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A phone over three years old still gets a few security fixes

The last time we heard any news about an update for the Motorola Droid X was February 17th of last year, but Verizon is prepping an update today for those who are still holding onto the handset. The phone may be over three years old now, but an update is pushing out that will bring folks to software version 45.621.10.MB810 with two changelog items:

  • Enhanced accuracy and reliability of the Commercial
    Mobile Telephone Alerts (CMAS)
  • Google security patches have been integrated to reduce
    potential security risks

At this point in this phone's life cycle (or death cycle, if you prefer) we really didn't expect much out of this update other than security fixes, but it's good to see Motorola and Verizon coming together to keep those last few Droid X's out in the wild safe from security vulnerabilities.

Source: Verizon; Via: AndroidPolice

Droid X update


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Motorola Droid X (yes, really) receiving security update


The Droid X was a beast in its time. I loved that phone. I remember when people laughed at me for my "giant phone"!

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I had a DX, and I remember pulling it out of my winter coat on the subway going home as I was adjusting the volume on the music I was playing, and this kid saw me take it out and this maybe 15 yr. old kid with his sister saw me on the seat across the aisle and said "look, that dude has a DroidX, that's cool". A future Android user in the making.

I liked my DX, until it got lost in a cab in Queens :(.

Nice move by Motorola and VZW. Anything running something older than ICS getting an update is impressive.

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Yep, my daughter has my old Droid X as a wi-fi device and this update bricked it. Thanks Verizon. I tried a factory reset, but no go. I hate Verizon.

Hey if they brick it, maybe they will give me more than $5 for a trade in!
Funny comments - I also remember people talking about how HUGE it was. Now I want a Note 3. Go big or go home!

The same thing just happened to me today. Phone may have been a little over 2 years old but funny it worked perfectly fine until the update. Seems like its just something Verizon is doing to try and force people to upgrade their phones and eliminate those of us that were hanging on to our phones to keep unlimited data. Actually, funny coincidence they just called last week trying to get us to upgrade. Well, guess if the update killed my phone I'll have to get a new one but guess what, it won't be with Verizon. I'll be making a trip to the Sprint store tomorrow.

Nice work, Verizon. 

For all the hell I give them, it's nice to see something i can feel good about from Big Red. And a security update on a phone this old, is certainly that.

I guess you didn't get it. Just surprised that Jerry is giving props to Verizon and I was being sarcastic.

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Yeah I'm surprised they gave this an update. The captivate on AT&T, however, didn't get the official gingerbread update till Feb. 2012 lol. I'm still "butthurt" from that.It was such a fantastic phone.

WORSE PHONE EVER!! maybe it was the 3 crappy replacement phones i received..as soon as i replaced it i took it to the desert and filled it up with lead..

BEST PHONE EVER!!....:),,,,really it's the phone I had the least problems with, I gave it to my oldest son a 2+years ago and it since has got passed to my youngest...and it still works fine, smoth...it's a beast.

I wonder where this puts the DROID X in terms of security. Is it now on par with ICS devices, JB devices?

Either way, this is a good thing and something every OEM and carrier should be investing. Security is more important than new Android features that the OEMs will probably replace anyway.

Nobody in their right mind would accept this update after the debacle with the last one. Every former Droid X owner knows that Verizon is not your friend. "Update" is code for "We will screw you".

Lol I just traded my droid x in to best buy a few months ago when I got my note2. It was just sitting in a drawer but I got like $50-60 for it. I also had an update brick it once back when it was a high end phone but sucks to hear about the guy who bricked it. Maybe vzw will help him out....wait this is vzw never mind. Im still mad about no grandfathering data so need to buy retail from now on to keep it.

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I still have my droidX, still no update yet. It could use something more than just a security update. But at least they still support this phone. Can't say much for other old phones.

I rocked this phone for the longest time, and I didn't wanna let it go. I just wanted to let go of Verizon, so I passed it along to my 17-year-old nephew this spring. It's still goin strong.

I still have mine. It was on Ice Cream Sandwich, but I just SBF'd it to Gingerbread, and I'm going to go back to Froyo. It hasn't been my daily driver for 18 months but there it sits.

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A beast is right y'all! My trusty old X is cradled nicely next to my 60" plasma, HDMI in to the receiver and running ICS MIUI. She sees constant use as a media player. A little clunky compared to my Cromecast, Xbox and Smart Apps on the Samsung but for an old device, Wow! Have I ever got my money's worth out of this little engine that could. I will never say it was a bad device. Ever!

Thanks for the update that killed my Droid X Verizon. It worked perfectly fine up until the install today. Wonder if its a coincidence they just called last week trying to get us to upgrade our phones and I told them no because I'd lose my unlimited data package and today an update kills my phone. Guess I will be getting a new phone now...with Sprint.