OnePlus One press render

If there's one thing that's driven us — and you — crazy about the OnePlus One, it's been the overhyping process of slowly dribbling out specs, pricing, sale processes, and vague hints about how the smartphone will compare with current flagship devices. We tired so much of it that we opted to ignore the noise until something cut through that was truly interesting — and a series of marketing material renders fits that bill quite nicely.

What you see above is, according to Android Authority, our first look actual look at the OnePlus One. This allegedly comes from marketing materials for the OnePlus One. It looks to be, as the OnePlus Google+ hype machine suggested, a thin phone with a simple, minimalist design.

Also revealed was a selection of the SwapStyle back plates that owners will be able to, well, swap out for different styles. The array shows a few different wood finishes (hello, Moto X) plus fabrics and a patterned back.

OnePlus One SwapStyle backs

Additionally, the software that will power the OnePlus One has leaked a bit more. The partnership with CyanogenMod is bringing a release of CyanogenMod 11S for the OnePlus One. We've seen a glimpse of the OS, but the OnePlus BBS has posted a few more screenshots of what we can expect.

The OnePlus One Hype Machine Express is, thankfully, rolling in to the station, with April 23rd set for the reveal. Maybe then we can all relax.

Source: Android Authority, OnePlus BBS


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OnePlus One design finally revealed, but not by the hype machine


Problem with these phones is bad build quality, bad radios and bad speakers. I will wait and see.

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What the hell are you basing that on? This is the first phone they've ever made and everything we know about it is summarized above?

Probably the point, if it's their first time, chances are build quality will suffer.

Yeah because I want to have to beg companies, or the chosen ones that they deem worthy, to invite me to give them my money. The invitation thing is absolutely stupid.
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no. it's not. you'll be the first one complaining if demand exceeds initial supply and you weren't able to buy one. they want to be able to ensure they have enough phones to meet the demand from the start. it's not like these guys have oodles of cash on hand yet.

yeah, thats, and by limiting quanities available at launch you can also create artificial "demad" and marketing hype becuase "its selling out everywhere" . EVERY companies does this to some extent.

Either your still using the phone in your avatar, or you sir, have single handedly solved the internets.

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I'm excited about this phone. If it can offer a great software experience and all the functions you expect from a modern smartphone, theres just more competition.

The phone looks fine. The marketing, the fake hype, and the invitations are retarded.

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that was my concern too. I remember when i had a doughnut device, CM was Amazing. I usually try a rom every couple months just to check it out, but have been honestly unimpressed for a couple years!

I suspect their move to a more "commercial" product means that they aren't "code-slinging" anymore. That is, they have a more rigorous development and testing cycle, which means less "holy crap!" features and improvements. Plus, Android itself has gotten a lot better, which means there's less to improve.

I think the phone looks sexy. But I hope the specs from Android Authority are wrong. I heard that the OnePlus One would be around the same size as a Z1. With a 5.5 inch screen. So I'm gonna have to wait until I get it in my hands or a reviewers hands to see about buying it.

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Notice that in the pic their marketing person put out to "prove" the phone is similar in size to the Z1, it is cropped so that you can't tell how long the phone is. They aren't denying that this is real, and they've been quick to jump on other things they found unflattering. So it may be that this phablet is simply taller than the Note 3, as the leak indicates.

WHY WHY WHY does EVERY FREAKING COMPANY think that bigger is better?? c'mon, 5" is a good sweet spot between functionality and big screen. This is a bad ass looking phone, but no wa i will buy one if its that big. even my s5 is pushing the limit (i set it on top of my wifes note 3 and really its not THAT much smaller!!

OK they are hyping it a lot... Buy why does it hurt you guys that much? You are all so comfy with other OEMS but with these guys evey editor has to put some snarky comments in the articles.
Do you guys have some hidden agenda?

Geez give them a break, sure they are hyping it a lot but they are a new company and without these hype no one will even talk about them.

I'm going to get lot of hate comments for this but you all editors stop with your wining about the hype.

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No hate, I agree with it. I understand what they are doing, how else can you compete with the likes of Samsung (which is what ALL manufacturers in this industry must do) if you don't hype it yourself?

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Exactly. They're the new fish in one of the most cutthroat markets out there. Their entire company probably isn't worth half of Samsung's US marketing budget. It's guerilla warfare for them by necessity, and I don't think they're doing a terrible job of it, all things considered. They've certainly got my interest (although I'll definitely be a bit relieved when the phone is finally announced and the hype trolling abates).

They hyped it, got our eye. Released specs, and got our attention. Now it's time to release a quality device. I can totally respect their method this is business, gotta get your name out their and create a following......... Snark editor comments on their site are to be expected, even big oems will receive honest criticism. This is their fetish space and new commers need to prove themselves, hopefully oneplus can do this. I hope they do. Cause man I would like this phone.

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The Oneplus One is a beautiful phone! I'm really looking forward to the reviews and maybe even buying it... I've got the S4 now, but will not upgrade to the S5... I want something fresh and new. The Oneplus One seems to fit the bill!

Not sure what that first comment is about. The radios in my Moto X are great. Far better than my S3 or S4. Can never get 4G at home with them. My Moto X is 4G constantly. Actually wish Android Central would try to cover that in reviews . The radios in My Galaxy Nexus were terrible. S3 and S4 slightly better. Moto X great. I'm on big red for what it is worth.

Same here. My GNex was constantly switching between 3G/4G, or lost data connection altogether. My S3 was a little better. My Note 2 had the best radio of all of the Samsung phones I have owned, but it was still nothing to brag about. My Note 3 (both of them) had radios that weren't much better than the GNex. I am done with Samsung phones.

Or you could try another carrier. That is way too many phones with the same issue for it to actually be the fault of the phones.

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My Note 3, BTW, has great signal strength and I pick up 4G in areas I couldn't with my last two phones. My Note 2 before it wasn't all that bad, either.

weird, my s3 beats the coverage of my brother's moto g and my mom's iPhone 5. it could be at&t, or it could be my phone...I don't know

Posted on my Galaxy S III, Nexus 4, Nexus 7 (2013) or Gateway ID49C

Great value for money device but 'invite only' will rebound hard and I for one will look elsewhere, the ultra fast charging on the Oppo find 7 or 7a is actually more appealing (when the 7 is released).

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A capacitive menu key? Came on.... even Samsung moved on! Also, I read somewhere that the phone was going to be the size of a 5" phone, but with a 5.5" screen. However, the leaked photo on Phandroid shows that it is taller than the Note 3, being 152.9mm vs the Note's 151.2 cm- and that has a 5.7".

Well it has CM11 so it is easy to change it to a recent app key with menu on long press. It may even be standard to all 4.4.2 Roms to be able to change that functionality. I have done on both OmniRom and Cyanogen Roms and have heard that stock Touch Wiz allows you to change it.

Thanks, I didn't think of that. It makes a lot more sense now. Personally, I'd still prefer on-screen buttons though. :)

i was really excited for this phone and thought of replacing my nexus 5 , until i saw the bottom bezel and overall dimensions which is no different from the oppo 7 , what happened to its going to be smaller than the Z1 ??? i guess i have to wait and see might be fake or just wait for the G3 .

Jump to a gsm carrier. CDMA sucks and you are stuck with whatever ugly phones carrier releases.

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What the heck is a oneplus one?? That's the name of the phone? Wwho makes it? What carrier is it? And what's so special about it????

The name of the phone is just One and its made by a company named OnePlus. The appeal is that is has high-end specs with a mid-range price, much like the Nexus 5.

It's a pretty phone, but releasing little useless pieces of information at a time and the whole invitation thing is so stupid. I also dond understand why they are releasing the phone with the pre-beta buggy CM 11. What's the problem with putting plan Android on the phone?

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Looks very nice to me, if that indeed is the phone. If they're going the phablet route (i.e. 5.5"+) then I might consider this when I upgrade from the Note 3.

It's nice to have another option and new company arrive though, gives us more choice and that's a good thing.
All bases seem to be covered.

IMHO, this just looks like the find 7 to me.

Posted via my Badass Note 3 on the Android Central App

The biggest problem with this phone is that its not relevant.

The Information is thin on the ground there are no side by side with existing devices, and from the specs its a clone of every current phone that people have already purchased.

Secondly the biggest draw is for crack flashers and the development community, the second the OS hits XDA it will be outdated and non relevant.

Relatively few hand sets will sell because its between handsets and there is a smaller pool of potential buyers than Google nexus program, and the hardware / build quality is unknown buy many at this point why would you take a moon shot at a device that's trying to compete without having anything relevant to compare it with.

Worse still is the invite system to get one, you can go to Motorola or Google and pick up a sub 400 pounds device with good build quality and flash CM straight on ( not so much with moto but cm supports many other flagships )

Its been poorly hyped in a market full of similar devices and stirred up rumors of smart watches soon.

I fear like the N1 its will go as fast as it came leaving a legacy of CM11s that will be specific to this device and won't really effect the main CM branch which is what we all want to happen.

I'd rather pay for CM rom and get the features and development on my Nexus devices.

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I'm over this phone, between the hype and the invite only BS. They're treating this like the second coming of phone Jesus and I find I am pretty uninterested. Guess what, it's gonna be a phone. Just like every other high end phone that's coming out. It'll be fast and have a decent camera, people will fawn over it for a week then the next shiny new phone will come out and it will slip into obscurity.

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let me be as blunt as possible... what kind of idiots will actually buy this phone?
(judging by the lack of posts here, I suppose not many?)

I'm interested in buying one. High end specs at a great deal. What's not to be hyped about?

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this is a sweet looking phone. wish it'd come to verizon but those of you who can buy it may very well have quite a piece on their hands.

Can someone explain to me how Oppo and OnePlus can have such low prices? Are there major compromises being made on the build part or hardware wise, or are other Android OEMs just massively overpricing their phones? I get why Google puts a low price tag on their Nexus line, since they expect to make money of the services they offer rather than the actual hardware. But are companies like Oppo and OnePlus just using low prices to get in the game?

Another question, I guess we're expecting the phone not to be rooted, but will the boot loader be locked?

I just think this phone and the Oppo Find 7 look really nice, so I'm wondering if there's a compromise in quality or if I should consider getting one :P