Back at CES, NVIDIA announced a cloud gaming solution called Grid, though it was mostly overshadowed by the Shield portable console. Luckily at E3 we got some time with one of the grid engineers, Chad Cooper, to talk about what Grid can do. Specifically, they were showing how the Android-powered Ouya game console could play big-boy games like Borderlands 2 thanks to their tech. 

We've already seen a similar demo on the HTC One X, but when you put it on a set-top console, it's much easier to see how mobile and classic gaming can intersect - a key topic from Talk Mobile last week. Keep in mind that NVIDIA isn't offering the service themselves, but rather they'll selling out the tech to providers that want to offer cloud gaming. 

It's kind of funny to see Ouya on the show floor, since they couldn't afford to get into the convention, but had set up in a parking lot across the street. The E3 association wasn't too happy about that, parked a semi in front of them to limit visibility, and called the cops (who shrugged and left after they saw Ouya's permits were in order). 

Anyway, do you guys think Ouya could legitimately compete with top-tier consoles with the help of a reasonably-priced cloud gaming service?


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NVIDIA Grid shows you can play Borderlands 2 on Ouya


For the same price, the madcatz/cyborg would be nicer

Ouya isn't even out and it's already outdated !

But they kind of launch the idea, so we can thank's them

Can OUYA compete with big consoles?

Not right now, seeing as how I STILL DONT HAVE THE ONE I PREORDERED 6 MONTHS AGO!!!

Cant compete if their not shippin g units.

That's awesome! They can't afford it but pull a little stunt anyway, and then someone goes as far to try and block them off with a semi-truck!!! That's hilarious!

They aren't competing with those guys.
Though I'll find myself playing quite a bit of small casual play with the wife who normally doesn't sit down and play alongside once it does. We tend to do that occasionally during travel on the tablets.

When the cops realised their time had been wasted, they would have been like "meh, nerds!".