settings. Presto is a dying engine. WebKit is the more prettier engine you could say.

I have no issues with the new stable release of opera. Everything is working as it should.

Pascalwb says:

Prettier yes, but performance is bad. Look at play store reviews. In Presto scrolling, zooming ... was fast as hell. Now after zoom text is blury, etc.

ro1224 says:

I'll give it a whirl. Just installed it on the GNexus. I'll come back and give a review shortly.

ktklein72 says:


I have always been a huge fan of the Opera Browser on all platforms but this recent update now forces me to uninstall the app. Nothing but freeze ups and extreme lag. Running GB2.3.5 on Motorola Droid X2. I suspect it was the changeover to WebKit because the Beta ran just as poorly. The previous version ran just fine. I've now been forced to uninstall and use Opera Mini instead.

asd216 says:

Maybe it's not optimized for gingerbread?

ktklein72 says:

Perhaps, but if so then like the Chrome Browser it should only have been released for ICS and newer. I switched to Opera Mini and while I am giving up some features, in its current state the Mini browser continues to be very fast on my dinosaur of a phone. To be fair, I did load Mobile on my ICS tablet and it does run pretty well, but lack of a true integrated Opera Link was a negative at release in my opinion and the long press of back crashed the browser for me even after reboot - had to wipe and reinstall. This release to me is more of a Beta, not even a RC - hopefully it improves sooner than later.

I love it. It's running wicked smooth and fast on my Bionic. The UI is exceptional and it looks very polished. I may have a new everyday browser.

jrsharp70 says:

Nothing beats dolphin

And now it no longer has the quit button which annoyed me about the beta version! I wish I could roll back the friggin update now. It's not to my liking.

Silver Park says:

Seems pretty good. A long time ago (before FF and Chrome) Opera was my main browser on PC. On android i've been using Chrome (and AOSP default browser). It just seems that this might be my daily driver from now on. Seems awesome and fast on my Tegra3 One X (CM10.1)

ezkl2230 says:

Idon't like the new user interface at all. Want to roll backto the previous version.

This is good

This is nice