Nexuxs One update

The Nexus One will be getting its Android 2.3 Gingerbread update "in a few weeks," says Google's Reto Meier. That's in contradiction to at least two unsourced reports today, one of which has since been spiked, that said it was rolling out right now. On Twitter, Meier responded:

The Nexus One OTA isn't happening just yet - should be coming in a few weeks.

If you've hacked your Nexus One to hell and back (like a lot of us) and want to get in on the initial OTA push (whenever it happens), we've got instructions on how to roll things back. And for those of you who just can't stand stock, rooted versions should hit quickly enough. [@retomeier]


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Nexus One's Gingerbread update 'coming in a few weeks'


Hopefully at the official announcement tonight, he will give us an idea of when to expect it on other phones. C'mon Sprint, keep up the good work on updates!

it should be coming to the nexus one (developer versions) by thursday december 11 and to the rest of the nexus ones in a couple of weeks (most likely december 23)

So my Christmas prediction that Phil poo pooed is looking more and more accurate every day.

A few weeks ago we heard a few weeks. Now we hear it again.

And to think my Milestone still has 2.1... (While the Droid 1 got Froyo last summer if I may refresh your memory)
Die Motorola. :(

No. While it is running on something very close to stock Froyo, there are some other tmo stuff on it. It should get it fairly soon after though.

This saddens me. I understand they don't want to poo all over the Nexus S but the N1 should have gotten Gingerbread at same time Nexus S is released. Afterall, isn't that what defines a Nexus Device?

i'm sure it'll be the first phone to receive the upgrade. But they haven't promised that nexus phones will receive new updates on day one.

they define nexus a little in the nexus S backstory video: 'Nexus is all about bringing the pure Google experience to the consumers through Android. You're always going to be getting the latest upgrades and the latest software and the latest innovation from Google.'

I remember when the galaxy S phones were being released and I defended Samsung saying that they had learned their lesson. All this gingerbread news is just making me and I'm sure other galaxy S users depressed/pissed. I'm never buying a Samsung phone again.
- Samsung Epic owner

Hahahahaahahhaahahahahahah the Epic still hasn't received an OFFICIAL froyo release and now gingerbread going out in a few weeks. Will us epic owners ever see gingerbread? Hahahaha only at a bakery lol. Btw nexus s will FAIL just like the nexus one, why because its only on ONE CARRIER. You'll see.

Phil, could you please post the DATE and TIME in which Reto posted this 'tweet'?

// I currently am running 2.2.1 build FRG83D on my Nexus One (AT&T flavored)