NVIDIA Shield 2

Being about a year since NVIDIA launched its Tegra 4-powered Shield gaming handheld, we're about due an updated model, and a new NVIDIA gadget passing through the FCC certainly seems to fit the bill. Dubbed the "P2570" (the OG Shield was P2450), the new device sure looks like a new version of the chipmaker's standalone gaming device.

Discounting the possibility that it's just a standalone game controller of some sort, the device seems to sport a slightly tweaked, curvier design, but with similar NVIDIA branding.

It's difficult to discern any info from FCC drawings alone, though it's easy to speculate that an updated Shield might come with NVIDIA's latest Tegra K1 chip, and most likely a bump in display resolution from the original's 720p panel.

What are you hoping for from an updated NVIDIA Shield? Shout out in the comments!

Source: FCC; via: Engadget


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NVIDIA 'P2570' hits FCC, could be updated Shield handheld


Price point and overall better performance and exclusives would have me considering one. Ever sense Halflife 2 and portal were announced, I have been eyeing one. Especially sense I have GTX graphics card that can stream other games to one :D

Yeah sucks that! Hope this time it's realesed here in UK.

from my old note3 which i had to sell my soul for;)

I use mine for emulators. It plays them perfectly. However, if the dpad got a big upgrade I would consider it. It would need to be a near perfect Nintendo quality dpad though. Otherwise a resolution bump and processor increase wouldn't be of much benefit to me.

Maybe having it available from launch here in the UK this time round, if it was I'd have snapped one up happily. By the time it was available from stores and not shipped at stupid cost from the US over an ebay purchase, I was so over the hype I never bothered getting one.

It's like the Razor edge Pro gaming tablet that never made it to UK shores ether. There missing out on a huge market by leaving out UK and europe, theres a massive gaming culture that they're just not tapping.

As an American developer with European interests, I guarantee Nvidia knows this. I'd say there's a decent chance the UK at least could get the device the second time around. It was a bit of a risk the first time so Nvidia chose to keep things in a safer and more cost effective market. That's my assertion.

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I'd love it if they made it possible to stream games from your PC regardless of your GPU architecture. When I found out that you'd need a GTX card for this, I immediately felt sad about the superior value of my AMD card. It may have been more bang for the buck at first, but now it seems crippled and useless lol

Not gonna get into that whole ATI vs Nvidia crap, bit Nvidia will never do that bro. GTX cards are great and if you wanna use a Shield for streaming, you're gonna have to part with your ATI.

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AND LESS CLICKY STICK BUTTONS! Those things are so loud and obnoxious that I avoid sprinting or whatever it does in a game because of it. less loud buttons in general, when im playing in bed at night i feel like i cant press the buttons or else it will wake the rest of my house.

I would love to see this thing packing the beast that is the K1. Really wanted the original Shield, but I just never could justify the price. I know I will be seriously considering this thing again, if they put out a new version.