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The much anticipated OnePlus One will see general availability in mid-to-late June according to a post in its official forums. The initial batch of phones will be allocated to folks who enter the phone smashing contest and to folks who get invited to buy, with the 16GB white version being first available.

After our product announcement, we realized that far more people wanted the One than what we originally anticipated. Over the past few days, we have been frantically adjusting our production schedule to make sure that as many people possible can buy the One, as soon as possible.

The 64GB black phone will follow for invite customers in early June ahead of general availability. It might be a little disappointing to anyone eager to get hold of one, but it's safely within OnePlus' original Q2 availability timeframe. The apparent popularity of the 64GB OnePlus One means that things have had to be shaken up a little so that customers can still get their phones as soon as possible.

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OnePlus One general availability slated for mid-to-late June


I expect that being able to say "under $300" is seen as important to them.

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Fine - then sell the 64GB for $299 then? I suppose it depends on how much of a financial hit they'd take on the sale for each phone.

Sales are gonna skyrocket anyway. $349 for 64gb is highway robbery. I hate that I have to wait til June, but so be it.

Every other manufacturer is exploiting the Chinese workers and us the consumers too by charging exorbitant prices.

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I easily could. I never filled up my 16GB Nexus 4. Storage is more important to me in tablets than in phones, since I don't keep very much media stored locally on my phone.

That said, I'd get the 64GB model, simply because of the negligible price increase.

Yeah, as much as I do value the extra storage, I never completely fill it. On a 16GB device, I easily still have 6-7GB free. That said, I'd still go for th 64GB version, for the exact same reason that you listed, brother.


Why do some people feel the need to tell other people that 16GB is too low, and shouldn't be an option. Most phones have higher storage models, get one of those instead of complaining about options that others may find useful. I personally never buy anything more or less than 16GB (unless the 32 is the only base option). I frankly don't need more storage than that. Right now on my Nexus 5, I have about 1,200 photos, about 3 GBs of my installed apps, and still have space left for more. I am certainly not rich, and, yes, $50 difference is huge to me when buying a new phone.

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My personal experience is that while yes, I can get by with 16 GB of storage, I have actively managed my space after a few months. With 32 GB I have a pretty comfortable amount of room and don't need to worry too much about actively managing my space.

And that's great. My point was, I am sick and tired of people saying that its stupid to buy 16GB phones, and that they shouldn't exist. Some people just seem to love restricting options.

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I'm mixed on the 16 GB options. I don't mind their existence, but I do hate that they impact the availability and price of 32 GB versions. A 32 GB phone does not cost $50-$100 more than a 16 GB phone, but if a company is going to offer both, they need at least a $50 price gap to justify the 16 GB's existence. Plus then carriers will only pick up one capacity or, even worse, a carrier will get an exclusive on the higher capacity. I tell everyone I know, especially those who stick with one phone for 18-24 months, to buy the biggest capacity they can afford. You may not think you need 32 GB, but after 18 months, that 16 GB may seem awful small.

Agreed. I'm exactly the same. 16gb has never been an issue for me. And i don't have to carefully manage storage either. I'm just not in the habit of using my phone for video storage or a large number of >1gb games (guessing here. I really don't understand how some people need so much storage on their phone)

I have a 16gb Nexus 5 and I hate the storage. I kick myself every day for being cheap and not opting for the 32gb version.

For starters, only 12.55gb is available at the start, then:
My apps take up nearly 5gb.
My pictures take up nearly 1gb.
My downloads take up about 500mb.
My cached data takes up nearly 1gb.
My music takes up nearly 2 gb.
My misc data (i.e. TWRP backups) take up the rest.

I'm left fighting with around 500mb (or less) of storage. I'm constantly deleting pictures and anything else that isn't vital. Thank god for G+ photo backup. I can only carry a single TWRP backup if I'm lucky. For me, I'll never go less than 32gb again. 64gb is even better since it doesn't really cost much more from a production stand point.

The truth is 16gb works for people who don't care for storage and/or can afford a solid data plan to compliment the lack of storage. I stream to a lot of music. 32gb on my Lumia was necessary since I only had 2gb of data. I would just download all of my music over WiFi. Now that we share 10gb with two people, a 16gb device isn't bad at all because I can stream without a hitch. With that, I'm still reaching for that 64gb. It's the same price of my 16gb N5.

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Yeah I was hoping they could get the 64g model out before Jun the price is great but they will be up against some stiff competition.

"general availability in mid-to-late June", "The 64GB black phone will follow in early June" which is right and which is wrong?

As far as I can understand: the difference is between "the black 64GB phone becoming available in early June" (implied: available to people with invites) and "general availability in mid-to-late June" (available to people without invites is what I'm reading, here)

Initial availability is not mentioned in the article, which makes the two statements confusing. Initial availability with an invite: mid to late May for 16 GB. 64 GB will follow in early June (still with invite). Finally, the phone will be generally available in mid-to-late June for those without invites.

this is a load of crapple i will be getting something else don't announce something then say release to general in June we get on everyone else for this and they are not exception in my book plus the fact that we or at least myself believed they were a real under dog start up come to find out they are owned by the same company that owns oppo so this has been a bunch of hype rebranded oppo device pitted against their own new phone no wonder the find 7 is not available resources are going into make the OnePlus One. Im just saying i will save my money for find 7 not the 7a 2 which i will call the one plus one phone.

Sure it's not like I would have been In the first wave it's all good and if I had one I would sell it to you

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I kept getting lost about half way through!
Brain freeze, you know!
Maybe I just need to update MY storage capacity...

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Nope that's my name from the old forums days never changed it I use all phones I use the m8 right now and have a nexus 5 and iPhone 5s Nokia is just my favorite but they fell off.

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Jesus, seeing nothing but good things about this phone. Kept thinking there must be some down side, but One Plus continues to put my concerns to rest. This really could be something big.

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There is a downside. We just don't know yet because not many people have access to one. All the flag ships from apple android and windows have downsides so I am going to wait and see. The ones with the invite are the beta testers.

One downside is the limit on storage along with the color options; 16GB white and 64GB black.

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3 GB Ram

64 GB is plenty of storage.

A variety of changeable back plates will be available.

So far this is the replacement for my still very much capable M7 Google Edition. I cant wait for it to be released, but so far my current phone is still working amazingly well and I cant hold on a bit more.