Motorola Olympus

Some high-quality shots of the Motorola Olympus have fallen into Gizmodo's fat little fingers. The story goes that the phone was purchased at a flea market, wouldn't even turn on and finally came to life through some sort of developer's menu "with a lot of features" (none of which are named).

Fish story aside, Giz got some great shows of the MB860, which definitely is running Android 2.2 and has AT&T software on it. There's also a hotspot app, the requisite DLNA support, front-facing camera, HDMI out and the non-Droid version of Motorola's updated UI.

We've got $5 that says despite all this awesomesauce, AT&T still does something crazy like locking out third-party apps, but we have way around that, don't we. Check out the whole shebang at Giz. [Gizmodo via Android Central Forums]


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Motorola Olympus found in a bar -- erm, make that bought in a flea market


Excellent way to incorporate awesomesauce, Phil! This article wins if for no other reason than that.

If we can't have Vanilla Froyo (or by January for this device, maybe Gingerbread??) then at least give us NinjaBlur instead of regular MotoBlur. Not only does it look bad, but with all of the improvements with Social Networking that has come with Eclair and now Froyo, there's really no need for MotoBlur to even exist. I know some people at Moto put alot of hard work and time into making Blur, but someone needs to do a Dr. Kevorkian on Blur. If no one has the strength to do it, I will. Gladly.

or att will wait until the completely f up the OS which will take months and this thing will be released this time next year. thank god its not a SE leak on att it would be two years away.

Lol, that fool uptop thinks youll be able to root this phone, didn't people learn with Droid X? This phone will be unrootable and on AT&T, no thanks.


seriously.. stfu because you have no idea what you are talking about

the droid x can be rooted just as easy as any other phone

the bootloader is locked therefore "true" custom roms cannot be loaded onto it

i really doubt you even know how to load a custom rom onto a phone or even know what it even means to root a phone

ironic that you are calling someone else a fool

Can't wait to see it's equivalent on the Verizon 4LTE network - The Motorola Etna. I watched the recently posted video showing off the device and I must say, I was impressed.

I am looking for my first android, and im hoping the Etna will come out as expected early next year cuz i cant hardly wait!!!