SkyDrive for Android

Although there is a few apps on the Google Play Store right now that have some SkyDrive integration, there isn't a Microsoft delivered solution available. At least not yet. Microsoft took the time to go ahead and update folks on their SkyDrive happenings and mobile applications were a part of those announcements with an Android version officially announced as coming:

Today, as part of making sure SkyDrive is available to all Windows customers, we’re excited to announce that an official SkyDrive app for Android phones will be available in just a few weeks. The Android app is similar to our mobile apps for Windows Phone and iOS and allows you to browse your SkyDrive, upload files to SkyDrive, as well as share SkyDrive files with “Send a link.” You'll also be able to open SkyDrive files from other apps, as well as upload, save, and share to SkyDrive from other apps.

If you're invested into the Microsoft way, it'll be great to finally have an official app for Android. We'll let you all know when it pops up for availability. Other news from Microsoft today may help some developers out there, they've gone ahead and changed some of the API's available. If you're looking to make your own SkyDrive app, something to look into.

Source: Inside SkyDrive

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Nevets68 says:

I'm really looking forward to this. I'm currently using another app (the name escapes me)..but it's a bit wonky.

jjrudey says:

Considering I have 25GB of SkyDrive storage, if the app has a decent photo viewer and will let me download files, I might consider switching over from Dropbox.

coraphise says:

Why switch? Use it in addition to Dropbox ^^

E_man says:

I use Dropbox, Drive, and SkyDrive. Drive for development files, SkyDrive for school files (awesome built in editor), and Dropbox for everything else.

nisxan says:

I hate to nitpick, but this drives me nuts..."Although there ARE a few apps on the Google Play Store right now" /rant

NexusKoolaid says:

Yes, you are nitpicking.

icebike says:

Because story still says "although there IS a few apps".

Maybe it will be fixed by the time you read this.

frozencloud says:

Finally. I have been waiting for this for quite some time now. Hopefully it will be a nice app.

IceDree says:

Sweet, can't wait
Even though ES File explorer have a SkyDrive support, it would be nice to have a dedicated SkyDrive App from Microsoft them selves

icebike says:

+1 for ES File Explorer.

Those guys are are just unstoppable, they do Box Sugarsync Dropbox Skydrive, Gdrive, s3, Yandex, and Ubuntu-One. Send them an email asking for something and Bam! its in within a week.

Still, by having an official app, there will also probably be share-target support, so you can simply share a photo or document to skydrive without the need of a separate step.

E_man says:

Dear Microsoft, I know that you don't seem to allow installations on a tablet with any of your apps thus far, please make skydrive work on them. Thanks.

Also, I really like the combination of not-Metro and Holo you have going here. Looks good.

Gspot82 says:

I have to give it to Microsoft, this looks nice. It is also impressive that they properly followed the android design guidelines while incorporating their design instead of pushing "the interface formerly known as metro" in its full capacity on a platform where it doesn't make sense.

ptibodo says:

The EVO 4G lte has SkyDrive included in the Gallery drop down menu. Just sigh in, and there's your Microsoft stuff.

reykjavik says:

My only complaint is that I find MS's cloud services a bit confusing. Is Skydrive the same as is that connected to Are they all different systems? If so, why?

sdchris says:

I have 25gb of skydrive space from the good old days of being a wp7 beta tester.