Firefox for Android

Mozilla just released a new beta for Firefox for Android, aimed at improving the browsers speed and performance. The list of changes are as follows:

  • Now faster than stock Android browser
  • Nearly three times faster on Kraken JavaScript benchmark tests
  • Twice as fast on SunSpider JavaScript benchmark tests
  • Reduced installation memory usage
  • Stability improvements
  • Fixed keyboard bugs
  • Improved zooming readability¬†

It's definitely a work in progress, but we're getting closer and closer to the final product. Hit the break for a video of some of the beta's highlighted features. [Mozilla Firefox Blog]


Reader comments

New Firefox 4 beta for Android released


It downloads just fine on the motorola droid, but afterwards it won't install? Each time it completes the download it stops there...never even proceeding to installation.

Well, my concern was if I had enough room on my moto droid, now I don't need to take an hour to see what I can delete to make enough.

Same on the Epic 4G. Now I deleted the version that I was trying to update to try and install fresh and can't get it back.

Same here, Evo running rooted stock. Downloaded, never installed.

EDIT: Actually, it looks like the download never even began.

Love having the ability to put firefox on my evo..:). Best browser out there...just wish xmarks was free for android

Have you tried Dolphin Mini? Super fast and better user interface. It's his new project.

Trying out Firefox.
I'm using Myn's RLS-5 Rom and things have been slow lately. I don't know why.

I think any chrome user knows firefox gets blown away by chrome. Google, please just rework you magic!

Yeah... Chrome's UI may be a bit cleaner, but it's extensions aren't as full-featured. Best example? Chrome to Phone and its Firefox equivalent. Chrome to Phone is nice, but compared to Fox to Phone, which has extra features over Chrome to Phone (sending your whole clipboard, being able to click market links on your desktop browser and have them auto-forwarded to your phone, actually pushing your link after logging in instead of displaying a "Thank you for logging in!" page) Chrome to Phone seems a little sad.

Yikes: I am deleting it.
Why can't Mozilla get it right? Bookmarks are terribly complicated to store, pulldown menus suck to end. This beta is far-far away from the quality and the ease-of-use Dolphin HD provides.

First time using this browser. Seems slow, but I really like the way tabs & back/forward butttons are housed on the sides of your browser window. Really nice feature.

I installed this, but I actually can't get it to load any page. I haven't tried it in an hour or so, but it hasn't worked for me yet. I'm on a Fascinate.

Ok, I did finally get it to load a page, but it was really buggy. I downloaded it while people were reporting Market problems, so I've uninstalled it and will try again after the Market picks back up. I liked what I saw though, I just hope they get the slow-to-open thing worked out.

Really, though, I just want Chrome for Android :)

I guess they don't support the Hero. I can't find it in the market and if I go to the website and scan the barcode it says Not Found The requested item could not be found! DOUBLE :(!!!

It's nice to have as a backup, for one of those rare occasions I run across something that webkit can't render well. Three things though: 1. It is NOT faster than stock. That is a complete lie. 2. They should give you the option to disable the sidebars. They are too easy to drag open at the edge of the page.3. Since the app runs at around 20 MB and is heavy on RAM, an exit button would be nice. I always go force close it in settings.

I agree with all your points...

On my Nexus One:

It is NOT quicker than the stock browser. Not by a long shot.

When you move it to SD, only a small portion actually moves, the rest stays in main memory. Even an uninstall will not free that memory till you reboot.

It insists on showing web pages full screen with NO option like the stock browser to automatically find the column you were looking for.
So you have to wait for the whole page to render then pinch to zoom in then WAIT again while it re-renders the page.

And no Exit button. Any speed they gain is by latching onto as much memory as they can find and keeping it.

So, deleted.

Got it to download on my Epic and install, but I'm still unimpressed. While syncing is pretty sweet, I was unable to locate where my downloads went to using both Andro Zip Pro and Astro file managers. Since Firefox didn't auto sync with either, I couldn't open my downloaded file. Also, the checkered background that appears when you scroll too fast is just weird.

I'll wait until they're past beta.

It works, going to give it a try for a few days and see what I end up thinking about it. I really like the scroll left and right to get to extra menus and tabs etc. But the ad about it being faster than the stock android browser isn't true.