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Predicting what apps you use is all the rage for third-party Android launchers these days And there's something to be said for that, given how few "normal" users (as in most folks out there, not us nerds) actually customize their home screen. And we now have another launcher of this sort, from none other than Nokia — at least the part of Nokia that Microsoft didn't purchase.

Dubbed Z Launcher, it's a stylish launcher that, well, sees what you're using and then floats it to the front. It's in limited beta now (you'll need to sign up here), and it's available on just a handful of phones.

So if you've got a Nexus 5, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4 or Galaxy S3, Moto X, HTC One (it doesn't say M7 or M8) or Sony Xperia Z1, you can give this guy a shot. It's English-only for now and will hit wider release later this year.


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Nokia launches a predictive Android launcher


What is this? Verizon? ISIS? Come on, the people most likely to download and try this are the ones who have also rooted their device. Boo...

Problem is, if someone's too lazy/ignorant/uncaring to customise their home screen, are they realistically going to use a custom launcher?

I hate predictive launchers.

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same here.....i have all my apps exactly where I want them...i could get there without looking at the phone if I wanted to.

I dont want a phone changing up my home screen when it thinkgs I am going to want a certain app....its just un-necessary.
I tried Aviate, and that one lock screen just to check them out, but uninstalled after about 6 hours because I was far more efficient on my typical set-up

I have tried a few predictive launchers. Never really worked out for me. I like things to be where I put them. That said, this one looks super clean.

Me too.
I hate programs which move things around.. I rely on "muscle memory" to tap or click on buttons and menus. For example, versions of MS Office which hide and move menu items.

So it looks like the Aviate launcher. Basically pulls your most recent apps onto your homescreen lol. Don't see the huge deal with this and the video didn't help sell it either.

Just goes to show where Nokia real interest was at. Damn Elop

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Nokia is still a fairly big company, Phil. And they *did* keep ALL the patents, even those Microsoft will need to build phones. Their "Technologies" division retained the R&D, the patents...and it has as a goal to develop new technologies to use in, quote, "future devices and services".

So you shouldn't be surprised to see these things coming from Nokia. And you shouldn't be surprised either if in 2016 you see them re-entering the smartphone business even if in a smaller (more affordable) scale than before.

I'm happy they're correcting the "mistakes" that idiot Eflop made and betting on Android applications and services. Let's see what the future holds.

"from none other than Nokia — at least the part of Nokia that Microsoft didn't purchase."

This sounded like it was a surprise ;)

It seems to work fine on my Nexus 5. The problem is, in its current form, you pretty much give up widgets. I will say that it looks very nice and works well, for what it does. Its too bad there isn't any customization at this point, but maybe that is coming, along with widget support. Overall, I like it, but it won't replace Nova Launcher Prime on my Nexus 5 yet.

I may give this a try on my Nexus 5 just for kicks and giggles. And on a side note, did "this" Nokia keep Here Maps, or did that go to Microsoft?

I'm hoping they release a Here Maps Android app. I've been playing with some offline navigation apps the past few weeks but haven't found any I really enjoy using.

I'm using this one currently and have signed up to the Jolla test! (shame they declared they learn towards testers with Nexi(?) 4 and 5)

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Sign up page is broken. Won't let me log in; tried on IE (yuck!), Firefox and Chrome. Anyone have luck in down loading the apk?

I did finally. But the site took many attempts. You just have to keep hitting refresh

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This thing is very buggy and extremely laggy on the app drawer.

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Works with rooted devices with a little workaround :) Install RootCloak via Exposed and manually add ZLauncher to the list. Reboot and you are golden. Tested and working here.

Finally, after 5 attempts at downloading and it failing I got it installed on my m7.

Android: It will make you a sexual tyrannosaurus, just like me.

I think this is officially the first app i've seen that had a lot of Sammy support yet not the Note 3, since it's launch... bummer

it was a fear i head when buying, due to the unique screen size, but has yet to be an issue... til now :(

After testing it I have to say for me it wasn't worth the effort of installing it and bypassing the root check. Its just too minimal for me.

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i have to say im really liking this, works great, im really surprised as im usually ocd over my icon placement

gonna try this on my g pad also

I love Nokia and used Windows Phones for a while just because that's what Nokia were doing but this launcher sucks. It's very very minimal and you can't see all the apps on your phone in any form other than in a list.

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I tried it, seems nice but what a pig. Launch an app and wait then wait again. Oh look it's finally there. Nope still loading. Bailed out of this faster than Obama and the VA.

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I wanted to try out Zlauncher but it says doesn't work on rooted phones. Not good. Anyways, predictive launchers don't really work for me because its hard to predict what I am going to do next. ;)

If you're going to support GS3, might as well have gone ahead and added support if Note2 as well.

In any case, I understand there is a unrooted-only clause here? That's that then.

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