If you're among those who enjoy digging around the inner workings of things then you'll be pleased to know the Cyanogen Inc. has updated the CyanogenMod Github account with the kernel source files for the OnePlus One.

You won't be able to build all the goodies found in the 11S ROM but if you've got some skill in the matters you should be able to get an AOSP or CyanogenMod build up and running. If you're not skilled in such things well, back to hoping you get an invite if you haven't already.

Source: CyanogenMod Github via: Android Police


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OnePlus One kernel source now available for download


This is like a bad joke. A source code for a Bigfoot phone. I guess this means release is on the way. Two sales now lost. Just bought my wife the S5.
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It's funny seeing all the "took too long, you just lost a sale" posts. Those people weren't really going to get the OnePlus One anyways. Stop acting like you were.

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no people would have bought it if it was a real thing instead of one gimmick after another...

Leak specs? Fine. Renders? Great! When it is time to put up or shut up....they fail...

OPPO released the Find 7a around the same time as all of the other flagships, and the Find 7 with the 2K screen is out already. You can also buy the OnePlus One right now.

Oh really? Could you send me a link of where I can buy the one plus one right now? Because all I see is an invite system with no one having an invite.

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Yes, it is. It's on eBay too. If you have a friend in China, you can buy it direct from OPPO China. Or liaow.com. Research, people.

Well eBay has been around for a while, and OPPO is a well-known manufacturer around the world. You sure are a one-trick pony. That's gotta be boring.

How about I reword my statement: The Find 7 is not available via their site in the U.S. Also, the 7a is currently listed as out of stock on their site. The issue I see here is that you're linking eBay which to me doesn't scream readily available from the company.

OPPO has no intention of bringing the Find 7 to the US at this time. They're selling it in China without the Android market, and OnePlus is selling the One with OPPO's ColorOS in China. eBay is the best place to get imports at "decent" prices, but I did provide two other options... As far as I've heard, the Find 7 will not see a US release.

I have four OnePlus Ones on the way to me right now. They're supposed to be legit. We'll see. I'm trying to find the Find 7a US version. I sold the one I had, but I want it again. I miss the camera and the speakers.

It doesn't matter how many people make comments about how they are put off, but how many people who didn't make a comment and we're actually put off by this One plus invite garbage.

I suspect the latter group is far larger than the former.

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EDIT: wait I take that back...ln the state the only people who know about it are the techeads..sure maybe in China they are big, or emerging, but here they are a running joke...and they keep the joke going...which is sad...

Have they actually missed any deadlines yet, though? I mean, I know they revved up the good machine big time, but that's kind of understandable for a new manufacturer that needs to build absolutely any kind of public awareness at any cost. But they said they'd deliver the invitees' phones in early June, and from what's been reported this week, it looks like they're meeting that goal. And they said they'd have them generally available by the end of June, so they have three weeks and change to hit that.
I'm still waiting to decide whether they're a joke or not until we get reviews from people who are using disk production units.

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My thing is this. I have no problems waiting on a phone given that a date are expected release is given. This is something where Nokia fails at as well. The invite is complete ignorance as far as I'm concerned. If they just flat it said such and such date I would have waited. This is a great phone. Marketing not so. I bought two phones that one alone would had bought two of these. Simply put.

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Shut it. If the phone was available to but like a nexus online it would have sold like hot cakes for that price and those specs. Think before you speak.

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And you see that's where you are 100% WRONG I was dead set on getting the phone until they started the invite only bullshit.

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I hear that next week they will start their marketing for the One Plus 2

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That's It I've had Enough.
1+ = Vaporware, Find 7 = "Yeah Find It.." , G3 = Just Like I Said, 801/330 combo not enough to push it like it should be pushed.. so it's slower than a G2 when you crunch the numbers, M8 = Camera/Black Bar, S5/Note 3 = REALLY needs a new set of clothes, Nexus 5 = DEAD Line product washed out screen.. Moto X = Really?
I'm waiting for the last *True* American company Harley Davidson to get their Smartphone to market.. It'll be a Big Badass Device built by American's for American's.. To Hell with the rest.

These whiny complaints in this thread, reminds me of the whiny children at the store kicking and screaming that their parents won't buy them a bag off rollos.