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The official Twitter for Android app has been updated with a couple small but useful additions today. First off, the profile layout has been better designed to work on larger screens. As more and more people buy Android tablets, it's a good thing that Twitter is paying attention. We just hope they can continue this feature creep and add some more functionality to the app. Additionally, the changelog indicates there have been a few bug fixes in this update.

At this point, we don't see much reason to choose the official Twitter app considering how many great third party choices there are out there. But with the increasing restrictions on these other clients coming in the future, we're glad the official app is at least improving at some rate. Take a look at the update at the Google Play Store link above.


Reader comments

Official Twitter app updated with large-screen improvements and bug fixes


Does anyone know of a Twitter client that you leaves you off on your last read tweet and doesnt automatically take you to the newest tweet?

It becomes a drag when I dont get on it for a couple hours or days and I have to scroll down to read tweet after tweet after tweet (I like reading from the oldest to the new and scroll up)...

I currently use Seesmic and it stays where I left off but then I have to hit "load missing tweets" and do it for every hr of tweets I missed, also a drag.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

official twitter app saves from last time refreshed.

drag down top of screen to begin a refresh (but it still keeps you in between old and new so you can scroll up to read the newer tweets)