OnePlus One Bamboo StyleSwap Cover

Looking to customize your shiny new OnePlus One? Look no further than the Bamboo StyleSwap Cover. Unveiled yesterday by OnePlus, the cover will be available by the end of August for $49.

Since OnePlus sells the One at cost, the manufacturer is looking to accessories like the Bamboo StyleSwap Cover to generate revenue. While $50 may seem like a lot for a back cover, OnePlus mentions that each cover will be unique: "Each Bamboo StyleSwap Cover we make is one of a kind, complete with its own distinct set of fibers, nodes, and colors. No one else in the world is exactly you, and no one else will have the same back cover as you."

The hardware vendor also made a video detailing the process behind involved in crafting the accessory:

In addition to the bamboo cover, is also offering Silk White and Sandstone Black covers, priced at $29 USD (25€).

Would any of you be interested in buying the Bamboo StyleSwap Cover once it launches next month? Let us know in the comments.

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OnePlus One Bamboo StyleSwap Cover unveiled, to be available in August for $50


What good are covers for a phone that I have yet to get an invite or be able to purchase?

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It may be getting old, but is it any less accurate?

The fact that it's getting old only drives home the point that much more.

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SlickWraps gave my LG G2 a nice form fitting, textured wood grain skin for $16.95.

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Yeah, but someone else in the world has that same form fitting, textured wood grain skin. How awful! Ha I recently tried SlickWraps and I'm thouroughly impressed with the fitment, quality, and design of their wraps. Looks/feels like a new and unique device.

Yep enjoying mine also invites are going out quickly received my invite last Monday and had the phone received on Friday loving it so far .

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I've ordered my 2nd One and wanted to jump on these but this bamboo back is a little too expensive. Thought they would be more like $25-$35 plus shipping, not $50.

Android and Blackberry fan

Do I need to smash the existing cover first? Or do I just need to buy an invite from a scalper on eBay to get this cover?

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I was holding out for the one plus but since they didn't want my business I got a g3 instead and love it. Maybe next year when the one plus 2 is out they will get my money if they don't need invites

Yeah Android Central, stop covering news for a device that has beastly specs because I don't have one

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Just because YOU can't buy it doesn't mean others can't. I, for one, bought mine so your theory of your phone you can't buy is proven inaccurate.

"YOU" is pretty much everyone because you are in an extreme minority. Owners of this phone just need to stop saying anything but "you guys are right to be frustrated and I am one of the fortunate few" until there is a more widespread release. Until then, just deal with the venting.

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It's just disappointing they are spending the resources on accessories for something that is so unavailable to the general public.

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It's a big ass phone. I just sold mine after using it for 2 days. I'm back to the Nexus 5.

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I don't want a phone with a display size greater than 4.7-5.0 inches because, for me, holding, using, and pocketing a phablet is uncomfortable primarily because of the width and then the awkward ginormous size.
Tried the LG G3. Awesome smartphone. Unfortunately too big for me to comfortably hold.

Apparently Koreans prefer the LG G3 over the Samsung Galaxy S5 by 3 to 1. Go figure! For Koreans, probably Samsung has gone stale. Same old, same old.

I think Apple will disrupt the market, again, with the release of their 4.7 inch iPhone 6. They know the sweet spot.

Looks like they want to have higher profit margins on accessories than the phone. Definitely doesn't take $50 to make this.

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I have 2 mythical OnePlus One phones. I bought one for me and one for my son. I will gladly sell one of them for the same price I paid for it and shipping from the OnePlus website. Although the phone is well built I have no faith in the company. One of the two phones works perfectly, that's the one I'll sell, but the other arrived with slight cosmetic damage, dings in the chrome and display surround as well as charging issues. Trying to return that one has turned into a nightmare and OnePlus seems incapable or unwilling to address it. Their forums are filled with similar horror stories. I wish I had seen them before buying.

I'm not. Although there are a lot of people giving lip service to the idea of buying a OnePlus One, I highly doubt most of them have any intentions of actually doing so. I wasn't going to buy one and wasn't jumping through all the hoops that OnePlus was setting up to get an invite. It just so happened that a guy I know on G+ had an invite that he wasn't going to use and he offered it to me because I'm always buying new gadgets. I honestly wish I hadn't used it at this point. Had a visited the OnePlus forums 1st I surely would have passed. The phone is well built but I can't trust a company that isn't responsive to customer concerns/complaints about the product they sell. There are pages and pages of complaints about erratic charging, yellowish screens, and other defects that OnePlus refuses to acknowledge and fix. And even when they do they're trying to charge people $60 to send a defective device back even though they're shipping them out defective. One guy chronicled how after a week of trying to get an RMA authorized the company OnePlus is using to ship the phone won't even pick it up because OnePlus hasn't provided the info to them for payment. And to make matters worse they are actively deleting threads that point out their shady tactics.

I simply can't see paying $50 for a back cover. I also agree with the frustration of many people concerning purchasing this device. I was able to buy the device by invite out of pure luck. The company wants people to jump through hoops just to have a chance to buy their product which is wrong. As people become tired of the antics and move on to other devices, maybe then will they see the error of their ways. Even if you are able to get the device, good luck trying to purchase a case or any other accessory through their site. Almost everything is out of stock.

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