Nimbuzz for Android

Nimbuzz, the uber-VOIP app, has been available for Android for a while. But what was sorely missing was Skype support.

That day has finally come, my friends.

In addition to Skype, it also works with Google, Yahoo and Windows Live Messenger. New options include mute and speakerphone use while on a call, as well as quicker log-in times.

Nimbuzz is available in the Android Market, at, or you can hit the QR code you see here.

[Nimbuzz via GigaOm]


Reader comments

Nimbuzz for Android gets Skype support


Nimbuzz for Android has always theoretically had Skype support. The latest update fails (on a DROID) to login to Skype the same way the old version does -- it attempts to login forever and never succeeds (also never gives an error). The app has a nice interface; it's just too bad it doesn't actually do anything.

Agreed. I love the app. It works much better than Fring. I use it to contact my girlfriend in Ireland and there's virtually no delay when using voice. Fring is easily 2-3 seconds. The only problem, which I agree from the above poster, is that is has a hard time logging into my account on the Droid. When it initially connects everything is great. But it seems like it will automatically disconnect after a certain period of time and when it tries to auto reconnect, it never connects.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Did the writer of this article ever use Nimbuzz on Android? How exactly did you figure out Nimbuzz was missing Skype support?

Suing this on my Moto Droid. Skype works flawlessly, no noticeable delay, great call quality. Fantastic app, it just works.