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There's a lot of folks getting excited about the as yet unnannounced OnePlus One Android smartphone, and a week out from launch we've got some confirmations on the where and the how much. It's good news for Europe and the U.S., where you'll be parting with under $400/€350/£290 to pick one up. Here's the full launch list:

Localized sales and after sales experience in 16 countries:Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States

OnePlus has been generating some buzz in recent weeks over its first smartphone, which will pair the latest Snapdragon 801 CPU with 3GB of RAM, a 13MP Sony Exmor camera, a 5.5-inch 1080p display and a 3100mAh battery. Oh, and it's very own CyanogenMod flavor of Android.

The launch is set for April 23, which is just a week away. Finally we'll get to see what all the fuss is about.

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twolastnames says:

The vanilla flavors of android get less and less appealing all the time. The OEM's are doing such a better job, and hardware finally can run skinned android. CM phone is 3 years to late IMO.

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NoNexus says:

Yeah i always love hearing the specs and seeing some competition with this phone then it gets ruined with CM

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TomW093 says:

It shouldn't be too difficult to flash a different ROM from the way I understand it.

twolastnames says:

I just went through most of the vanilla roms on my G2, and am back to a stock Rom. Stock is much better, has more features, and the vanilla apps I want I can put on. That's my point. CM, AOKP, PA, all just kind of boring. When I had my Desire it needed vanilla just to run half decent, now not so much.

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TomW093 says:

Rumor has it there will be a vanilla Android build available for the OnePlus One

intrepid359 says:

That doesn't make sense. The current Android OS is made of chocolate, not vanilla.

ajpri says:

Chocolate and wafers, that is.

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intrepid359 says:

Give me a break!

liteon163 says:

My biggest issue with any custom ROM has been their lack of decent camera access -- it seems stock ROMs always take better photos and have more options.

bleached says:

Except your G2 has probably received its last update. It will soon be on old software and will really be behind a year from now.

rampage1979 says:

It might just surprise you they may have added a bunch of new software features we won't know until they unveil it but definitely the price is right, the specs are great and if it sells may help bring down the prices from other oem's.

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mattopotamus says:

At that price point, it is certainty NOT late to the party.

twolastnames says:

Maybe, but only maybe.

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TheDu9du says:

installing a launcher sounds too hard for you? hit the forums for help.

bhatech says:

Why do I get a feeling that android central is not excited about this phone. Sure they will have some execution, quality problems but got to love the direction they are going.

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As for quality, it should not be a problem since they will share the same factory as Oppo is using. Nobody can say that Find 5/7 have poor quality or quality problems! :P

When we see the phone...we'll maybe think about getting excited. New company, no track record, there's plenty reasons to hold back on jumping from the rooftops

TomW093 says:

Bingo. I have money set aside, but I won't be too upset if the phone isn't all it's cracked up to be. The company's history of being with OPPO certainly helps though.

intrepid359 says:

I just bought the Xperia Z2, Find 7A, and now I want this too. Ugh, show me some pictures!!!

someguy01234 says:

Because they don't make any money promoting it.

Warrenisit says:

Quite the accusation. Let's see the evidence.

Oh yawn, yawn, yawn

xlDeMoNiClx says:

Uh oh, author sounds a little butthurt. Clearly a nerve has been struck. ;P

xlDeMoNiClx says:

Cause AC is too busy getting breastfed by HTC.

mkashen says:

Vanilla has come a long way as well. I had and loved the HTC One (M7) and switched to a Nexus 5 when I dumped Sprint. I was and still am a big fan of the newer versions of Sense but I don't mind the stock interface at all. I will say though, CM is far from my favorite custom rom... I am hoping the OnePlus One has a new and improved upon version (custom even) of CM... otherwise... unlock, root, flash, etc...

mwara244 says:

Too Bad it won't be released for Verizon

TallyHo says:

Yeah I'm contract free now on VZW with my Moto X. My wife's contract ends in December and we are jumping to AT&T as their service has gotten so much better and I don't have to deal with CDMA anymore.

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btgrave says:

Too bad Verizon ....... wait, who cares about Verizon? They don't deserve this!

DJCBS says:

I'm ready to bet they'll charge around 500€ for it in Portugal. If not more with those specs.

It is confirmed to be less than 350€

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Very interested in this thing. 16 and 64GB options. Going to be way cheaper than HTC and Samsung.

ki11ak3nn says:

I'm excited. Switched from Verizon to T-Mobile in January. Time to get rid of my G2 and give the OnePlus One a spin.

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Cubfan says:

Color me interested, but won't be the first in line. You guys roll the dice. I'll watch and maybe get in later.

hmmm says:

Will be interesting to see how CM performs now that they have direct access to the hardware. I think they have done a pretty good job in the past considering they hacked their way through everything.

seanjenkins says:

Nice to see they're not going to just change the dollar sign to a pound sign like all the others

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thebizz says:

I'm very interested in this phone. With oppo building it, cm having direct access to the hardware the entire time and specs that are high end 1+ really has a chance to hit a home run with this phone.

sniffs says:

Why isn't HTC sending them a cease and desist letter yet? How isn't the OnePlus One confusing to any of the top tier phones that HTC has made over the last 2 years?

Dregur says:

Oneplus One actually already owns the trademark before HTC.

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Dregur says:

leaponover says:

According to that article they own the name OnePlus One+. Not OnePlus One. The company name is OnePlus. The model name is One. Not One+. From the article it stands to reason that a company can only own the actual full name of "Company Name" and model name. That is why you have the HTC One and the Nexus One. So this is just the OnePlus One. Now if they come out with a OnePlus One+ then it will be a different story.

In closing, I think it's just plain laziness and lack of imagination to come up with a more suitable model name and although the specs are righteous I believe this company's design will also be boring and unoriginal once revealed. I see no creativity coming from them whatsoever and that's not a good sign....

s2weden2000 says:

Why would they...

... ( 0ppo F5) ...

ajpri says:

Well, actually, first recollection I know of the "one" name is the 2009 Nexus One. Likely there's others but that comes to my head 1st. This is like other things. Like where I live there is Breyer's & Dreyer's Ice Cream. Or others like Nexus phones or Nexxus hair stuff or even Lexus cars.

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tmx31415 says:

The 64 gb option sounds interesting. Let's see what they bring to the table.

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ultramixpa says:

my god ... display time in time more big... 4.7 - 4.99 - 5.1 - now 5.5 ... best dimension of total body smartphone is like S4 Mini... it's too confortable.. why don't create one smartphone like S4mini but with best components ?! ......

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People want big screens. Unfortunately the people who want small screens get shafted with low end chipsets for the most part.

ajpri says:

Android devices keep getting cheaper and cheaper!

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dmaischolar says:

What's all this about people thinking OnePlus One is late to the game or that vanilla android is inferior to OEM skins?

I truly believe the opposite. Cyanogenmod is a far superior, albeit plain, ROM to any of those skinned by the manufacturer. Skinned phones have butchered android, especially TouchWiz. My GF's S4 is fast, but it hiccups all the time, delays in opening apps, but my 2 yr old S3 running CM beats her phone in responsiveness and performance, regardless of what benchmarks say. As far as being late, CM is coming at the perfect time. They have millions of followers and there will be more as people realize CM offers Android closest to what Google intends Android to be.
Sure, CM may be plain yet able to provide most of anyone's needs with awesome performance. Its beats having lockups or slow, complicated, bloated skins. The only thing I like from the skins is multiwindow. But I can get that now from Xposed