Mysms, the popular cross-platform SMS application is now available in an Android tablet optimized version. With My SMS you can send and receive text messages on your Android device (as well as other popular platforms) or your desktop running Windows or Mac OS -- complete with desktop notifications. There are even versions that run inside Evernote, Chrome or Facebook. It's a full service SMS application for just about any screen in your house or office.

It's done by syncing from your phone (you use your number as a username) to the mysms cloud, and from there your messages get synced with all of your devices. It's something we have seen from other desktop SMS programs, but few offer this many connection options. Because it uses the cloud, you can send pictures and files as well. The tie in with Evernote makes media available for everyone, as well as provide SMS backup to your Evernote account. 

Maybe the best part is that messages are free to other mysms users, regardless of where you (or they) are in the world. You can send messages from your phone as normal, and be charged the normal rates, or use the mysms app on both ends and save a few bucks. The OS support makes this a real option if you have family or friends in other countries.

There's a reason a half-million people have downloaded mysms for Android, and now with a tablet version, there is even more of one. If you're not a Google Voice user (we had issues getting Google Voice to work with mysms) you really need to have a look. It's absolutely free, so grab it by clicking the ink above. There's a short video, a couple screenshots, and a press release after the break.

Update: There was bit of confusion on our end. The Phone and desktop applications are free, the tablet edition is available at an introductory price of $1.99.


December 18, 2012 – Graz, Austria – mysms™ – a world leader in cloud-based SMS communications – today announced immediate availability of its new Android® Tablet app for creating, sending and receiving free SMS messages anywhere in the world that are cloud-synced with their mobile phone. Optimized to take full advantage of the larger screen and CPU cycles offered by tablets, mysms users can now take full advantage of a full-sized portable keyboard for easy texting.

mysms is a platform-independent SMS service that has synchronized more than half a billion text messages in the last 6 months between a wide range of mobile, Web and desktop platforms – all through a single Cloud-based account. Evernote® integration is also included with this upgraded app, allowing texts to be archived and searched directly within Evernote for easy discovery of phone numbers, names, addresses and more (as well as moving texts to a new phone or tablet).

Available immediately from the Google® Play® store at mysms also has an iPad® optimized version which will be available from the App Store® by the end of December. mysms is on track to becoming the worldwide standard for full-featured cross-platform messaging and already far surpassed platform-specific alternatives such as MightyText™.

mysms is based on an open API, allowing 3rd-party services to integrate with mysms and create unique features on top of SMS communication (as was accomplished with Evernote). The app is available on a wide range of platforms, including:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows Phone 7 and 8 (Beta)
  • Mac® OS
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Facebook® app
  • Chrome® Web browser app
  • HTML 5 app (available at

“The creation of tablet-optimized apps for mysms is a real win for our users,” said Martin Pansy, CEO and co-founder of mysms. “Who wouldn’t want the ability to use a full-sized keyboard for texting – supporting both Android and iOS™ gives our users the most SMS tablet platform options out there.”

mysms may be downloaded from Google® Play®, iTunes®, the Mac® App Store™, the Microsoft Windows Phone Marketplace, the Evernote Trunk, Facebook, or the Chrome Web Store directly – links at

About mysms: mysms™ is a leader in multi-platform SMS services, enabling unique cloud-based synchronization, alerts and seamless creation of multimedia and text SMS. The company is headquartered in Graz, Austria with a satellite office in Sunnyvale, CA and is a division of Up to Eleven™ Digital Solutions GmbH. The company may be found on Twitter® as @mysms in addition to its Facebook® fan page at


Reader comments

Mysms now available in a tablet-optimized version


Wait - is this really SMS (you know, like from my actual phone number)? Or is it data-based messaging just like Facebook or Google+ Messenger or something?

It's basically like BBM, WhatsApp, LiveProfile and etc.

I won't draw parallel to Facebook/G+ Messenger since those are modelled after traditional messenger systems.

Well honestly I'm not real sure how those others work, but I have installed MySMS and I think I'm completely sold...

Here's the best part about it: YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO USE THE APP on your phone. You can install the app and continue to use the stock SMS app; it's all then sync'ed/sent to the cloud across all of your devices. And sending from your PC is a piece of cake; I'm assuming that the sync is then sent down to your phone and the SMS is then sent like normal.



actually it's both! It works very similar to iMessage

- Messages to other mysms users are send via Internet using mysms friends.
- If your contact does not use mysms, mysms will send the message (as real SMS) via your mobile carrier.

In both cases we use your actual phone number.

Angela (mysms)

Trying to get this straight here, since it seems awesome (and I barely have time to be browsing for a few minutes thanks to finals, much less test it out).

If I have a tablet and a phone. I want to send a message to a friend who is a non-mysms user. I can send a text, from my normal phone number, to my friend via my tablet? Can I also then continue the conversation from my phone?

It looks like that's what you are saying. But if it is, I can't see how I haven't heard about this before, and I need to download it asap.

Yes. That's exactly how it works.

As a first time user im really impressed with this app. Ive been using with my nexus7 for a few hours and so far i haven't had any problems besides a random app crash or two. The messages seems to get delivered to the tablet with minimum delay too. That was my biggest concern. I'm in the process off trying it out via their web site now. Not bad for $2.

I use it on my Nexus 10, galaxy note 2 and browser. Its flawless with no adverse battery drain here. The other service I use is Chaton by Samsung.

And wait a sec - "optimized for tablet" EXCEPT IT'S UNAVAILABLE FOR THE NEXUS 7.

That's wiggidy whack, yo.

Thanx, Angela. That link works for sure, but not it's not the "absolutely free" "tablet optimized" version that the article was referring to. I'm assuming it's just a mix-up and that you don't actually have a free tablet version.

I think there was a litte confusion. There is only the paid version of the tablet app. However, at the moment we offer a introductory price if you want to give it a try.

Hi Angela,
I've downloaded the app onto my nexus 7 & iPhone but get an error message saying that my device is not compatible with sending messages to non-mysms users.
Is this a mistake my end?

Sigh. And your Play Store link doesn't work.

And I'm only seeing the tablet version for $1.99. I can't find this "absolutely free" version for tablets.

Did they remove the free version after this was posted? The link above doesn't work, and there's no free version in the market.

Anyone use this and DeskSMS/TabletSMS for a comparison? None of the others have been able to give me the same functionality as DeskSMS/TabletSMS but sometimes it fails on syncing which is no bueno.

This reminds me of the BlackBerry tablet+ phone feature called BlackBerry Bridge. This works with wifi as the other only uses a bluetooth connection.

Either way this is exactly the app im looking for since there's only one place in my house that where my phone gets a decent signal.

They have "optimized" this app? I have been using this app for a while now at least 2 months since I have had my Nexus 7 it works pretty well, always had a free one for my tablet. But now when I load that link it shows I have the "outdated" one. I have still purchased it but still annoying why they have took a free app which worked fine for a paid one so far as I can see nothing has changed.

I thought there was already a My SMS tablet app, considering I was using it for months before I switched back to DeskSMS and installed TabletSMS.

I contacted My SMS a while ago, asking if MMS support is on the table. I stopped using it because I was told MMS is not on the radar at all.

Have used the free version on the Nexus 7 for a few months, and prior to that on a Flyer. How does the premium version differ from the free one? Apart from Evernote back up, I see nothing. why does the article say it is free when it isn't?

MightyText is only PC(browser-based) and mobile, can't see a tablet version, at least not for the ones I've had. Currently using Dinamotext, which I prefer to mysms, and it's free.

MightyText is beta-testing their tablet version. It was supposed to be available already, but isn't. Should be soon though.

I'll stick with the free MightyText for now until one of the competitors convinces me otherwise.

The Android tablet version is a native app and we built it from scratch. Our focus was clearly on great usability and it's a lot faster and more reliable than the beta version that you've used. You get native notifications and all features that you know from the beta version.