HERE for Gear

Nokia has shared a teaser on Twitter, alerting Gear owners that something covering HERE services will be announced tomorrow. The company has utilized the same font as Samsung for its Gear range of products, making us believe this announcement will cover HERE services on said hardware.

Unfortunately, little else is revealed and we have no idea as to what Nokia has planned for Samsung's wearable. We'll have to wait for tomorrow's announcement. Be sure to remain tuned to our feeds for the 10am HERE for Gear news.

What would you like to see from tomorrow's announcement?

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Nokia teases 'HERE for Gear' announcement tomorrow


Nokia. How they are developing so much for Android. If only they were able to take that path.

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Ha. Right that's only an assumption as much as me saying that they could had bounced back. The biggest mistake was Elop and being forced to put all their eggs into Window Phones.

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