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Yeah, yeah. Everybody's waiting on pins and needles to see what (if anything) Google's going to announce today, given that the Nexus event in New York City was canceled because of Hurricane Sandy.

Nexus ain't the only game in town today, though. We're Android through and through, but we also like shiny new toys as much as anyone. So we're going to be kibitzing on WPCentral's coverage of the Windows Phone 8 launch.

Frankly, I'm more than a little interested, given how impressed I've been so far with Windows 8.

So head on over to WPCentral, and let's see what's what. But don't forget to swing back by these here parts -- we've got a feeling it won't be an entirely quiet afternoon.


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No Nexus (yet) today? Catch up on Windows Phone 8 instead


I have been shocked how poor Windows 8 is on the PC, and WindowsRT and Windows Phone8 are bother bigger disaster zones than Hurricane Sandy itself.

I've been enjoying Android since the G1, and I saw enough of iOS on my iPod touch to know that that ecosystem isn't for me. But Windows 8 Pro and Win 8 mobile are both intriguing to me. I know a few people with Win 7.5 devices who are very happy with them. I've contemplated checking out a Win 8 mobile device for my next smartphone.

Not sure I will go that route as switching between devices on VZW doesn't seem like it will be easy (that's whoever posted that tip to me on a previous thread). I really like my Galaxy Nexus, but I don't see anything compelling in the Nexus 4 to make we want to pick that up. I may just sit on my upgrade for a while longer; we will see.

Be interesting to see how the Razer Maxx HD does on battery life; that's my major complaint on my GNEX. Seems like I'm always swapping batteries out or seeking an outlet these days. Love the phone otherwise.

As you see, we only want Android news on this site. I like to read about my WP8 news on other sites. :-) Please and thank you.