Third widespread outage in 18 months for the UK carrier

British mobile network O2 is experiencing a major service disruption this evening, with users on Twitter reporting trouble using the operator's voice and data network.

We've confirmed that O2 seems to be experiencing issues using a SIM of our own — for us, the data network was dead, while texts and calls were working. Other O2 subscribers are tweeting about more widespread problems, however. The network's official Twitter account is offering its apologies to affected customers, and the O2 service status page confirms an "intermittent issue," which it says its engineers are monitoring.

It's the third high-profile network disruption for O2 in the past 18 months. In July 2012 users experienced up to 24 hours of downtime due to a software error, which resulted in compensation being offered to customers. A similar issue emerged last October, affecting some 10 percent of subscribers.

If you're on O2 in the UK and have been affected by the outage, shout out in the comments. 

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O2 UK customers experiencing network outage


Were O2 not supposed to be the test network for the emergency broadcast announcements? The trial in Glasgow was due to start this afternoon. If it's not related, its quite unfortunate timing!

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They still have better data speeds than T Mobile.

Your milage may vary of course :-)

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I'm on giffgaff and have had no issues here out in the sticks. ;)

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3G is down in Ellesmere Port (Cheshire)

some issues with 2G calls for some o2 customers (not me)

texts also seem to be affected to a minor degree

South coast here. For a week been taking 2 hours for sms to arrive and data network down or weak all the time. I believe O2 and Tesco use the same infrastructure but having no probs on my backup Tesco S3.

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Haven't been able to text or use mobile data today on giffgaff (part of O2) in south east London

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Well I'd noticed a loss of connection on and off for 2 days but I have suffered with o2 since getting my HTC one x+ . I have to check voice mail several times a day in case I have missed a call. Given up trying to get help from o2, they just say use an app and receive calls on another device which drains the battery. Didn't have connection problems with old Nokia 5800.

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My data seems to be back up just now, not that I need it now as on gone Wi-Fi :-)

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Had this and thought it was a problem with my rom so have installed stock again, waste of my time. First calls and text were fixed, then data about an hour later.

No data connection displayed last night in leamington, good phone signal displayed but could not call or text, all back this morning

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I'm in the North East, Data is fine today but yesterday I had to use WiFi all day. Hope they actually sort it out this time! I am on giffgaff which uses O2's network, it's usually quite good.

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