Although we've already got some hands-on time with the OnePlus One under our belt, there's a good many folks out there interested in the device still waiting for even just an invite to purchase one. The company is well aware of that and is still sticking to their plans to have invites out soon however, they've now added an additional potential way to obtain one. As noted on their blog, they have two contests planned but they're also going forward with a plan to offer certain members of their own forums a invite as well.

We also want to show our gratitude to those early believers that have supported us from the beginning. So we're giving invites to some of our earliest members to buy the 64GB version of the One. Without their encouragement and invaluable feedback, we honestly couldn't have made it this far. We certainly wouldn't have made this big of an impact. Our system will automatically allocate invites based on these three parameters:

  • Your "forum age" - the earlier you joined our forums, the higher you will be ranked
  • Your participation - you must have a minimum amount of posts (it's less than what you think!)
  • Recent activity - we want our members to still be with us!

With this invite, you'll finally have the chance to buy the phone you've been waiting for: the One. We want to protect the rights of our users and avoid accidentally creating a second-hand invite market, as such you'll have 24 hours to make good use of your invite. If you decide not to use it, we will pass it on for you to the next person in the queue.

As you can tell by the parameters, it's designed to give folks on their forums who have been around for a while a higher priority so that's a good thing -- don't go crashing their forums. Of course, your interest level in this info will be entirely based on whether or not you've actually signed up for their forums and have been there for a while. Right now, they have 48,327 members on the forums. Are you one of them and have been there long enough to possibly get an invite?

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OnePlus One forum members getting a crack at purchase invites


So it's down to who's been begging the longest.
After seeing the specs on the Prime and the G3.. I'll wait.

Obsolete specs now.. ( who wants a 1080P screen when 1440P is the new 2014 standard ) A phone with only 1080P is so 2013..
Who wants the lower spec 801 CPu when you can have the Snapdragon 805 CPu
Who wants an Adreno 330 GPu when the Adreno 420 is the new Flagship Standard..
Why would I spend $350.00 + Tax for a 2013 1/2 spec phone when I can spend $250.00 more and get a Flagship Device with the latest SoC... I don't want to spend money and go backwards.. I want my new device to carry me forward into 2015 and the New LG- G3 or Samsung Prime will be here shortly to do just that.
I can wait a little longer....

Because you won't even be able to tell the difference between 1080p and 1440p on a phone, and the higher resolution screen will take away some of the performance you gain from the new processor anyway, so these phones will perform very similarly. Not worth an extra $250 for differences most people won't even notice.

How is 1440 the standard when no flagship devices are released with it yet?

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Because things like att family shared with next are really cheap when you own the phones. Because one way or another you're paying 700 dollars for a 700 dollar phone and 300 for a 300 dollar one. Because there are people who are completely fucking happy with 1080 and don't want to spend 400 bucks for a little bit of resolution and a processor bump they won't notice. Because there are grownups in the world that enjoy having a good phone but would rather spend money on family vacations, investments, or hell, even charity than phones. Does that answer all your questions?

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Family Stressing You Out?.....
Like 720P is still ok... 1080P is still ok.
It's just no longer the Flagship standard.
It's only 1080P not 2K QHD 1440P..
That's basically it.. if you're ok with only 1080P... Good for you.

Na, I don't really have a family to worry about (although I do have several people on a family plan). But you asked a douchey rhetorical question about "who would want such as a thing" so I thought I'd answer in a way you could understand.

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He Mad Because his 1080P ain't shit anymore...
Poor Fella..
Direct your anger at "Progress" not at me..
I was NOT commenting to you.. Don't worry.. one you'll get 1440P too!

This one cost twice less without contract and doesn't come with horrific UI, and it'll be faster since it lacks horrific UIs and doesn't need to push a 1440p screen.

It is cm, not horrible but not that great either. At least it isn't oppos color ui

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That's the reason why I want one too. Other phones look nice, but none beat this at the same price. Too bad I registered way later and don't participate in the forums.

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Why are people buying into this gimmicky nonsense. I'll spend my money as I choose, not as a business invites me to.

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Pretty much this. Couldn't stand their initial "Smash the Past" campaign and this just adds to my pissed-offedness. OnePlus One needs to shut up and start delivering.

Who is it for then? These guys are full of it. It is obvious that it will be impossible for them to release more than maybe a few thousand units of this phone for purchase anytime soon.

it will even be worse off then. S5 Prime, M8 Prime, G3, Note 4 right around the corner...

Off to irrelevancy, well i guess that is impossible since you have to be relevant at some point...

Not important.

Most people, albeit forum fanboys, don't care about the S-Pen. The Note Series sold primarily to those who wanted a huge screen.

Just ask anyone you encounter among public with a Note if they use the S-Pen. Virtually all of them will say, "after the novelty wore off - NO." "I forget it's there. I don't care to doodle. I just use my finger or thumb as with any other smartphone."

It's a niche of a niche market.

I recognize that but I also know that I have seen more than one use it the way I do. Taking quick notes at a meeting, writing pseudo code when I am out and stuff like that.

Anyway it does not matter, * I * need the S-Pen and really cannot pay attention to any other Phablet until they have something. like it

I am sorry but this is not a good thing. These guys did a lot of talking about their product and I feel like they are stalling because the can't back up their talk by delivering a product that is available for all to purchase

And in another thread I said something similar. They are too new a player to have any reliability record. Unless you want a Blu Ray player, then your good

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Every phone has issues, but the track record I am talking about is fixing those issues. The M8, S5 and if I remember right, the G2 all had maintenance releases out.

Oppo when it was using the ColorUI had broken things that, in their forum, the said that they would get to. Things like Bluetooth and GPS.

BTW, most of the things you have in that article are annoyances, not true bugs.

If you can't remember your password within 10 tries you deserve to have your phone wiped, but if you lost your phone or it gets stolen you would wish you had this security feature.

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really? You went with the old Microsoft "it is not a bug it is a feature" line? it is a bug.

Either way, I can find an article exactly like the one Jimbo posted above for the M8...

I don't need to,google M8 bugs and you will find them. No phone/computer is bug free out of the box

"ALL" vtpmt81.. is a pretty big number..
For a new company to have a "Global" supply of a new product mass produced, setup and ready to ship is no easy task.. From what I'm hearing, they have plenty for the homeland.. ( in the channels and ready to go ) but as far as global shipment goes.. that where this "Invite" thing comes in .. That way they can ship 1,000 to this country.. 1,000 to that country and get away with it by not over producing should their device not gain massive appeal.. If I were in their place I would most likely do something similar as well.

Instead of the whole invite gimmick, why not just put the phone up for sale when you're ready to sell the damn device. Amateurs.

Posted via my Nexus 7 2013 :)

My sense is that OnePlus does not want to produce more than they are able to sell.

It is not like SW where inventory almost does not matter. HW has spoilage and OnePlus is trying to minimize that spoilage.

I agree their methods are childish but my hunch is they are trying to judge demand.

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I think this phone will have A LOT of demand. I think their tactics have actually put off a lot of potential customers though.

I still can't see how people don't understand why one plus one does this. Rarity creates demand. Remember the iPhone gold? The fact that it was a new color and that there was such a low number of phones available created a huge demand since it became a symbol of exclusivity. That's the same thing one plus is trying to accomplish.

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Yes, but people (including Crackberry Kevin) were still willing to pay over a thousand dollars for the gold version when it came out.

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With smartphones people move on the next big thing real quick. With delays people will lose interest. It's not about the rarest phone but the best of the best. As soon as a phone with a better processor or camera comes out it becomes the next big contender.

The OnePlus One isn't the best of the best anyway. Just a very good value top end smartphone, which it will still be in a few months time.

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It would be nice to be the first to have something like that here in the Caribbean. Sxm

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This is garbage! It's completely wrong to give preferential treatment to those who have supported you from the beginning.

Many are hating on the gimmick to buy this device, yet fail to see it works. Companies just do it in different ways. Marketing at its best.

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Marketing to create a huge amount of interest is great. But at some point you actually have to sell a product to more than a few hundred to a few thousand people.

It's easy enough to sell a phone at cost when you're being bankrolled by a wealthy benefactor. The tactics being used by OnePlus are a joke. Much like OPPO and their never ending teasing of the Find 7, OnePlus is seriously running the risk of having people write them off. Fcuk them and their phone no matter how inexpensive it is. I'll stick to giving my money to companies that have the decency to just put a damn phone out and let me buy it without having to resort all sorts BS!

You think it would be better if they just did a pre-order and sold out immediately, Nexus style? I don't think people would like it either way, but that seems to be the reality of a new company selling a product at cost.

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This is just lame and I think this will backfire on them. Do you want to sell phones or not? They are starting look like nothing more than assclowns!

They are not likely to sell more if they don't use an invite system. They have a limited amount of stock to sell and this is a reasonable way to manage the initial demand.

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This invite system is so dumb!! I am amazed that people are swallowing this..I'll will buy what is truly available, and not beg..

Love this phone, even want one, but doubt il ever actually own one, lol... Sounds to me as if the company hasn't really actually made thousands of them, as said b4, there selling them at cost price and not making any money from sales.. So maybe all this hype and sales gimmicky is too see whether it's worth actually making this phone to sell to the millions, lol...

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Registered about a month ago (before the release) and have over 1000 posts and likes.. But I'm promised an invite by one of the Smash the Past winners already :D

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I wouldn't participate in this. The whole thing has been sleazy from the beginning - (some of this would only be apparent to those who have been following the story for a while - I was reading their forums and following them on Twitter for a few months because I needed a new phone and was curious) - from their fake rebellious independence when they're actually under the same umbrella as Oppo, to their fakery about having new business model when they're actually just unsustainably selling a phone at cost in order to get publicity, to the lies about the phone's size and design ("same size as a 5 inch screen phone and best ever build quality" when it's an Oppo phone as large as a Note 3), to an invitation system essentially requiring people to participate in their marketing plan instead of just buying a product. The reason for this is that from the perspective of OPPO/OnePlus this is not about selling a product - it's about engaging people in a marketing exercise. Their budget is a marketing budget, and the product to them is a prop. That's why it doesn't matter whether they make a profit. Their mission is just to engage people in the marketing exercise. Some people may find it worth it to get their device over a Nexus 5, Moto X, LG G2, or whatever, but I dont like being manipulated in quite the way this company intends to.

The worse aspect of this device (besides the size) is the marketing. That is what drove me away from it (and the size). Looking forward to new devices to be released this year's end. Anyway, I'm currently running CM11 and CameraNext what is what I want from a phone I use (clean, fast and unobtrusive). :P

all these stupid contests just for people to give you money? now if these were contests where they were giving these phones away for FREE then maybe that would pass but these are things people have to do in order to buy the phone. lol. eventually people are going to get tired of the games.

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not eventually...I'm already tired of their antics. I was mildly intrigued by the phone in the beginning, but the ass-clowns who who are marketing this thing sound more like a bunch of coked up college kids than a legitimate marketing group. I'm not interested, don't care, and would never buy one of their phones. Mark my words typed on this day of 2014...They are going to fail. They are unsustainable, and when they start missing deadlines and projections, if they go ipo, investors will flee. If they don't go ipo, they will fail shortly after this first iteration of phone is launched. Argue all you want, but they are going to fail. Period.

*insert obligatory Richard Yarnell comment because of the 'period'* (if it is before your time, I apologize)

Your kinda dead on with what you are saying. People want to talk about "spoilage" and not over producing, but I am guessing that they cannot just produce.

Something is just off an fishy. I have been saying that they need time to build a track record before most people will give them serious consideration and this kinda stuff really falls under the whole "your not helping thing".

I hope they have a measure of success, especially now that they seem to have dropped the whole colorUI thing, if only to have more competition in the Android space. That can never be a bad thing.

I don't like jumping through hoops to give you MY $ to get a phone. Notify my when it's open to the public

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I could care less when the invite comes, even though I'm in the less than 3000 range when it came to signing up.
With all the push to get these out the door now, I might just let my invite go, hoping that the "second batch" maybe
released somewhere around the END of June when the clamor for this thing dies down. By then the "gotta have it now" crowd will have moved onto the LG G3, S5 Prime and whatever replaces the Nexus 5.
I just wonder, will they EVER buy a new phone or just keep waiting for the next "big thing".

I was kinda looking forward to getting this phone but the latest round of "bait the suckers" was too much for me. I signed up for the initial "smash your phone" promo but haven't heard from them, which was OK as I thought it will be on sale soon and I'll see how that goes.

With no track record for build quality, hardware support and likely little or no carrier support it might have been worth a shot at the low price. But having to put up with "maybe we'll sell it to you and maybe we won't" crap doesn't fly with me. I'll pay the extra money, get the S5 and not have to worry about it.

If you're the type of person who enjoys the tease and prospects of saving a few hundred dollars while taking a certain amount of risk, good luck. I hope it works out for you.

This reminds me of the Smart car fiasco when they were just starting. You'd pay $99 for a reservation, tell them the body style and options and colors you wanted, and they'd email you just before it was time to see if you were still interested so they could build one just for you. So I paid my $$$ and I waited. And waited. And then they emailed me to update my options because the new model year had some different things. So I did, and then I waited some more. After nearly a year, there were quite a few of the cars on the road, so I emailed them to ask WTF? They said, oh, we've got plenty of them coming off the assembly line now, just go to your local dealer. I said what about my reservation and my preferences? They said you can probably find what you want at your local dealer. I told 'em to go screw themselves, and give me my $99 back. They did, and I'll never buy a Smart car before of their games.