WhatsApp is a super popular messaging client available on multiple platforms. Part of what makes WhatsApp fairly cool to use is the group feature, which has just been expanded on in a new release (version 2.11.230). You'll now be able to mute groups for an entire century. A minor, but secretly awesome feature. Not only that but you can also finally hide notifications.

Previously, even if you muted a group, you'd still receive notifications. This is now not the case, and if you really dislike the group you're somehow a part of, you can now mute them beyond a week. The update hasn't yet been published to Google Play, so you'll need to head to the WhatsApp website to manually download and install the latest version.

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Mute groups for up to 100 years with the latest WhatsApp update


Whatsapp need more substantial feature upgrades soon, I've been using it for years and I don't remember the last time they added a meaningful feature.

They excel in messaging?
How about searching globally for some text?
How about cloud storage instead of putting everything on the device?
How about working on tablets, or multiple smartphones, or even PCs or web browsers ?
How about showing the real time the message was received ?
Or being able to send any kind of file, without scaling images so much?

Oh and I almost forgot:
What about this annoying bug, which whenever I get a system notification about a new message, and I dismiss it, it will return a short time after... ?

It's part of why whatsapp is fast and uses very little data usage even when on remote area where gprs is the only option. i switch to others but i find that when i go to remote areas i'll always go back to whatsapp. so as a messaging apps, i really think it excels. no matter what your condition is, it will be sent, even attachment is still slow. It's a free apps anyway, and they dont generate income. I dont see why or with what fund they'd want to make a cloud storage.

Sure they make an income.
Otherwise they wouldn't be able to hold their servers.

Anyway, have you tried what I've written?
Try it on Android: let someone send you a message while you are on another app. See the notification. remove the notification . Notice that the exact same notification will return a few minutes later.
I think it's the most annoying bug on this app.

This is a good thing. You can send messages, emoji, pictures videos and location to individuals or a group. Perfect. Why add pointless features which just clutter up a focused and simple app. There's a reason people use it in the numbers they do

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I went from WhatsApp to WeChat to LINE, and I've seemingly stuck with LINE for quite awhile now. I love its interface and stickers for emoji.

that's just lazy on the developer's part...

they can easily make it possible to mute groups for the next 8000 years.... 2015, 2115, 3015 at least until the year 9999

Meh, I get what he is saying, it is just a variable that they could plug any number into

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no... I expect to live until the year 5738, so they should have allowed me to mute groups for at least the next 5000+ years.

Who the heck would pay 99 cents a year from an app like this? I downloaded it so see what the fuss was about, and see no measurable upgrade over hangouts or even my stock messaging app. Soon as I saw there was a fee to use the app I checked it out, then uninstalled it. I know 99 cents is nothing, but just the idea......paying to message someone. I LOL'D.

For group chats... Whatsapp is much faster and a better overall experience than the regular SMS/MMS

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But it's not better than hangouts, except maybe with group administration (and Windows phone access).

Hangouts lets your share better quality pictures, have access from multiple devices (inc. tablets and pcs), has sms integration, lets you see where each member of the group has read to, is free, and, most importantly, gives you the option to have to accept people before they can contact you.

Not to mention voice and video chat...

What's app has never been very good, except in supporting multiple phone OSs, which led them to be popular.

I'll add that 1 look of the app permissions makes me incredibly suspicious of what's app.

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Not to mention something about how they handle privacy and related makes me go "eehhhhh...whaa??" and I'm the kind of person who used to put his google latitude location publicy available on his G+. I really don't give a rats ass about privacy most of the time; but the fact that:
a. just because i add someone's number to my contact list they show up in whatsapp, picture/status and all and
b. THAT...if I give someone my number they can see my picture and my status on whatsapp. This isn't such a big deal if you think about it at first...but think about it in terms of how people interact with other social apps like facebook and so on, I can give you all my contact info, but if you wanna be my buddy on Facebook that is a SEPARATE and DELIBERATE "okay" I have to give you via facebook. ALL other social networks work like this, and whatsapp is NOT an sms replacement its a rudimentary social network/messaging service. I can give you my skype-username, but i have to accept you in skype for things to go smoothly from there...

and...then there's the whatsapp devs INSISTENCE on remaining uni-device...

This is an app, which purpose is messaging, has the words "mute", and "hide" in it, hmm. . .what exactly is the purpose of messenging someone only to mute or hide their messages?
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If you hate a group why not just leave?

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No, you can leave on your own.

I don't understand why there is even a time limit. Why not just an off switch?

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That's all fine and good... However I would prefer more if they implemented an optional feature where only people on your contact list can contact you.

I wholeheartedly agree. Zero privacy controls it's my biggest gripe with the app.

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