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Nokia has a software update pushing out for its Android powered Nokia X that among other things adds a little bit more Microsoft into the mix. Not a lot, but as part of the software version update OneDrive is now pre-installed onto the phone.

The Nokia X also receives a brand new Contact Transfer app that should help folks move their numbers across much easier, as well as an updated version of the Nokia Store and general performance and stability enhancements. Downloading can be done over-the-air and you'll need to head into Settings>About Phone>System Updates to snag it.

When I reviewed the Nokia X, I actually criticised the lack of Microsoft integration in the phone. In part because of the emphasis Stephen Elop placed upon it during the introduction at Mobile World Congress, and in part because it left the Nokia X feeling like a feature phone. OneDrive is only a small step forward – it was always available in the Store, anyway – but it's a start.

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Nokia X software update adds a little more Microsoft


Imo, that is the crappiest win phone wannabe money can buy... Even if it's android powered... Quit talking about it...kthxbai
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I agree with Mr Devine. Although I hate MS and Elop (not hate them per say, but pretty disgusted with their products and price models).
Android is android. Which is why I think chromium devices should have it's own channel, but it's all good.

If you want an Android phone get an Android phone, and if you want a Windows phone get a Windows phone.

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What to do when Nokia does a Lumia 1020 without the bump, throws front stereo speakers, maybe water resistant, and the latest chip, good battery, good storage amount, at least 1080p in maybe 4.8 inch display, and they throw a bootable android fork that is sorted by CM, AOKP, etc?

Mr. Devine,

With all due respect the Nokia X is barely an Android device, it is honestly more Windows Phone than it is Android.

With that said, it is obviously this website's prerogative to cover whatever it sees fit.

Having played with the Nokia X, I say to myself if only it ran stock Android and was better speeced (so?) it would rock.

Nokia is king of hardware, I remember my first Nokia phone and how indestructible it was and its RF performance was second to none.

Nokia is now Microsoft and it's fate is sealed, Cest La Vie.

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Sorry Dan, but a couple of things:

1st - the only thing that the Nokia X has of Windows Phone is that horrible interface (which looks a million times better on WP8.1). Believe me, I've played with the Nokia X and I own quite a few Nokia Lumias. They are day and night from one another. Only the hardware is equally good, but that's a Nokia thing, not a OS thing.

2nd - the good thing about the Nokia X being Android is that you *can* just replace the OS version with a ROM. Something you can't do on WP (otherwise you'd see how many people would buy the likes of the 1020 and slap stock Android in it);

3rd - Nokia is NOT Microsoft. Nokia is an independent company still, with an Advanced Technologies Division, the HERE mapping division and the Networks division (former NSN). And that has left the door open to return to smartphones in 2016 (maybe, perhaps, through the purchase of Jolla back into Nokia).
Nokia just sold their gigantic D&S to Microsoft. Meaning, all that Microsoft bought was employees and factory contracts. All the patents are still with Nokia and now available for licensing. The R&D division that created stuff like PureView etc is still with Nokia. And even the ex-Nokia employees from the D&S aren't all in Microsoft. Some left for other companies, like Apple.

They're the Windows Phone Central and Crackberry apps that are also available in the Google Play Store.

I'm rooting for this phone. Galaxy line started somewhere and initially was a poor substitute for an iPhone. Let's see if the phone lasts a second or third generation and what kind of market Nokia and Windows capture worldwide. If they fail so be it, but it will be interesting to watch one way or the other.