NVIDIA just this week showed off some impressive screenshots and gameplay video of new Tegra 4 optimized games, and now we've got a look at one of them running on Project Shield. Burn Zombie Burn!, previously a PS3 only title, has been ported over directly by NVIDIA to run on Project Shield with a Tegra 4 processor, and seems to perform exceptionally well. On top of just the basic game port, the team has apparently enhanced the game further, with new graphical flourishes and improvements.

Not only do controls work great because of the relatively similar layout to a console controller, but everything seems to run graphics-wise without a hiccup as well. Check out the video above to see Project Shield in action with this title, and if you want more information you can see NVIDIA's blog post at the source link below.

Source: NVIDIA


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NVIDIA shows off previous PS3 only title Burn Zombie Burn! running on Project Shield


It will be interesting to see how this does compared to the Sony and Nintendo Handhelds. Will Nvidia be able to get the games people really want? The device certainly seems to have the power to be a pretty impressive handheld gaming rig.

I don't want to see Android devices start to get games that everyone wants. If by that you mean that they will get games such as 'Black Ops' and other high demand games that exist on larger platforms. If the Android device converges to a handheld device or a console device in our hands, then we will be back to paying $50.00 for games and I won't be enjoying the small $0.99 - $2.99 purchases that make the gaming and app portion of the community appealing to me.

It's nice to see advancements in technology, but now that we have a pretty solid hardware system supporting devices as these techs improve, the focus should be on more innovative ways for its appeal. Otherwise, I'll just get a console and play on the console and the phone will go back to being just a phone again.

It'll fail like Sony's handhelds failed and how the 3DS failed compared to the version before it.

People have smartphones as their mobile game device and consoles connected to large screen tv's for large scale games.

'NVIDIA shows off previous PS3 only title Burn Zombie Burn! running like ass on Project Shield'