Google Maps in North Korea

Glorious news for the people of North Korea: Google Maps now supports driving directions for your much-admired native land! The maps of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, surveyed by great statesman and accomplished cartographer Kim Jong Un on his first cross-country drive at three years old, have been assembled and put onto the world wide web by Google. Though they are capitalist dogs, the supreme leader graciously accepts their digital gift, and will reward them by not threatening extinction today.

The maps will now permit the great people of North Korea to navigate their magnificent nation with greater efficiency than ever before. On the smartphone they're not allowed to have. In the car they can't buy. With the internet they can't access. On the roads that don't exist.

Just know that your pilgrimage from Chongpyong to pay homage to the glorious supreme leader in Pyongyang will cover 270 km and take exactly 2 hours and 55 minutes, without traffic. Because there's never any traffic thanks to the superior city planning and engineering skills of the mighty Kim Jong Un.

Source: North Korea Tech; Via: 9to5Google


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North Korea gets Google Maps driving directions, Supreme Leader approves


I don't think its funny to make light of the horrible tyranny and abissimal conditions the north Korean people are forced to live under.

Making fun of Kim Jong Un and the DPRK's absurd propoganda ≠ making light of tyranny and the abysmal quality of life in North Korea.

I agree with you to an extent and I do agree they should be the subject of ridicule but at the same time it reminds me of the old Mad TV bit with Kim Jong Il which depicted him as a funny cartoon villain and people had a harder time seeing how horrible he made the lives of the people in North Korea.

If you believe a caricature on Mad TV is a fair and accurate representation of Kim Jong Il, the problem isn't the people who are creating the skit.

How is this remotely the same?

I think it's a great witty ridicule on both the regime and the absurdity of having Google Maps navigation in North Korea.

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Ahh, the beauty of us having human/civil rights and NOT being under the oppression of a tyrannical ruler: you can post this, and only at worst face the wrath of the modern day internet troll, but ultimately not fear any major repercussions that you should even bother to concern yourself with.

and for what it's worth, your humor was not lost on all of us. It's target was well understood by some...

Actually, collectively, it is. Without readers they have no revenue or reason to be for that matter.

Luckily for us, one single moron isn't representative of their entire readership. Notice no one else seems to have an issue with poking fun at bat-shit insane dictators.

The rest of the world makes fun of America's absurd propaganda and tyranny. You might as well have some fun too

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I think it's funny and my opinion matters more than yours because I think so. So therefore you now have to think it's funny since your opinion does not matter anymore.

Hahahahahahahahaha. Do North Koreans outside of Dear Leader even have cars?
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You make fun of it now, but our country is headed down the same road. We are already to the point where the Constitution doesn't matter anymore. The Government does whatever they want now, and Obama's the worst when it comes to this. He wishes he had the kind of power that Kim Jong Un has.

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Ben, Obama is the worst? Lol your hero bush is a war criminal who should be in the Hague facing war crimes and crimes against humanity charges right along with dick Cheney and rumsfeld.

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What we can glean from the above post:

The poster has zero knowledge of conditions in NK.

The poster has zero knowledge of conditions in the US.

More than likely, the poster gets all his "knowledge" from Facebook posts and his own delusional imagination.

Is this sarcasm I detect on this post? Clearly you are not implying that South Korea is a better Korea, unless you're a paid shill for Samsung or LG!

I knew as soon as I read this that there had to be some peckerheads that want to act all "Politically Correct" and say how horrible this article is. Grow up, laughter makes everything better and if you can't have a sense of humor about everything, go kill yourself. Thanks and great article. Very funny

Yeah, I've visited North Korea, and this was spot on. You think AC is trying to be funny here? This is a pretty fair imitation of their writing style. According to the DPRK, the Kims are personally responsible for an unbelievable number of amazing feats.

Like the discovery of a unicorn cave just outside of Pyongyang. I wonder if I can get Google nav to show me where it is.

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This was quite entertaining. Almost exactly how it would have been reported in the actual DPRK

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The Supreme Leader was busy with cold fusion before the age of 3. That is why it took so long for him to survey the mighty land.

o OK.. no one can even use the Internet there, let alone even afford a car.. I guess this is only for Kim.

This will be a big convenience for the Supreme Leader as he travels between the internment camps for political prisoners.

grate leader will see...shoot you later lol

from my old note3 which i had to sell my soul for;)

This is one article that I am going to just make some popcorn sit back and enjoy the comments on.

I can cause trouble elsewhere without having to pick the low hanging fruit (no Apple pun intended)

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Awesome article! Made me laugh out loud. :) Sarcasm is one of the best forms of humor. Unfortunately it's lost on many... :(

No Google Reviews, I am not kidding. There are reviews for most places on Google Reviews/Maps

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What's lost in all of this is that I'm in S. Korea and STILL can't use google maps for navigation. It's total irony that N. Korea gets google nav before S. Korea.

Nobody ever talks about the absurd and abysmal laws of Saudi Arabia, or the blatant discrimination that people of colour face in dubai on a daily basis or the nearly slave like work conditions of workers in the gulf country. oh wait the petroleum

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