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If you want out to try out stock Android on your OnePlus One, you can now do so. OnePlus has released the first stock ROM for the device, which is based on the latest 4.4.4 KitKat build.

The stock ROM is being offered as an alternative to CyanogenMod 11S, which is what the device features by default. The option of flashing vanilla Android makes the OnePlus One that much more alluring. Don't have an invite yet? OnePlus recently gave away 5,000 invites via the "Blizzard of Invites" contest, and has mentioned that more invites will be forthcoming in the near future.

Instructions and download links are available from the source link below, and before you go ahead and proceed to flash the stock ROM, be advised that it may disable the gyroscope on a few devices. Encryption features and VPN are also unsupported for now.

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OnePlus One receives stock Android 4.4.4 ROM


All Android devices should ship with both their "full featured" (bloated) ROM, alongside a generic KitKat ROM downloadable from their support website. I think that will do wonders for sales and user morale.

Why? I don't think the vast majority of consumers (i.e. hundreds of millions of people) care about which ROM their phone is running or want to have a choice. Smartphones will continue to sell regardless.

I agree that stock should be an option for all Android phones, but I don't see it happening. Too few people in the know or who care. Those of us who do are only a small fraction of sales.

Hahaha, the irony. The cart before the horse. Don't people have to actually have the phone in hand first. Le sigh... Such over-hyped rubbish..

I have one as well. They are getting out there. I would guess close to 30,000 people have one by now. Absolutely nothing compared to top sellers like the Galaxy S5, but probably more than some, or even most, GPE devices.

Same here been rocking it side by side with my Nexus 5...
Guess which one I prefer. Granted the Oneplus One is not going to be for everyone (the same can be said for all phones)
But try finding an owner of the OPO who doesn't rate their phone, I don't believe you will find many

You linked to the Blizzard of Invites article, but sadly that contest is over. :(

No invite for me

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Wow and this phone just became more appealing. And all the haters continue to hate it only took a little bit of research ahead of time and most of the haters would have invites by now.

Because if you dont you're just hating you hater. But seriously, I agree with you. Everything about this phone's release seems ridiculous. Even if I had been interested from the beginning, I would have definitely lost that interest by now.

Great news, more options. I'm really enjoying the OPO with Cyanogen 11s. Hopefully this means the 11s OTA to 4.4.4 is close!

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Why? Cyanogenmod is a lot of what makes the OnePlus One unique. And it's basically stock android with the ability to tweak anything you don't like about stock android. There's literally no performance hit. I don't understand the obsession with stock android, especially when the alternative is the ability to make it look/act any way you want.

So have fun flashing stock Android on your OnePlus One (all five of you). You're effectively downgrading your phone.

While I would love to be able to buy a handset and have the option to install stock Android, I just don't feel the rest of the millions of smartphone users understand nor care (as others have said already).

A colleague has a One Plus One and he has said a few times that he has not really changed anything within CM.

In fact, he just wants the phone to work without much intervention (and he is a Mechanical Engineer) and the One Plus One meets that qualification.

I have a sense most people feel that way, they just want the phone to work without much intervention on their part.


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But here is the catch, would he be happy with the S4 and its stock bloat? If not, would he be happy with knowing that his carrier locked the bootloader, and therefore won't let him install CM or ASOP or whatever ROM he deems "best"?

That is why so many of us are pushing this. We want choice, not everyone will choose to change, but they still made a choice. (I feel like a Rush song :))

If someone installs this stock Android, would it help with updates in any way? I mean, doesn't Google push out out updates on a per-device basis? Does it suddenly make it a "Google Play Edition" phone which would still see updates 2 years from now from Google (by the time OnePlus would have surely lost interest in it)?

OTA updates will not be supported. This stock Android build is not even certified by Google. Gapps are provided to flash separately.

Their are a couple of reasons to desire a stock ROM, as good as cyanogen can be with its options, the standby battery life has always been a little subpar. Battery life on stock on my nexus 5 is noticeably better. Also a stock ROM means they can roll out updates much faster than cyanogen which always lags behind to some degree.
I'm not a saying cyanogen is bad, just that I can see why people would want stock.
I run my nexus 5 stock rooted with xposed and honestly no other ROM comes close to matching its mix of stability and battery life on this device
Options are always good.
Honestly though I had an invite and I passed on it for three reasons
No OIS on camera (nexus 5 has made me an LG camera lover)
Lack of band 2 LTE , which both at&t and T-Mobile use to some extent, was also hoping for band 12 in my next device.
Cyanogen history of poor standby battery life (though this resolves that)

Only current phone that could tear me away from my nexus 5 is LG G3 but I don't absolutely need it. I'll wait for band 12 devices.
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I don't know where you got that information, one plus one reviews said about 4 hours SOT, and the battery wasn't as impressive as the mah seemed to indicate.
gsmarea gave the oneplus one an endurance rating of 66
and the lg g3 and endurance rating of 69

Even if your usage yeilds slightly different results, this looks like no where near obliterates.
Heck I get 4 hours SOT on my nexus 5

I get 3.5 to 4 hours of screen on time with my Nexus 5 too. And I get 7 hours screen on time with my OnePlus One. That's where I got the information. Maybe gsmarena got a defective unit or tested with the older prerelease firmware for the OnePlus, but I and most others get 7 hours screen on pretty consistently. Haven't seen anyone with a G3 report anywhere close to that. Droid-Life posted their OnePlus review the other day and said the battery life is the best they've ever seen, so I'm not going crazy or anything.

I've been interested in the OPO since I first heard about it back in March/April. I joined the OnePlus forums at the end of April, and honestly I didn't really care about what was going on with the launch. If I got an invite, great. If not, I still had my M7. I'm getting my OPO tomorrow and I'm very much looking forward to it. The M7 should be a nice backup phone just in case.

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