NFS Hot Pursuit

Gentlemen, start your engines!  Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is now available in the Android Market.  No longer an exclusive for the Xperia Play, the latest in the Need for Speed series, Hot pursuit promises racing action from the perspective of both sides -- the pursuer and the pursued.  Play as a scofflaw in one of the exotic super cars like the Pagani Zonda Cinque, or be Johnny Law in your high speed police interceptor (the Lamborghini Reventon makes for a hell of a cop car!).  If you love racing games, this looks like a real treat.

The game is available in both U.S and international versions (links below) and you'll need to be running Android 2.0 or higher -- also don't expect stellar performance without a beefy piece of hardware.  The Market download is about 7.5MB, and you'll need to download an additional 291MB of content on the first run. 

Check out our hands-on video after the break!

Android Market link (US version)
Android Market link (international)

Thanks, @niwasiuk!

Youtube link for mobile viewing

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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit now available in the Android Market, we go hands-on!


291 megs.. Wi-Fi only huh.. Can't wait for games to be @ 1 gig! Then maybe storage would have to evolve to the 100+gig range soon.. BTW, I have been playing games since invention and I cannot believe the rate at which cellphone games have advanced!

The console/PC game was really disappointing. It's so monotonous, closed off, very limited with it's options (no customization), controls are garbage, just sucked! Bargain-bin game! Sure it was supposed to be a homage to the original, that I actually loved!...But that was 10+ years ago. The new one is just too shallow by today's standards, or at least by my standards. Homage games that don't really add much compared to the original/s except the graphics, just end up with a very short life span and a few hours of nostalgia (see Duke Nukem Forever).

This Android version looks like what the 2nd iteration of Hot Pursuit (or 3rd if you count Hot Pursuit II) should've been in the first place.

...maybe I'm just pissed off at the console/PC version of the new Hot Pursuit because I'm a big fan of the Need For Speed series and this last one was just "empty". Started with Hot Pursuit, then High Stakes, Hot Pursuit 2, Underground 2 (still one of my favorite racing/driving games), Most Wanted - in my opinion, the last good Need For Speed game!

different developer, different game. I like the new one because I love the burnout series. I don't really consider the new HP to be NFS at all, rather Burnout with licensed cars. And you forgot to mention the best and deepest NFS game ever, Porsche Unleashed, but I guess you have to be a Porsche fan to agree.

They were making it to like the Hot Pursuit series , plain simple Cops & Racers game with punch of exotic cars , which kinda make it a bit boring compared to Carbon before it .
It still a great game though , but my favorite one will be always Hot Pursuit II for the PS2

Regarding Porsche Unleashed & High Stakes :

There was two totally different versions : one for the PC & one for PS . The PS versions sucked compared to the PC version

I had some paid games from EA that became unavailable for re download. Sub par support basically told me I'd have to wait it out. I opted for a refund, which still took forever, and decided to take my future purchases elsewhere.

My apps were in the market. The removed them and released a different version to the market, so I was unable to download them again.

same here. let me guess, the EA holiday sale last year?

I know two games that they screwed up are NFS, and Tetris.

It took me til the summer to finally get a refund. They also gave me voucher codes to download a couple games from their mobile site.

... i guess hassles should be expected by now when dealing w/installing EA games (on PC or mobile) But I think I'll pass from now on..

Yes!! This is what I was hoping to have instead of NFSShift. I don't care how much it is...I buy applications that I want & need. I'm sure it will eventually be free one day over at the Amazon app store, but who knows when that'll be. This price is more than reasonable for an awesome game like this.

Love to try it but yet another app "not compatible" with my motorola Admiral. I'm running 2.3.5. Why are so many apps missing for my phone?

Needs better tablet support, currently Honeycomb tablets show the game in landscape... but the sensor orientation is portrait!