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The Nokia N9 is a great piece of hardware, some users have been pining for Android on the device instead of the built-in MeeGo OS. As it's a relatively developer-friendly phone, it wasn't long before some enterprising hackers got to work porting Android 2.x, and later 4.0, to the N9.

One such developer, Alexey Roslyakov of the NITDroid team, appears to have made significant progress bringing ICS over to the Nokia N9's stylish hardware. He tweeted several images, including the one above, which shows the familiar Android 4.0 launcher being beamed from the N9's AMOLED display. The developer also says he's working on the ability to dual-boot between MeeGo and Android, making it easy to go back to the stock software.

As with any port of Android to unsupported hardware, progress is likely to be steady but slow, and judging by the rendering anomalies in the screenshot, there's still a fair bit of work to be done. Proprietary hardware drivers remain a significant issue, as they are on the CyanogenMod 9 port for the HP TouchPad. Unlike the TouchPad, though, there's been no N9 fire-sale, and the device remains around £400-500 mark this side of the pond.

So for the moment, this is one for the enthusiasts. But we have to admit that if it ever turns into a fully-functional port, we may be just a little big jealous of all you N9 owners.

Source: @drunkdebugger; via: Slashgear

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Makes you shed a tear of what might have been if Nokia had went with Android instead of WP for their new smartphone OS.

jbrandonf says:

Nah. They would've been just another OEM instead of the forefront of WP. I love android, but I'm all for the greater competition that we all get with a growing WP7.

bleedblue says:


Call me when being at the forefront of the WP movement actually means something. Until then, that little bit of "but but but" actually means very little. It's been a while and Nokia hasn't wowed the masses ... hell it has s been even longer and WP7(.5?) hasn't either.

Since when do two negatives equal a positive?

Nokia gambled, we all know this. As far as I'm concerned they haven't failed yet, but they have accomplished absolutely zero as well.

I would have definitely taken my chances with Android. ;P

1jaxstate1 says:

I love the look of this device. I'd would think about picking one up OOC once this projects get further along. Plus I get the play with Meego!

TheBrizz says:

Nokia could have saved themselves by going with Android, especially if they'd vowed to use only stock Android. Can you imagine a beautiful piece of hardware like the Lumia 900 running untainted ICS?

Exactly. Let Nokia focus on what it does best, hardware, and let Google handle the OS aspect of the device. Would have made a great team.

jbrandonf says:

You really think Google does an OS better than MS? Web definitely, but I disagree and think MS is a stronger partner, even if there's initial growing pains.

hmmm says:

I so wish Nokia had gone with Android. Oh well. Let them rest in peace.

Jdroid3 says:

Bet they are kicking there selves in the butt for not going with Android!!!

Any idea if Android will be ported anyday to the N8?

DrDoppio says:

Nokia should stick with Meego. The N9 outsold their WP devices several times.

biruk says:

Actually, If Nokia would of just improved on the N900...Well we would all be in a different world. Just imagine...

biruk says:

I mean...ICS on the N900, come on Nokia just stick with what you did well with. (p.s. I have an N900, & HTC G2)