Optimus G

A lot of people are excited about the upcoming LG Optimus G launch on AT&T and Sprint, but it seems like the most common question I'm hearing is about the bootloader.

LG has historically been pretty open with their Android phones, and adding in no extra security or encryption on the bootloader. That all changed with the past couple releases, and plenty of folks were surprised when they found the bootloader on the Optimus 4XHD and Optimus VU locked up tight and encrypted. Everyone wants to know if the powerhouse that is the Optimus G will be hacker friendly, so I asked a contact at LG for the answer.

Hi Jerry,

The Optimus G doesn’t support an unlocked bootloader.

So there you have it. Expect things to be pretty locked down, and possibly never be cracked open. I can't say I'm any happier about it than you are, and I'm just glad we got the firm answer before money changed hands on release day.

Will this affect your decision to buy the Optimus G? Hash it all out in the Optimus G forums.


Reader comments

Official word on the Optimus G bootloader


I was super excited and was actually going to jump from a the epic 4G touch to this phone on sprint but..... nope not any more.

I would never buy a PC that stopped me from doing what I want with it and phones today are nothing more than miniature pc's. In fact android is the first time that linux has ever made it to the mainstream level.

And with that this has made me turn to the note2.

Sorry LG you have failed on this one and dont blame the carriers either.

No thx LG. Nexus or developer editions only for me. The manufacturers or carriers can't be trusted to follow through. I hear the constant drumbeat of manufacturers & carriers want & need to sell phones. But tell that to people who bought a phone & watched it be quickly abandoned to not even receive bug fixes or security updates. Even when the carriers & manufacturers are well aware of problems they can't be bothered to fix them because they are too busy with the new hotness.

Thx for at least being open & direct before money changes hands LG. In not interested in a locked down device anymore.

WOW. If these guys were hoping for a comeback, it's already over. Maybe they'll get lucky and the Nexus 4 will be subsidized on at least one carrier...

After confirming external sd-card on ATT version, I was ready to cough up for Optimus G. Now, I'm just going to wait until the bootloader is cracked, otherwise I will just skip this one, my good old S2 is still in screaming mode and can last me well until next big Samsung/HTC announcement. I'm paying for the G hardware not the stupid LG/ATT bloatware, no way I'm going to put up with their software crap.

Aww poo. Had to wait for the news before purchasing. Looks like I'm back to where I started. The good ol' captivate will stay.

What is going on? Have they lost their minds. Everybody seems to be trending towards LOCKED BOOTLOADERS and NON REMOVABLE BATTERIES. They had a meeting and said hey how can ruin all future phones...OK this should do it.

unless the UI on this phone is miraculous,from what I have heard it isn't, I will be sticking with my unlock friendly evo lte. Thanks again HTC for being awesome.

...and with that statement a lot of phone enthusiasts just changed their buying decisions from the Optimus G to the Galaxy Note 2.

And what about the unlocked phones? Will unlocked devices also have locked bootloaders?

And another thing: why Samsung can sell phones with unlocked bootloaders and other manufacturers can't?

Utter fail and complete deal breaker. I might even consider not purchasing the new Nexus because LG is so fail. Who am I kidding. I'll probably still get the Nexus, but I can guarantee you it will be my first and last LG product... unless of course LG makes the 2013 Nexus phone. Lol

Instant lost sale. No ifs, ands, or buts. This is like buying a music player and being dictated to what music I may or may not play with the device I've bought.

LG has a poor reputation and people are suspicious of them, their quality, and dedication to supporting their products with updates, but their big move to repair their image with a flagship handset has been shot in both feet and kneecaps. Enjoy your bad reputation longer, kids, while $$$$ flow to less anti-customer manufacturers.

This device never really made me feel all tingly inside, so I wasn't going to buy one anyway, but now I will even pass this up when looking for a used cell phone.

With hardware like this every hacker is going to be throwing their full weight into cracking this thing.

I'm going to put the over-under for finding an exploit and cracking this wide open at 2 months. Any takers? :)

It'll probably be more like two days; two weeks at the outside. It really begs the question of why pretend you're locking your stuff up tight when a herd of nerds juiced on Jolt and Four Loco will tear it to pieces and improve it while watching a Big Bang Theory marathon in no time?

This makes me think twice about the Nexus 4, to be honest. Or at least, have mixed feelings about buying it and supporting LG when this is their attitude.

On the other hand, if the Nexus 4 is a success for them, they might reconsider - so perhaps there are pros and cons.