Motorola Milestone Android 2.1 delay

The saga of the Android 2.1 upgrades continues, with Motorola Europe posting on its Facebook page that the upgrade for the Milestone has been delayed.

"We regret to say the UK 2.1 update has suffered further delays and been pushed back at least another 2 weeks. Additional operator approvals are now required which were not planned for originally. As we don't want to cause any further disappointment, we will now post about the update only once the launch date is 100...% confirmed. Sincere apologies for the frustration caused and thanks for your continued patience."

The good news is they're taking their time to get things right. Bad news is it's taking time. Hang in there, folks. [Facebook via TheUnwired's Arne Hess on Twitter]


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Motorola Europe says Android 2.1 for its Milestone is delayed


It's rather annoying the UK has to wait so much longer than the rest of Europe. The only difference, I'm assuming, being the UK version has Voice-to-Text activated, whereas the generic European version doesn't.

I got sick of waiting and installed the European version of 2.1 onto my UK Milestone. It works fine and I'll most likely upgrade to the proper UK 2.1 when it finally gets released. If you want to install the European 2.1 on your UK milestone, head here: and get the SBF file you need.

You wouldn't think that it was open source... I'd have though google would designed the OS so that carriers could add their bits "on top" (like an application) and we'd be able to upgrade the "bottom bit". Getting very annoying.