Nexus One with an HTC Hero

Looks like just about everybody got tipped to this one, but no matter: Here's the Nexus One sized up with the iPhone, and inside, the HTC Hero. And after the break we have a slew of other shots of the device, as well as that 5-minute video walkthrough that's making the rounds. Enjoy! (And thanks, Chris) [img source]

Nexus OneNexus One

Nexus OneNexus One

Nexus One

Nexus OneNexus One

Nexus OneNexus One

Nexus OneNexus One

Nexus OneNexus One

Nexus OneNexus One

Nexus OneNexus One

 Nexus One user agent

Taken with Nexus One

There are 7 comments

TK says:

Nice screen, looks wider than the Droid, look like it would be easier for typing in portrait more, but I don't really like that trackball thing at the bottom of it. It's kinda pointless to have a trackball with a touchscreen phone.

mobiquizoid says:

@TK it seems based on my research on what it takes to get "root" access on an Android phone, the trackball is still necessary in some scenarios?

Alex says:

I think the trackball is fine. I can't tell you the number of times I'm browsing on my mytouch 3g, or cliq, and the trackball or in the cliq's case, the d-pad, has come in handy when pressing the really tiny links that are all bunched together.

Magnious says:

I am not a fan of the camera lens sticking out like that. Looks like it will be the first thing to smash on the ground if dropped.

AJ says:

I like the trackball. I use the one on my Hero all the time.

Adiliyo says:

i would really rather have a dpad or an optical trackpad, i've had far too many issues with blackberrys and their shitty shitty trackballs to want another one.

tru2lyfe81 says:

I agree with aj........where as I do use my trackball all the time it would have been nice to see a optical trackpad for such a flagship device