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Reminders. Music albums. TV shows. Public transit. Books. Video Games.

Update: The newest version of Google Search has just been pushed out to the Play Store

In among the host of other search features unveiled at the Google I/O keynote today, Google announced that six new cards will be coming to its card-based predictive search system, Google Now. Reminders -- like "get milk" -- details for music, TV, books and video games and public transit messages.

Google also demonstrated "hot words" in Google voice search, allowing potentially ambiguous queries such as "show me my photos from New York" or "when does my flight leave" to produce accurate results based on the information at Google's disposal. The demo ran remarkably smoothly and quickly, and with seemingly perfect accuracy.

The new Google Now cards will begin rolling out from today. Remember we're still liveblogging the I/O keynote, so head over there to see everything as it happens.


Reader comments

New Google Now cards and 'hot words' for voice search launching today


Still no cards to follow college football. What's up with that? College basketball is there but no football...

This has been broken since the update in early April. I just downloaded the new update, still does not work.

I don't see why they'd remove the integration of it in google now though - was useful for quickly scanning qr codes without a separate app

Reminders are cool since you can link it to a location, but it's too bad you can't set it to remind you only when you leave a location. Remembering your forgotten task or item when you're already 10 miles away sucks and this could help.

The only thing that pops up in Google Now is the weather. Always has and I have no faith. I live near a MARC train and multiple bus stops. I don't need either but would love to know the next bus or train So I could catch a train to Union Station every now and then. I'm not impressed with Google now period

Have you given Google the permission to use your location (and other data) so it can pull that up for you? It can only show things based on what it knows about you, so if you won't let it see anything about you what would you expect to happen? I have a minimum of 3 cards popped up at any given time, and they change all day long. I have yet to get one that wasn't relevant to me either. Oh, and the ability to just say "Google..." and give it a query without touching ANYTHING is killer!

The author should probably list down all of the known "hot words" as well. The ones from the presentation (that I can remember at the top of my head) that the consumers can use are:

"Remind me [...]"
"Show me [...]"

Also, for those whining about the lack of this and that, remember that this is still very early on. I think what Google is trying to say is that they've set up all these infrastructure for us, the consumers, to use and pick apart and hack, then contribute back to the world. They're giving us the power back and letting us create instead of being passive.

So take a page from Larry Page (haha, a pun!) and go make something!