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Twitter's recent API limit enforcement has put a bind on many developers that are making clients, but that doesn't seem to have deterred Neatly from releasing its own. Currently in a "final beta" release, Neatly is a simple and clean (hence the name) client that performs well and gives simple settings for managing timelines and muting users.

Hang with us after the break and see how Neatly for Twitter hangs with other clients in its current beta state.

Neatly for Twitter Neatly for Twitter

Like so many popular apps nowadays, Neatly is only available for devices running Android 4.0 and above. One major benefit of this is being able to target a more consistent set of users and design to the holo user interface. Neatly follows the guidelines and keeps things extremely smooth and simple as it goes. The main interface works just like every other Twitter client, with a main timeline view to show all of your tweets. There are no crazy tabs or anything across the top however, just a simple compose button on the right. The latest beta also added pull-to-refresh, which is nice.

Things get a little busier when you reveal the options with a slide in from the left, but not by much. The panel gives a nice view of your profile and timeline pictures, along with your name and an option to switch between accounts. Underneath are 8 different options. You can choose which timeline you'd like to view -- regular, smart, topics or custom -- which can give many options as to which users or topics you'd like to see. You can of course view your DMs and Mentions, as well as your lists and make searches for users and hashtags. As for widgets, Neatly includes both a 4x2 (and resiziable) and 4x1 widget, which are in the black holo theme.

Tapping on a user's (or your own) profile picture gives a nice view of their profile information, including some analysis that Neatly does on what they tweet. You are provided with a scale of "common interests" between you and the other account, as well as a scale of how much they tweet, how many links they tweet and the ability to tag them with a specific color so you can pick them out in the timeline. The profile page is the only deviation from the clean interface of the rest of the client -- but there's really no way to make this amount of information any leaner.

Neatly for Twitter Neatly for Twitter

The most notable part of Neatly is that it is extremely smooth and responsive. As the beta builds have progressed, the developers have certainly been working some magic on the back end to make things work right. But let's remember that this is still a beta, and there are certainly little hiccups that are lingering. We've had an issue with the app keeping GPS awake, and there are a few others, but we'd assume those will be worked out when it hits an "official" release.

With the amount of turnover we're likely to start seeing in the world of mobile Twitter clients, it's good to have another great option out there for us. Neatly has a couple interesting features and most importantly is wrapped in an extremely smooth and responsive interface, and for that reason we think it's worth a look. You can grab a download of the final beta from the Play Store link at the top of this post.


Reader comments

Neatly for Twitter beta: A smooth and functional new client


Isn't building a new Twitter app for a platform kind of bad business with many alternatives on Android and the Twitter Token limit?

I would argue the opposite. Given the token limit, if a dev can distinguish his app from everybody else's, the value of his app will rise and thus the amount he can charge will also rise.

I'm not saying this app does that, but if you can create a killer Twitter app, the limited number of people who can use it might actually make it more lucrative, not less.

I wouldn't say "bad business" as much as the business model just has to change a bit. New, popular clients will be able to charge more for their apps knowing that the maximum theoretical users they can have is 100,000 (assuming each person uses only one account and continues to use the service). 

There is no manual refresh setting and the longest time possible is 15 minutes. For that reason, I must uninstall it.

In just the last couple of beta versions the settings menu has gained some options. Wouldnt at all be surprised if the full release version added better refresh options.

I love so many different third party twitter apps, but I am definitely a power user especially during hockey games. Given the new limits being placed on third party apps, I am pretty much forced to use the official Twitter app. I love what Tweetcaster did with the wi-fi real time streaming, but even that has a limit. I was using Carbon, Tweetcast, and TweetLanes, but I am going to be getting rid of all the third party apps. I wish I didn't have to, but the limits are painfully annoying for me. I know for some users they don't care about the limits,and it is nice to see there are so many good ones to choose from, but for me it looks like it is the official twitter app.

Make sure to free up those tokens for those of us who enjoy the third-party choices. Follow Jerry's instructions if you don't know how.