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A visual refresh could be coming soon to Google's content portal

The last time the Google Play Store app got a major redesign, it was still called the Android Market. So we're about due a visual refresh, and it looks like a new version could be headed our way sooner rather than later.

YouTube's Eileen Rivera posted the screenshot above on Google+, showing a lighter, more colorful design with more prominence given to the main store areas, and larger app icons below. "Games" also gets its own entry, whereas before it was found under "Apps."

Right now it looks like Google's just "dogfooding" this new version of the Play Store among its employees -- check out the little dog bowl icon on the top left -- but if Googlers are posting pictures of the new app publicly, chances are we won't have too long to wait for the public roll-out.

Source: +Eileen Rivera


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New Google Play Store app sighted on Google+


The dog bowl is in the top left next to Google Play. I thought I was going blind looking in the top right.

Not only did he get that wrong initially he also thought the dedicated games icon is new. It's been there for months already.

Games already has its own section on the home screen in Version 3; it just isn't designed the same as Apps/Music/Books/Magazines/Movies & TV.

I must have missed something... my opening page of market already has a dedicated games entry...

Well, someone got to it before i did.

There is a 'Games' section now but it isn't in line with all the other official sections of the store. The button looks different and sits where they could swap it out with something promotional at any time.

That makes sense to me. The store fronts have to vary depending on country due to international trade rights, etc. Kind of like how a Wallmart in the US is different than a Wallmart in Germany.

It's about time. The Play Store needed some kind of Spring cleaning. Hopefully they won't have things in obscure places.

Except that the version they showed off wasn't working 100% and the main page on the store was blank because it wasn't active yet. Don't expect credit where it is not due. Everyone ran this today.

Here's my observations of the screenshot are this.

Definitely a Moto device on Verizon. Interesting part of it is the nav buttons are stock android. The RAZR line has different ones. Interestingggggg